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  1. Andy was staring down players.

    I think this has been a problem in the past.

    Every, or so it seemed, screen or swing pass to the outside, 

    would be watching that side of the field waiting for his target

    to appear or get open.

    Rushed, yeah, for sure.

    But look one way and turn and throw the other would have given

    the opposing D something to think about.


    Then there was overthrowing open receivers...

  2. A first round bust...


    Stealers sign Paxton Lynch to practice squad with Ben Roethlisberger sidelined


    Lynch, 25, hasn’t appeared in a regular season game since 2017. He entered 2018 in a competition for the Denver Broncos’ starting job, but was demoted to third string in the preseason. The Broncos released Lynch just days before the 2018 regular season.

    After spending the 2018 season as a free agent, Lynch signed with the Seattle Seahawks in January. Lynch appeared in three preseason games for the Seahawks, throwing one touchdown while completing 48.6 percent of his passes. The Seahawks cut Lynch in late August.

    Despite being selected by the Broncos with the 26th overall pick in 2016, Lynch has only started four games in the NFL. He’s thrown four touchdowns against four interceptions during his career.

    In what has become a common occurrence these days, the news of Lynch’s workout was met with questions about former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. The 31-year-old Kaepernick has released plenty of videos this offseason suggesting he wants another shot in the NFL. The Stealers were among the teams to lose a quarterback in Week 2, providing plenty of chances for Kaepernick to get a call.

    While the Stealers took a shot on Lynch, the team isn’t expecting him to see the field. Mason Rudolph, who performed admirably in Week 2, will be the team’s starter going forward. A number of Stealers came out in support of Rudolph on Tuesday.



  3. 1 hour ago, SF2 said:

    The game was lost in Free Agency and recent drafts. 

    That says it all.  To make it worse, they go after free agents that are journeymen (Webb, the recent linebacker who I have forgotten already), waived for a reason (Hart) or who are meh at best, generally speaking.

    Our luck with first round draft pick speaks for itself and as far as this year, what happened to preseason golden boy, Germaine Pratt?  Heaven knows we need an athletic linebacker who can cover or protect an end.

    41 minutes ago, PatternMaster said:

    I wasn't there but from watching the game on TV it seemed like some guys weren't laying it all out, specifically #27 &#52. ... BOOM!


    As for the booing, atleast it shows that the fans are emotionally invested in the outcome of the game. 

    One reason the booing wasn't louder was there weren't a hell of a lot of Bengals fans left in the

    stadium to boo after the beginning of the third quarter.  Where the fuck did all the 49er fans come from.

    As I was leaving my parking garage, 580 Walnut, a group of about a half dozen late 20's-early 30's Hispanics

    with limited English and decked out in 49ers gear were leaving, too.  I pointed out the easy short cut to PBS,

    nice guy that I am.


    As far as going to the games vs TV... the old chestnut about the whole game day experience.

    I enjoy going with my son and lady friend's son, stopping at Belterra Casino on the way home

    to throw away some money and eat an expensive free meal.

    AND... PBS on game days has the most fantastic displays of women from jail bait to MILF in outfits

    that make you want to cry and howl at the moon.



  4. 2 hours ago, SF2 said:

    If Cordy Glenn does not return I cant see us competitive in most games. Our defense and lack of linebackers has been figured out. 

    So much this ☝🏽

    And I'm not 100% sold on Cordy Glenn.

    He's a placeholder until they can get someone better.

    Considering the Bengals buzzard luck with first round draft picks,

    I can see Jonah the Whale going belly up and being meh at best.


    As far as Andy, we all know there is Good Andy and Bad Andy.

    I thought Bad Andy was most apparent with overthrows of Sample and

    Tate that should have been nice gains or even TD's (if there were no penalties

    on the O Line ...  a big IF) if catchable.

    Speaking of catchable, Ross needs to hold on to a few more before being

    anointed the second coming of Joe Willie Mammyjammer.


    Andy had a horrible game.  No question.


    But we don't have anything close to a linebacker who can prevent big gains outside

    the ends.  Where was Pratt after all the preseason hoo-ha?


    Andy isn't a rifle, he's a roller coaster.

    And we're along for the ride.


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  5. On Monday, Zac Taylor spoke with the media and provided some injury updates regarding the players that were removed from action on Sunday.

    First of all, there is some good news on this front. De facto starting LT Andre Smith missed some playing time due to groin tightness, but will likely return next week. The tackle spot is the position that can least afford another injury.

    Carl Lawson is a little iffy after he was taken out of the game on Sunday because of a hamstring injury. Lawson said he’s fine, but Taylor wants to wait for more testing. 

