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    If you look at last year, there’s four or five games that came down to the last couple of minutes of the game and under a touchdown difference. I think if a couple of those games had flipped we could have made the playoffs last year, but obviously we didn’t finish some of these games


    He's not wrong.  The Titans game immediately comes to mind.  And as bad as 2016 was, it could have been much different if they'd had a kicker who could kick.  There's such a thin line between a losing season and a playoff season in the NFL.  Some teams find a way to stay on the right side of that thin line better than others, whether it's heart or discipline or just wanting it more or whatever.

  2. It's hard to believe he started his career 2-0 and would've been 3-0 with a win at Green Bay in Week 3 of the 1992 season.  The Bengals had that game won and things looked good, especially since GB starting QB Don Majkowski had been forced out early in the game and they were having to play their backup.  I wonder if that season, and Shula's career, would have been much different if they'd held on and won that game?  And what about the Packers' backup quarterback?  Without that win, does he have the confidence to do it in subsequent weeks?  Does his career go differently?  Does Majkowski get his job back once he's healthy, returning the backup to the bench?


    GREEN BAY, Wis., Sept. 20 (AP) -- Brett Favre, forced into the game by a first-quarter injury to Don Majkowski, threw a 35-yard touchdown pass to Kitrick Taylor with 13 seconds left today, giving the Green Bay Packers a hard-to-believe 24-23 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals.  With no timeouts left, the Packers moved 92 yards in five plays during a game-winning drive that took just 54 seconds. Taylor's catch and Chris Jacke's point-after gave Green Bay's Mike Holmgren his first coaching victory in the N.F.L. and Cincinnati's Dave Shula his first defeat.


    Green Bay (1-2) trailed, 17-3, after three quarters, but first-round pick Terrell Buckley, playing his first game, returned a punt 58 yards for one touchdown and Favre hit Sharpe for a 5-yard score. The Bengals (2-1) then made it 23-17 on a 41-yard field goal with 1:07 to play.  Majkowski exited in the first quarter when he suffered ligament damage to his left ankle. He may be out for up to a month. 



  3. On 3/30/2018 at 9:18 PM, SF2 said:

    The Bengals of the Anderson era never had sustained or even short periods of domination.  They would make the playoffs then miss for 5 years. Play in Superbowl, lose in wildcard next year then nothing for 5 years.    Never had the best team or even close other than maybe 1981.   Teams like the Dolphins, Cowboys, Vikings, Raiders and Shitsburgh were in the mix every year. We were never even a short term wonder team like the Warner led Rams or even a one year wonder like the Bears. Anderson isnt in because we were never great or even good long enough despite his Hall of Fame effort. 


    As much as I don't want to hear that, it's hard to disagree.  It just stinks to see players with lesser stats get in, just because they played on championship teams.  And, there's still the Fouts thing.  They put up a lot of points and were consistently good for four or five years, but never really won anything.


    I have a problem with whole Hall of "Fame" thing, anyway, although I'm not really sure what I'd call it otherwise.  If "fame" is the criteria, then Ickey Woods and his shuffle should be in there.  He was certainly "famous" at one time, and people still know about that dance 30 years later.  Half :ninja:   In the same way, I've never liked the Most "Valuable" Player awards.  Call it Player Of The Year.  Don't make a player suffer, in this or any other sport, because he wasn't "valuable" enough to single-handedly take a shitty team to a championship.

  4. 14 hours ago, SF2 said:

    At the end of the day you either have to win Championships or play at a very high level and put up amazing stats.  The high level part means your team is in the playoffs consistently.   


    The reason Anderson hasn't made it was that although he had very good stats, his teams typically were not very good.  Certainly not his fault but it's just the way it is.  Anderson led teams made it to the playoffs 4 times in his 14 year career and he only won 2 games.  That said his stats during that era were significantly more impressive than Palmers.


    Marino, never won a ring but made the playoffs 10 times and won 8 games while shattering every passing record at the time. 


    Palmer has nothing close to a Hall of Fame resume. A few good years doesnt equal HOF unless those years result in a ring.  Eli Manning was never as good as Palmer but he won when it counted.

    Oh, I agree, and that's what's bothered me about Dan Fouts getting in.  He played in seven playoff games and won only three of them.  The Chargers were a good (not great) team for five years (1978-82).  The rest of his career they sucked.  Those five years also happen to be best of his career, with the rest of his seasons being average.  Not to mention, his TD-Int was 254-242.  


    Fouts deserves the HOF no more than Anderson.

  5. Here's an article from last year at this time:  http://www.espn.com/blog/nfcwest/post/_/id/125504/how-carson-palmer-stacks-up-against-hall-of-fame-quarterbacks


    His career ranks after the 2017 season.  He has jumped up a couple notches on the accumulating stats lists since then.


    Passes Completed 3,777 13th
    Pass Attempts 6,040 13th
    Passing Yards 44,269 14th
    Passing Touchdowns 285 14th
    Passer Rating 88.0 18th
    Passing Yards/Game 253.0 12th
    Completion Percentage 62.5 20th
    Game-Winning Drives 34 10th
    Interceptions 180



    Thing is, the QB numbers of the past are dwarfed by today's quarterbacks overall, so he ranks above several who were better than he has been.


    He currently ranks 19th on the all-time QB Ratings list.  (Andy Dalton is 17th, by the way.)

  6. "Quiet poorly"?  What the hell does that mean?  (I know those weren't your words, old, so it's not directed at you.)


