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  1. I swear to God man, nothing makes me more fucking pissed than throwing a stupid fucking fade from the 1 yard line. If I'm the defense, I am hoping that you throw it. QB sneak it twice. FB dive. GOD DAMNIT!!!!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Go-Bengals.com
  2. J. Lindsey

    Tyler Eifert Update

    Yeah, first comment since 2012. I am a dedicated creeper on the forum though. Anyway, I listen to Ross Tucker's podcast and on Fridays he picks games. He commented "I dont think Tyler Eifert is going to play Sunday, I dont care what Marvin Lewis told me yesterday." I thought that was interesting enough to share.
  3. I just moved to Richmond, so I will be there. Any plans to tailgate?
  4. J. Lindsey

    Who Will Make the Playoffs?

    Scenario - Jets and Bengals both win out to finish 10-6, and it is just a two way tie for wild card. Tie Breakers - 1. Conference Record - Both would be 7-5 2. Common Games Record - Both would be 3-2 3. Strength of Victory - Right now the Jets edge us out in this, but it's too hard to speculate what teams that each has defeated might do the rest of the way. Beating Baltimore with a 12-3 record would really boost our Strength of Victory. We definitely want Cleveland, Indy, St. Louis and are other defeated teams to win though. 4. Strength of Schedule - If we some how tie for SOV, we currently having a stronger strength of schedule including our future games.
  5. J. Lindsey

    Social Security Fact or Fiction

    There is really only one solution to fix SS, which is we need to start having more children that will eventually pay into the social secruity. If each couple has eight kids, then there will be four workers paying for one retiree. It sounds nice to me, everyone just start fuckin' more!
  6. J. Lindsey

    Advice Please

    This year I am going to the Reds opening game, and I have never been before; therefore, I was hoping some of you who have gone before could tell me what to do that isnt possible for a normal game. I'm sure it will be packed, so what time should I arrive to park, and wheres the parade at, tailgating, after game stuff? Just advice, or ideas to make it a better expeirence. I appreciate it!
  7. J. Lindsey

    Slingbox for Blackberry... THANK GOD!

    thanks a lot, i guess i will wait for the capture program to get out of the beta stage. I have a a pci card in my desktop that can capture analog video, which wouldl work, but I was really hoping to get it in HD. Thanks
  8. J. Lindsey

    Slingbox for Blackberry... THANK GOD!

    I have a question about the Slingbox in general: Can you record things from it on a PC (Vista) such as Halo 3 in HD? Maybe a third party program? I was thinking about buying one for that specific reason, but if it cant do it then I probably wont buy it. Thanks in Advance
  9. offensive chemistry (Practice, Practice, Practice)+ defensive attitude (New Coaching)= Wins I honestly think we could win now, we just have to create a team, that wants to win together. However, a solid RB (McFadden) or a great defensive player (Gholston, Ellis) would help.
  10. J. Lindsey

    FUCKING Vista

    Everytime there is a picture posted I am not able to view it without opening the file, this includes sigs. I know it has someting to do with Vista's firewall systems but I cant figure out how to stop it from blocking all the pictures and things. I made this site a "Trusted Site" with the lowest possible secruity setting. I was hoping someone can tell me how to fix this because I am an IDIOT when it comes to Vista. Thanks in Advance, J. Lindsey
  11. I think it is funny that people are complaining about players laughing on the sideline, but then when they do get pissed off (Chad) they are selfish and destructive. I would like to see players get pissed off too because they perform better.
  12. [quote name='mroby85' post='562885' date='Oct 3 2007, 02:27 AM']i agree with you to some extent, but a lot of the guys he's having trouble keeping on the field are guys that he drafted, such as chris henry, odell thurman, chris perry is a fragile piece of crap. I'm not saying those guys are his responsibility to babysit, but it was a known fact that they had problems well before they got to cincinnati, so if you're going to waste draft picks on that, you need to at least be prepared to deal with it if it doesn't work out. I still can't figure out why the heck we took frostee rucker.[/quote] I mean I know Henry had problems, but I didnt know Odell did. He didnt know pollack would break is neck because he was solid in college. Chris Perry was the shit at Michigan, so you cant blame him for that pick, he basically beat Ohio State that year alone. It's just bad luck, not bad draft picks. We would have a much better defense if we were healthy and had Pollack and Odell. Our defense is basically an untapped well. If one person would begin to dominate that shit would spread like a virus. We have the talent on defense to at least be competetive, just needs a leader.
  13. [quote name='mroby85' post='562870' date='Oct 3 2007, 01:21 AM']I'd just like to go on the record to say, i'm not bashing Marvin Lewis in anyway, and i don't want him to be fired, but he does need to get this turned around sooner rather than later. this team has too much talent to be 1-3 and lose like they did last night. All i'm saying is that if it comes down to it, and Marvin Lewis is fired, I think cowher would be a good fit for this team, more for his hard nosed disciplinary type attitude than anything.[/quote] Too much talent? At what offense. Yea we have a great offense, which isnt even close to 100% yet. The defense is completely fucked, especially at LB. All I am saying is that yes it would be nice to be 3-1 right now but we lost two close games, at Seattle we didnt give Carson a chance, and I believe he had a minute with three TO's. So yea it does suck to be 1-3 but you cant blame Marvin for injuries, suspensions (he is not a babysitter) and fumbles on KO, he puts it all together but at the end of the day players must perform. On that note his game plans have kept us in games, the PLAYERS just didnt do what needed to be done. On the side, our opponents have a combined record of 11-5 which is pretty damn good. I expect this bye week to help us regroup and get back into the swing of things, it can basically only improve from here.
  14. I cant believe people say lets get Cowher. Its bullshit that people will turn on Marvin this quickly. Most of the people who are saying fuck Marvin would have sucked his dick a few years ago. I dont understand the unloyalty. I mean it must be kind of hard to coach a team with so many injuries and suspensions, however I do not know because I have never coached a NFL team. But there seems to be a whole lot of fuckers on here who think they can. So to every whos says fuck Marvin i say FUCK YOU BITCH and I hope you get punched in the face when you say how great Marvin is when he wins a SB!

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