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  1. This offensive line is abysmal and the team is playing listlessly this season. They all need to wake up. It’s terrible.
  2. I’m pretty sure only Rudi Johnson. Maybe Nugent but I don’t remember if it was in the same year or afterwards for him. I’d like to see them get something done with Bates long term as long as he’s not expecting something ungodly.
  3. Is there a Jesse Bates extension coming?!? His Twitter seems to say watch for something.
  4. When Vernon Hargreaves ran onto the field, I shouted out...WHO THE FUCK IS THAT?!? This idiot plays four games for the team and runs out like he's been here his whole life. I honestly didn't even know who it was. What a moron. That goes down as one of the stupidest moves ever. That was the Sewer Brewer right there.
  5. I agree with Spicoli. Go out and spend heavy and hard in free agency on the offensive line. No fucking around. Then, take BPA in an area of need at #31. For the first time in a really long time, I think free agency is more important than the draft this year.
  6. The offensive line was not good enough to be a champion. We all knew it. Some people pretended like it wasn’t a thing. Without Joe Burrow, this team is picking in the Top 10 again. I beg the head office to realize they’ve got a legitimate chance at having a top tier team and fix this fucking problem. Our QB was sacked 19 times in 3 games. This cannot happen again.
  7. I hope the entire Stealers team gets a scorching case of syphilis. Beating these dirty fucks to go 7-4 would be a thing of beauty.
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