    It's true that the odds are influenced by bettors' enthusiasm, rational or otherwise, so teams with a smaller following will sometimes get worse odds than their talent might otherwise dictate.  That being said, there is no reason to bet on a Marvin Lewis coached team ever winning a Super Bowl. No matter the talent or how successful the regular season may be, they will implode in the postseason, just as they have every other time.  If Marvin doesn't shit his pants, one or more of the knuckleheads he keeps on the roster will find a way to mess it up.  That's why this two-year extension is so disheartening.  That's why seeing people like Pacman and Burfict remain in the conversation is frustrating.  What good is 12-4 when the wheels fall off in the playoffs every damned time?

  7. All the national pizza chains have started off well and then gotten progressively shittier over the years.  Papa John's, Domino's, Pizza Hut...they were all really good back in the day, but all have fallen to really shitty levels.  The two main problems are franchise owners (or corporate or whoever) cutting way back on ingredients and the workers just not giving a damn what they send out the door.  The focus today is on "cheap" and the products have suffered because of it.  I saw an article just today where Papa John's realizes that there is a perception they are overpriced, so they're going to start offering something for $5.99.  Never mind "better", just get it "cheaper".

  8. That 1976 season is sickening to remember.  It was my first full season as a Bengals fan, and got accustomed to the heartbreak right out of the chute.


    The Bengals started 4-1 and the defending champion Stealers started 1-4.  The Bengals had pretty-much rolled until the two teams met in Pittsburgh in Week 6, but Pittsburgh won pretty big.  Both teams then won five straight to set up the rematch at Riverfront with the Bengals 9-2 and the Stealers 7-4, and Pittsburgh beat them again.  (By the way, after their 1-4 start, Pittsburgh didn't lose another game until the AFC Championship.)


    The Bengals had to travel to Oakland the following Monday night to play the team that eventually won the Super Bowl that year, and lost again.  Despite a win in the final week of the season, the Bengals finished tied with the Stealers at 10-4, lost the tie-breaker, and got sent home.


    I've said it before on this site, but the 1975 and 1976 Bengals were 0-4 against Pittsburgh and 21-3 against the rest of the league.  Let that sink in for a second.  

  9. 10 hours ago, CincyInDC said:

    Excluding participants in this board is probably a bad idea at this point. 


    Turds can be dealt with on an as-needed basis but to outright exclude people willing to engage using this dying medium is definitely not a "good thing." 


    Should we all get off your lawn, too? :-P 



    4 hours ago, MrDingleDangle said:

    same here, have been a ghost since since the Chargers playoff game. Have posted a little during the playoffs but just been lurking most of the time as i dont have much to say until either Marvin is gone or we win a playoff game


    Yes, the concern should be that most have either moved on to other media or no longer care enough about the franchise to even voice an opinion.  Indifference is a bigger threat than anger in any relationship.


  10. Regardless of how good he may or may not be, I just want them to get the stench of that 2015 playoff debacle behind them, and that means not suiting up the main culprit every week.  Also look forward to Pacman being gone.  I'm going to find it hard to root for this team until that happens.  Any time I see either of them in a Bengals uniform, I'm reminded of one of, if not the, darkest day in the history of the franchise.

  11. it's 11:30pm and I'm too tired to read the article or digest any stats, but I will say that whenever a team seems hopeless, I'm reminded of the 1989 Pittsburgh Stealers.  They were outscored 92-10 in their first two games but then ended up making the playoffs. (Man, I hate saying anything positive about that franchise.  Let's focus on the fact that they were outscored 92-10.)

  12. 15 minutes ago, USN Bengal said:

    Our Bengals gave birth to the legend of Brett Favre. 25 years... and since we are all used to being the ones getting out teeth kicked in, I am just going to go on a little daydreaming trip here.


    So... the Pack are having their way with us most of us realistically think is going to happen... and Dalton gets pulled for AJ.

    AJ leads us back to a win in a 4th quarter offensive explosion, and the birth of a new legend begins.


    AJ leads us to at least one playoff victory, Mike Brown retires, and ML does as well (because his personal savior is gone and he knows he's next).


    The Blackburn's decide to hire real football people and we become a dynasty...


    This is MY day dream dammit and I'm going to fucking enjoy it!!!





    The Bengals enter the game at 2-0 under rookie head coach David Shula, while the Packers come in at 0-2.  The Packers were destroyed at Tampa Bay in Week 2 by a score of 31-3.  To make things even better for the Bengals, Packers QB Don Majkowski is out, forcing Green Bay to use backup Brett Favre.  Even though he was on the Falcons roster in 1991, Favre is basically a rookie making his first start.  


    Shula looks to be following in the successful steps of his father.  I think we have ourselves a coach here, folks.  The Packers, on the other hand, look to be in a lot of trouble, at least until they get Majkowski back.  My pick:  Bengals 27, Packers 6


    6 minutes ago, omgdrdoom said:

    I haven't been around a very long time so excuse me for the ignorance but is this a case of...


    1. The otherwise sane members of Go Bengals start to go crazy after losing back to back games

    2. A lot of guys here despise Andy Dalton and look for any excuse to make threads about McCleatus

    3. A combination of 1 & 2


    I'm assuming #3, but I'm not sure if it's mostly just #2.

    The otherwise sane members of Go Bengals start to go crazy after losing back to back games AT HOME to a mediocre team and one of the worst teams in the league, while not scoring a touchdown in either game.  These ain't two ordinary losses we're talking about here.

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  13. I've been frustrated by looking at the empty club level for years.  Why is it so empty at PBS but not at other stadiums that have club levels?


    As for overall attendance,  I wonder if there isn't still a hangover from the playoff debacle of 2015.  I know there is for me, personally.  I held out hope for good things from 2011 until that game, but now I feel like there's no need to get emotionally or financially invested in this shit show.  Even if they make the playoffs, we know it's not going to end well.  


    No, this isn't as bad as the Lost Decade, but in an apples and oranges sort of way, it almost is.  I just have no shits left to give for this franchise.  That being said, I'll still drop in here and see what's going on with them from time to time.

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