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  1. If Lamb comes back, I feel more confident having him run the point than Harrow or Beckham. I already feel sorry for Nerlens Noel. There's no way he's going to be Anthony Davis pt. 2. Anthony Davis was the kind of player that you don't see two of in a generation, nevermind in back-to-back years. I think Wiltjer could be a [i]stud[/i] by next March, fwiw. Practicing every day against Anthony Davis and Terrence Jones (who, IMHO, would have played himself into the lottery on any other team) has made him pretty good already. I hope that Hood can contribute some minutes next season, too, but I'm not going to hold my breath. Kid has a good shot and some serious hops, but he can't defend.
  2. Yeah, that was probably the best Kentucky team I've ever seen. I think they could beat the '96 squad probably 55% of the time. The 2009 squad is in there somewhere, but they never played as cohesively as this team.
  3. Well this is an unexpected turn of events.
  4. Danny Ferry leaving the Cavs means 1 or 2 things, btw: 1.)LeBron is gone. 2.)LeBron brings in a coach he likes. If 2, then we could be in a jam.
  5. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100528/ap_on_sp_co_ne/bkc_uconn_ncaa Cal is going to have his work cut out for him trying to keep up with Calhoun. LOL
  6. Yeah, Washington should really hate Kentucky about now...Jones and Kanter were both stolen out from under the Huskies.
  7. [quote name='ThurmanMunster' date='16 April 2010 - 06:14 PM' timestamp='1271456045' post='878404'] they shouldnt have even gotten to the elite 8 in 1998. they played over their heads that year. [/quote] They played over their heads this year. I didn't think Coach K had any coaching left [i]in him[/i], but he proved me wrong. That, and they had an easy path to the Championship game this season. In 10 years, though, no one will look back and say they were undeserving.
  8. [img]http://freelancewritinggigs.com/networkblogging/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/Please-dont-feed-the-trolls.jpg[/img]
  9. That was the best game UK has played all season, and one of the best all-around games I've ever seen. Let's hope that they can just do [i]that[/i] 4 more times...
  10. You mean the same Demon Deacons who lost by 21 to Miami about a week ago? They will be lucky to stay within 30 of Texas. I picked Wake to go to the Final 4 last season. Perhaps that's why I have such a hardon for them.
  11. My preseason final 4 (which I think is on here somewhere) was Kansas, WVU, Nova, and UK. I'm still feeling pretty good about mine. and UT wouldn't do shit with or without those three rocket scientists they lost, because they play sloppy defense, rely too much on the three point shot, and can't hit free throws.
  12. Yeah, 2 weeks ago, it was hard to put Cousins over a 250 pound man in an imaginary matchup. Now, it's not so hard. BTW, Cousins=Nazr is only about as dumb as UT=2010 National Champions. Whatever, though. I'm more than happy to be wrong about Cousins.
  13. Perhaps, but that was a HUGE win for the program...
  14. It looks like UT may have discovered the formula for beating Kansas. Apparently, all you have to do is hit 50% of your Three Point Shots.
  15. Kentucky is now 16-0, and the rumors are swirling that Hall will be back next year (he'd be a fool to do this, though). As for the Kansas/UT game on now, I'm conflicted: should I root for UT to give Kansas a loss, or should I pull for KU to further support my claims that Tennessee is a pretender, not a contender?
  16. I watched two '98 games a few days back, and realized that I had forgotten just how fast Wayne Turner was. But he would be frozen up by John Wall. I would say that... Starters: John Wall>Wayne Turner Eric Bledsoe=Jeff Sheppard DeMarcus Cousins=Nazr Mohammed Patrick Patterson>Scott Padgett ! Darnell Dodson=Allen Edwards Depth: EVEN. Darius Miller, Daniel Orton, and Ramon Harris are every bit as good as Mills, '98 Magloire, and Heshimu Evans (one of my favorite players all-time). Coaching (in game): 1998. Tubby was the best coach at making adjustments that I have ever seen. I would predict, right now, that '09 would go up by about 15 at the half, and then '98 would come back and win by 5 points or so. The '96 team would be one of the best B-Ball games of all time.
  17. Have you seen John Wall play? He is really, really, really good.
  18. [quote name='ThurmanMunster' date='18 November 2009 - 12:09 AM' timestamp='1258517372' post='829727'] ive already stated that Duke is at best a sweet 16 team this year, especially with our starting PF breaking his wrist. Dukes next title chances are in March 2011 and 2012. My opinion on UK was made well before this game. It is typical Calipari he doesnt teach team concept and doesnt improve his players as a team. he improves them on an individual basis but doesnt improve them as much as other coaches would. he gets top talent but doesnt develop it that well. A lot of the power house teams are down this year so this would be an easy year to have one of the best recruiting classes ever and little big time teams challenging you to win a title but he will find a way to fail. I would have never hired him if i was UK. There were better coaches around. I am not bashing UK i am just saying they wont win a title. I am very confident in that belief. You can say well no shit cuz there are a ton of teams and only 1 can win it, but i dont care if you believe or agree with me. just my opinion. [b] I also think Tennessee is the best team in the country. They returned all of their starters i believe.[/b] [/quote] Well, I suppose the weakness of this whole internet thing is that statements are saved in eternity. It goes without saying, though, just how utterly wrong your predictions already are. Kentucky is shooting free throws at a rate of 69.5%, higher than Kansas, UNC, Texas (62.5%...LOL), Purdue (61% haha), and almost every other "good" team in the country. Opponent's PPG rankings are hard to find, but they are in the Top 10 Nationally in Blocks and Defensive Rebounds per game, and are holding opponents to a 38% Field Goal percentage. In addition, I would say that John Wall's recent game with 16 Assists should dispel the whole frailty of team nonsense, shouldn't it? UT, even before losing 4 players for some unknown amount of time (which amounts to ~30 ppg and ~13 rpg), has already suffered a 22 point loss to an [b]awful[/b]USC team. So much for that, I guess. So, having already established how hard UT is going to suck for the next few months, and knowing the Florida and South Carolina are awful, who in the SEC could beat UK even 4 times out of 10? There is a very good chance that they will beat an ailing UofHell team tomorrow in Rupp, and after that they have a great shot at going undefeated, don't they? This is all assuming, too, that they don't continue to gel as a team and get better, which is almost certainly going to happen as time goes on. Right now, Vegas has them as +300 to win the National Championship. The only team with better odds at the moment is Kansas (+250). This seems like quite a bit of evidence that they have some glimmer of hope to win their 8th National Championship this year, doesn't it? Or at least enough to maybe avoid being "very confidant" that they won't win, right?
  19. [color="#0000FF"][size="7"]2000 WINS[/size][/color] and the team is getting better every day.
  20. I can't argue that Billy Clyde was a huge failure as a coach. Noone can argue that UK is on pace for an historical season. But back to railing on Duke... Duke hasn't gotten past the Sweet 16 the last 5 years if I recall correctly even with a bevy of burger brats. They don't look to be much this year, and UK's ascendance back to its rightful place is only going to make recruiting that much harder for the Blue Devils. Coach K is also 62, and he will retire within a decade. Only Calhoun and Boeheim are older coaches currently at top-tier universities. Johnny Dawkins got tired of waiting and jumped ship, and Wojo's only at Duke as Coach K's pet on the sidelines. The future, in short, looks a lot brighter for UK than it does for Duke, and that's the way it should be.
  21. I can't wait to see how [i]this year[/i] turns out for our respective teams.
  22. My folks just bought tickets to the final four. We aren't planning on seeing Duke there.
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