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  1. Golden Gandy is a beast. Watched him at Liberty for three years. Great hands. YAC huge
  2. I was with you on the trade - I just pray this isn't Hello 90's all over again - A. Smith
  3. So Tua is out? right? no chance we trade back, right? We won't be that stupid - Dear Lord!
  4. Questions? Trading Andy - why not let him stay and guide the young man? Why not put a tender on A.J. Green for say a number 1 and see how it plays out? Does cutting Glenn and Dre save CAP money and how much? Why do you think we should hire a GM - you know its not going to happen? Things to ADD to the list.... Add OL help in FA Draft a LB, WR, RT BPA in the draft... Joe won't do anything without a line. Fire the DC - horrible - horrible job.
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  6. I don't know if this thread is a good idea... maybe we should leave it alone... LOL
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