    CB B.W. Webb is going to be day-to-day. Webb left the game with an arm injury, but the Bengals are hoping he will be back any day now.

    DE Kerry Wynn entered concussion protocol, so he could possibly miss one game, maybe more. We’ve learned from the Cordy Glenn saga that concussions are complicated, and simply get better whenever they get better.

    Bad news follows the offensive line into Week 3 as LG Michael Jordan will miss some playing time. He was carted off the field with a knee bruise on Sunday. One of the bright spots on the offensive line will miss time, so his college teammate Billy Price will likely start in his place in Buffalo.

     · 17h

    Taylor: ‘’joe’s (Mixon) attidue has been phenomenal’’ says the RB hasn’t been discouraged despite slow start. #Bengals #SeizeTheDEY @Local12


    Taylor: Injury Updates
    BW Webb: day to day
    Kerry Wynn: Concussion Protocol
    Michael Jordan: likely out this week
    Andre Smith: should be good to go #Bengals #SeizeTheDEY @Local12


    Carl Lawson update.

    He told us it's a hamstring strain and that he'll be fine. Zac Taylor hedged a bit. Said they'll know more today. #Bengals


    Unfortunately, all of the players likely to miss time are going to be dearly missed. If Webb and Wynn won’t be able to play next week, their spots are going to be stretched pretty thin. Webb is already the team’s second slot corner, and Wynn plays a valuable role on special teams. Jordan’s absence is going to be a huge blow to an already battered offensive line.



  6. 8 hours ago, FulcherVulcher33 said:

    minkah fitzpatrick to the stoolers



    7 hours ago, turningpoint said:

    Minkah is making 1.8million.....


    Stealers just traded probably a top 10 pock for minkah. I doubt they turn it around.

    The Pittsburgh Stealers are acquiring defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick from the Miami Dolphins in exchange for a 2020 first-round pick, sources told ESPN's Adam Schefter.


    Not worth it.

    With his age and the injury chances are Bent will hang up his jock and concentrate on being a full time serial rapist (lock up your Wheaties and Cheeros, no one is safe!)

    and the Squeels won't have a first round pick for a new booty snatcher.


  7. *** Don't want to list this under "The Good" for fear of inviting bad Karma.

    Besides, we will never see him again.



    49ers offensive tackle Staley suffers broken fibula in win over Bengals

    The San Francisco 49ers dominated the Cincinnati Bengals 41-17 on Sunday, but lost a key piece of their offensive line in victory.

    Starting left tackle Joe Staley was carted off the field in the third quarter and coach Kyle Shanahan told reporters the six-time Pro Bowler has a broken fibula.

    Shanahan said Staley would likely be out for "less than eight weeks" and probably will not be put on the injured reserve list.

    "Any time you lose your left tackle it's always significant," Shanahan said. "Especially when the guy who backed [Staley] up, we lost in preseason. So, we got [Justin] Skule, we got [Daniel] Brunskill, guys who'll have to step it up.

    "Unfortunate for Joe. I know how bad he wants to be out there, but once we accept the injury at least we'll still get him back later this year."

    Staley, 35, has been with the 49ers since the team selected him as a first-round pick in the 2007 NFL Draft. He has made three All-Pro teams in his 12-year career.

    San Francisco are off to a strong 2-0 start in 2019 and will host the 0-2 Pittsburgh Stealers in Week 3.


  8. https://bengalswire.usatoday.com/2019/09/15/49ers-bengals-good-bad-ugly-recap/?utm_source=smg&utm_medium=wasabi&utm_content=home-her

    The Good

    — Tyler Eifert got involved early on his touchdown, selling a block first before putting his frame to use on an easy scoring catch.

    — Creative screen and route combos from the coaching staff. But some of those were called back on flags or ruined via inept line play. Still, nice to see good creativity, which is more than fans have seen over the past few years.

    — William Jackson grabbed a pick, the first by a corner in more than a year. Nice to see some playmaking ability returning to the position.

    — John Ross went for an exciting 66-yard score with less than a minute left.  ** a couple of drops that he should have had.  Becoming a part of the John Ross Legend.

    --- The traffic out of the parking lot and on the way home out of the game.


    The Bad

    — No room for the running game yet again early in the game. That ended up being a theme as the game went on.

    — Preston Brown whiffed on the first-quarter screen that went almost 40 yards for a score. His game spiraled out of control from there.

    — Andre Smith was disastrous for most of the day at left tackle. He wasn’t in Seattle for Week 1, but he imploded at home. John Jerry eventually worked in for him on the left edge.

    — Another Randy Bullock miss.

