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  1. Um, you're forgetting Erickson's genius move to cutback for more yards after a penalty and cough it up.
  2. All he has to do is be better than Marvin Lewis. Also not that high of a bar. And from what the players are saying so far it seems like a foregone conclusion.
  3. Tyler Kroft has an ouchie foot requiring surgery (again) (already).
  4. Without Eifert, Kroft wasn't even the best TE on the roster. Uzomah hasn't even scratched the service and is already a better TE than Kroft. They re-signed the correct TEs and Uzomah came at the same price. Get that nonsense with Kroft outta here, I don't even have to think back that far to remember when he had a serious case of the dropsies. Hope he has fun in Buffalo.
  5. 100%. He gets targeted so often because no one wants to throw to WJ3. The ball has to go somewhere. His only real knock IMO is the PI penalties but he's playing in a world where sneezing near the WR is flagged. Replay is only going ot make that worse now. I also read he was playing through multiple injuries including an achilles last season that even required cleanup once the season was done.
  6. It's maddening how much of Burfict's demise and evil doer narrative can be attributed to that one Jeremy Hill fumble. All of the demons would have been exorcised if the play of the game was his INT as opposed to everything that happened after the fumble.
  7. They've never responded to the fake news report from Furman that Burfict was going to be cut either. There is more to that story! Conspiracies a plenty in PBS.
  8. Fake News. El Duke says as much today (emphatically).
  9. Joe Mixon agrees with you Mixon thinks leaning on the run so heavily to set up the pass will benefit everyone on the offense, including his fellow draftmate, John Ross, who has struggled through injuries and inconsistent play in his first two seasons. "Everybody is going to have plenty of opportunity to contribute to the offense and make great plays," Mixon continued. "I strongly believe in that because off the play-action, get those safeties coming up and with [Ross's] speed and play-making ability, he's shown he can definitely get over the top. I feel like he'll be able to stretch the field a lot for us. I think that will be a great thing for him and Andy [Dalton]." http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001018926/article/bengals-rb-joe-mixon-sets-eyes-on-400-carries
  10. They did. And Zac decided it wasn't a good fit and the conversation ended there. Capers was ever a real candidate. Grantham stayed at FL for family reasons (kid in HS). Gotta love the media spin zoned narrative of all of these candidates "turning down the Bengals" though.
  11. Funny, the KC fans didn't reflect this opinion. I was at the game and my brother in law wore his Burfict jersey. Received comments all throughout the night how he should take that jersey off because "he's a bum" "dirtiest player in the league he should be gone" "he's a disrespect to the game". And multiple f*ck Burfict's throughout the night too. The NFL/media has pushed a narrative and he is most definitely universally maligned in the eyes of fans across the league.
  12. Bengals starters were up 20-0 on Buffalo with 6 minutes to go in the half in the preseason matchup. Bills are so incredibly awful and can't be used as a barometer. Marvin/Andy/AJ have always had the Ravens' number.
  13. https://twitter.com/lil_t8te/status/1035888495229890562?s=21
  14. The injury thing is being overblown. He played/started in 61 consecutive games prior to 2016 season where he missed 5. Sounds like the issue was fixed in January.
  15. I'd absolutely love for them to get Mayfield but if the Bengals want him they're going to have to move up which would never happen unfortunately. Baker will go in the top 10. Out of all of the QBs coming out this year I think he has the best chance to be great. The Manziel comparisons are such a joke. I hope the Browns don't wisen up and take him.
  16. In terms of the running game I think we're just starting to see some evolution. What I've seen on Twitter from those who review the films the consensus seems to be that they've made the scheme into something more simple. Boling has played well the last few weeks. Also heard an interview with Mixon who said he has been watching more and more film with the o-line to ensure that his running lanes are aligning to what they're seeing up front on playcalls. I think a lot of their success this week will be running out of the spread.
  17. I find it strange that the owners don't realize to stop the bleeding on this ratings decline that they could easily make Goodell their scapegoat for all things that are wrong with the NFL at the moment. One common thread across all NFL fan bases is that Goodell sucks and it would please most across the board.
  18. There's no doubt he is. That's why Marvin is limiting his snaps, he's not ready yet for full time action.
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