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  1. Um, you're forgetting Erickson's genius move to cutback for more yards after a penalty and cough it up.
  2. All he has to do is be better than Marvin Lewis. Also not that high of a bar. And from what the players are saying so far it seems like a foregone conclusion.
  3. Tyler Kroft has an ouchie foot requiring surgery (again) (already).
  4. Without Eifert, Kroft wasn't even the best TE on the roster. Uzomah hasn't even scratched the service and is already a better TE than Kroft. They re-signed the correct TEs and Uzomah came at the same price. Get that nonsense with Kroft outta here, I don't even have to think back that far to remember when he had a serious case of the dropsies. Hope he has fun in Buffalo.
  5. They did. And Zac decided it wasn't a good fit and the conversation ended there. Capers was ever a real candidate. Grantham stayed at FL for family reasons (kid in HS). Gotta love the media spin zoned narrative of all of these candidates "turning down the Bengals" though.
  6. Chad Johnson footwork with even more insane speed. This blows any defense wide open with an offense already lining AJ and Eifert up. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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