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  1. The fact that nobody else is beating a path to Smitty's door should be a red flag in itself even to  his biggest athletic supporters on this board.   Sign a reasonable offer or try his luck elsewhere and see what he can find better.   He is not indispensable. He is not worth all that.
  2. ***** could someone post the final results of the last mock draft with the usual cast of characters from here picking for each team?   Like, all in one place?  Pretty interesting and be interesting to see if anyone got their team's pick when the draft takes place***
  3. Former 49er Harris admits he's gay By The Sports Xchange | The SportsXchange – 9 hours ago   Former San Francisco 49ers offensive tackle Kwame Harris acknowledged that he is gay in an interview with CNN.   Harris' sexual orientation came to light in January when a report surfaced of an alleged altercation between Harris and a former boyfriend.   He now wishes he would have been more open about being gay while he was playing in the NFL. The 49ers' 2003 first-round draft pick left football after the 2008 season.   "I want people, whether gay athletes, athletes still in the closet, or youths who are not sure what their sexuality is to know those are common feelings," Harris told CNN. "Don't feel alone in having them."   Harris encouraged athletes to express themselves but said the locker rook can be a difficult place to do so. He kept his feelings hidden because he feared the reaction.   "You want to escape the despair and turmoil and your mind goes to dark places," Harris said. "I'm happy today, and I'm glad they were just ideas and I didn't act on any of them.   "The cost was great (to) not speak candidly ... open about myself in complete manner. If I could have done it differently, I would have hoped I found the strength."
  4. This will probably be lost in the thread but just caught on the radio on the way home from work that....   Carson Palmer was in town having dinner with Mike Brown at Jeff Ruby's Steak House within the last few days...
  5.   I wasn't aware that Dre Kirkpatrick has a weight problem.
  6.   I think the Squeelers had two gay players not too long ago. One was named William and the other Hines.
  7.   4. Not fuck up my order at Wendy's and give me fries when I ask for a baked potato.   P.S.  In you sig, love the ninja sitting next to Porn Star Palmer.  Chuckle every time I see you post. 
  8.   And if you go back a few posts you will see 1181 caught and corrected me and I thanked him for the catch and correction.   And no, I do not read every thread and post on here.  Besides having some sort of life, I am not interested in some of the topics and many quickly degenerate into who posts last flame wars.  Not only childish, but boring.
  9.   The way Rickey Dixon played, too bad he didn't stay there.   But back to the topic... I am surprised about the lack of interest elsewhere in the NFL for Andre Smith. Red flags?
  10.   You're right.  Panther, not what I said. Misread the little blurb before my first cup of coffee.  Thanks for the catch and correction.
  11.   Mike Brown would never pay the Greyhound fare for that.
  12. Ginn Jr. now a Packer. One more off the possibility list.   Looks like the strategy is pretty much keep our own and not dumpster dive when there isn't a lot there for the Matt Joneses of the NFL.   Not bad.  Now just nail a killer draft.
  13.   I'm in for a dozen Boston Cream filled from the Milford Duncan Donuts.
  14.   Caught part of sports talk on the radio last night and this was the balloon being floated by whichever talking head was blathering at that moment.   He said $2 mil was what Ul turned down in Chicago.  He wanted $11 mil plus per year.   But all that is and has been said on here, pro and con, was bounced around on the air.  Specifically bringing him in with a chip on his shoulder and a role model for Burficit and Maualuga and as a vocal vet on the D.  Said, assuming he is healthy and still had "some gas in the tank" be could do well behind our killer D line.  Compared him to Dhani Jones who was nearing the end of the career line when he came here and the stability he brought to the D.     Dunno... I'm not and cold on it.  But don't think it will happen, like so much discussed around here, so a moot point.
  15.   Did Massengale Inc ban you, too, for insulting their product with the McAllister comment?
  16. Fitzpatrick a Titan... back to the backup qb drawing board...
  17.   I got a call, too, thanking me for renewing my seasons tickets. I assume it was a Bengal only he did not identify himself.... Stumbled once reading the script.   I thoght it was hysterical.  Some sort of "typical Bengal" joke in there that only they could screw up as simple as thank you phone call.
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