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  1. Did another Bengals 2021 Mock Draft tonight. My 3rd of the offseason so far I think and the first one in close to a month. I think I did well as far as players selected and real good in stock piling draft picks for 2022! Take a look and feel free to comment/critique!!
  2. This is PFF's big board/top 100 in case someone hasn't seen it or may like to use it for a reference point. https://www.pff.com/news/draft-2021-nfl-draft-pff-top-100-big-board
  3. Right!? The one year I did nail the tiebreaker pick! Team drafted by and which # picked. That's about the closest I've ever came! haha
  4. I forgot to add, I came away with the Colts 2022 5th round pick. The 49'ers 2022 1st round pick and Washington's 2022 2nd round pick.
  5. I just did another 7 round mock and I traded back twice in the 1st round, then traded BACK UP into the 1st round to snag a OT before they dried up!! I'm going to go ahead and throw this disclaimer out there first though!! When I went to trade back up into the first, I was going from #37 back up to #23 I meant to give up #37 and #110 but I must have on accident hit 2022 3rd round pick as well!! D'oh!! So I ended up getting a D+ on the trade, (which I can understand), but it was an accident. lolol That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!
  6. Traded back twice in the 2nd round moving down 3 spots each time and picked up 2 extra 3rd rounders. Tossed in a low draft pick each time.
  7. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/01/22/nfl-announces-128-players-making-early-entries-into-2021-draft/ A full list of those players can be found below: Paulson Adebo, DB, Stanford Jack Anderson, G, Texas Tech Calvin Ashley, T, Florida A&M Tutu Atwell, WR, Louisville Aaron Banks, G, Notre Dame Christian Barmore, DT, Alabama Rashod Bateman, WR, Minnesota Nick Bolton, LB, Missouri Larry Borom, T, Missouri Bobby Brown, DT, Texas A&M Dyami Brown, WR, North Carolina Shakur Brown, DB, Michigan State Tyson Campbell, DB, Georgia Jackso
  8. That might be the understatement of the year and considering how 2020 went, that's f'n saying something!! haha (No ninja!)
  9. RIGHT!!?? And if worse comes to worse, we could always slide Hart over to Guard!! Dude's a f'n beast!! (Said no one ever not on the crack pipe!!)
  10. I was shocked about the talent, (or lack thereof) at the LB'er position in this draft!! There's maybe 2 from what I can tell so far that is worthy of a 1st round pick and I'm not entirely sold on that even yet. I felt I was reaching at pick #81 for Jabril Cox but the guy has 9 interceptions with 3 returned for TD's which doesn't really happen that often from the LB'er spot. We need someone who can cover TE's severely!! Who knows?! He maybe one of those players that shoots up draft boards leading up to and during the combine!! If he didn't transfer to LSU, we may not have really heard too
  11. One of those mock simulators totally caught me off guard last night! Trevor Lawrence was available at pick #5 and I was like WTF!? I'm gonna find me a Mike Ditka wannabe and take their entire draft plus a couple of future 1st rounders like he did when he coached the Saints and mortgaged that franchise for years to draft Ricky "Rastaman" Williams!! haha
  12. I hear ya on the backup QB thing. I took Jackson Carman OT Clemson with the idea of moving him over to Guard. I don't think he has the arm length to be out at Tackle against the speed of NFL ends. At 6'5" 345 lbs I think he'd fit right in at the guard position and actually do damage. He did protect Trevor Lawrence's blindside for 2 years but the college game and NFL game are 2 different species. He was the 2nd ranked OT coming out of high school in 2018 and had offers from Alabama, USC, Ohio State and Notre Dame and even though he's from Fairfield, OH He chos
  13. I was thinking about drafting Texas A&M QB Kellen Mond with pick #185 to give us a mobile QB on the bench. Doesn't make too many mistakes, (19 TD's 3 INT's) and also had 4 rushing TD's. Career 71 TD's 27 INT's and 22 Rushing TD's
  14. I still haven't done a whole lot of research and really didn't feel comfortable doing more than another 3 round mock but what the hell!?
  15. Just did a 7 round mock. #5 Penei Sewell OT Oregon #50 Jackson Carman OT Clemson #69 Shaun Wade CB Ohio State #81 Jabril Cox LB LSU #106 Jay Tufele DT USC #146 Shaka Toney DE Penn State #214 Jamin Davis LB Kentucky #230 Jarrett Patterson C Notre Dame #246 Tarron Jackson DE Coastal Carolina Gave me an overall grade of B+ Traded #37 and #228 to the Dolphins for #50 and #81 Traded #185 and a 2022 5th rounder to the Falcons for #214 and a 2022 4th rounder
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