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  1. I have a box of the ones that had the 800 phone number sex line on them or whatever it was. Collectors item!
  2. Who are these fucking tools that write for the DDN? Are they just letting people off the street write this shit? What the fuck is going on up there?
  3. [quote name='BigDawgBengal' timestamp='1311863819' post='1005219'] Everyone needs to set down and take a deep breath. The team has not even had one practice yet and you would think we are 0-15 about ready to go 0-16. Just set back and relax and wait for things to happen. [/quote] I agree. If rape is inevitable, might as well sit back and enjoy it.
  4. I wonder if Carson is loading up his white F-150 Lariat and heading for training camp or sitting around in a pair of board shorts at his luxury coastal crib nursing Shaelyn's ample titties.
  5. I'm feeling refreshed and ready for a new start. Win, lose or draw.
  6. [quote name='phillybengal' timestamp='1311863102' post='1005209'] Seriously, how does this thing work with Palmer? He hasn't officially submitted retirement papers correct? Will the Bengals start fining him for being a no-show? I would have thought they might wait and see if he was gonna cave before committing to Gradkowski, or anyone for that matter. I know you can't wait around and let people get away, but what is Palmer's official status? [/quote] I'd like to know too. I just wish he would say something. I'd have more respect for him if he told the Bengals organization & all of the fans to go to hell. Then I could move on with my life.
  7. I was at a douchey super bowl party last year where everyone gathered around the TV for the halftime concert to see the Black fucking Eyed Peas.
  8. The author wrote the article while spooning on the couch with Paul Daugherty. They were wearing matching sweat suits.
  9. I'm sure Lancey McAlister will be creaming his little pants over this article.
  10. Looks like he was driving his pimp-ass Merc Marauder.
  11. I hope Brian busts into their room that night and stops a rape in progress.
  12. That guy is one miserable son of a bitch. I wonder if he still wears those brown sport coats with the patches on the elbows.
  13. "and so forth..." "we have to move forward..." "and that's a good thing..."
  14. Yes for something minor back when I was a hard drinking 22 y.o. I just don't see what the big deal is. If Ced wants to cave some dudes dome in and he deserves it so what. Take your beating and move on. Don't be a pussy and call the cops.
  15. He was just bein' rebellion. Roger said he didn't want him in da' scrip club so he din't go in da' scrip club. It ain't no sin to go to da' scrip club.
  16. He needs to start out in a non-wing sprint car at Lawrenceburg Speedway saturday nights.
  17. Someone needs to throw up some highlights of the 81' season on youtube. CC had a great rookie year. Goofy lookin sumbitch.
  18. chad, do you still have your Mercury Marauder? Does it require high octane gas or can you use the cheap stuff? I am looking at one right now and would like your opinion on them. TIA
  19. What did it feel like to slam your clenched fist into Marvins head at haltime of the 05 playoff game? Did you really throw him thru a plate glass window as Carson lay weeping on a training table?
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