    — Andy Dalton started withering near the end of the first half. Almost threw a pick-six, then missed on a big completion to Alex Erickson **overthrew Sample and Tate on what could have been big plays.. On a later drive before the half, threw it right to the other team while on the run.

    — The Bengals were outgained 222-8 in yardage during the third quarter, as an illustration of how terrible this collapse was.

    --- The officials called an offsides on 62, Redmon.  Probably meant Hart but amusing.

    --- The concession crew fills bottles with water from the sinks in the restrooms and sells to dupes in the stands for $3.00.


    The Ugly

    — The first drive at Paul Brown Stadium this year. Flag on special teams, Andy Dalton sacked, Dalton drops handoff to Mixon, quick pass, punt.

    — San Francisco’s first drive? Blown Cincinnati coverage, easy points.

    — Tackling. Angles. Blown coverages. Everything about the defense, really. It led to 572 yards of 49ers offense on just 12 drives and 8.4 yards per play.

     Injuries to Carl Lawson and others. Michael Jordan was carted offwith a knee injury.

    — Teams that start 0-2 virtually never make the playoffs.

    --- Where the fuck did all the 49er fans come from?  Even saw Kapernick and Montana jerseys.   Looks like Cincinnati will be the hot road trip for visiting teams.

    --- You can't build a team with waiver wire trash and retreads.  This current cluster fuck is directly related to the past number of years of piss poor drafts and injuries to       top picks.



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  9. Line:

    Caesars: CIN -2 (-110)
    Consensus: CIN -1 (-106)
    Westgate: CIN -1 (-110)
    Wynn: CIN -2 (-110)

    Cheech "The Goombah" Pasthalagoo: Cin big win Fageddaboutit

    Here's how writers around the country see the 49ers-Bengals matchup shaking out:

    Nick Wagoner, ESPN: 49ers 27, Bengals 23
    Ben Baby, ESPN: 49ers 24, Bengals 17 :crazy:
    Cynthia Frelund, NFL.com: 49ers 24, Bengals 23
    Mike Florio, Pro Football Talk: Bengals 24, 49ers 20
    Michael David Smith, Pro Football Talk: Bengals 23, 49ers 20
    Vincent Frank, Forbes: 49ers 30, Bengals 17
    Tyler Dragon, Cincinnati Enquirer: Bengals 24, 49ers 17

  10. Note/reminder to those going to the game ...


    As Mr Schooler noted elsewhere, this may be the hottest home game ever.

    Definitely close but hot nonetheless. 


    The Bengals do permit unopened bottles of water to be carried into the stadium.


    I usually take one and refill it from the sink in the restroom throughout the game.


    The concession stands inside will not give you an empty cup, will sell you one for the price of

    a soda.  The fans go ape shit bitching over this but the company (not Mike Brown) keeps track

    of how much soda they sell by counting cups gone.


    The policy is somewhat different in Pittsburgh where they refill their water bottles in

    the urinals and bring their own hot dog buns for their famous Floater Sandwiches.

    Little kraut, little dark mustard, BOOM.  Pittsburgh Kielbasa.


    Carry on.

  11. 2 hours ago, Spotto said:



    Is this a joke... 

    QUARTERBACK -- Randall Cunningham, Jake Delhomme, Boomer Esiason, Jeff Garcia, Jeff Hostetler, Dave Krieg, Donovan McNabb


    I know Kenny is not modern era anymore, but seeing Jake's name next to Boomer makes me wonder, seriously....  Will Kenny ever get in???


    2 hours ago, Le Tigre said:

    Not looking like it, is it? 


    And that is generally an underwhelming string of candidates, just in that short sentence. 

    Boomer is the cream of that crop.

    Would be great to see him make it and

    I am not a Boomer super fan.

  12. On 9/10/2019 at 4:59 PM, OU_Stripes said:

    I find the notion that the NFL gives a crap whether Seattle wins or loses their opener to be absolutely silly.

    Big Cheech, The Goombah, Pastalazoo who operates out the back room of the Newport Eagles Hall sez he don't give a ratto's retto what NF'nL or you think and if you got a problem with that, he'll make you a soprano but not related to Tony.  Cheech said that he took a bath on the point spread as it was and the head ref will have a hard time blowing his whistle in the next game on accounts of he only has four finger and no thumbs on each hand like Chuckie in Sons of Anarchy. Capiche?  He also said if the OU stands for Ohio University, the 110 are performing at halftime Sunday.  

    On 9/11/2019 at 9:07 AM, SouthPaw said:


    Cheech said the same to you and if you don't get a smaller sig he will play hide the salami in your own personal retto.  Badda bing, badda boom.

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