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  1. 6 hours ago, HavePityPlease said:

    I will never, ever forget this game and the fact that in my opinion only two players came to really play that day - Ced and Peko - and the rest could have stayed home.  He showed the heart of a warrior when nobody else would.

    RIP Ced.

    Yes. While Chad was busy arriving in a Ford F-600 Tonka truck and wearing some sort of experimental helmet, Ced kept us in that game!

    Sorry to hear this. 

  2. 1 minute ago, Hooky said:

    Stating the team's playoff draught and Mike Brown's failures can't be argued with, but when the same people post it like they're being informative is annoying and comes off as incessant whining at times. It's like the person in the middle of the afternoon in the middle of August standing outside that keeps saying it's hot out. He's right, but thinks he's being informative each time he says it. He seems to think that it helps, though it's obvious and pointless.

    "Is it hot enough for you?"

    yuck, yuck, yuck....

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  3. There's lots of thing I won't miss about ML but this type of shit is right at the top.


    Lewis was talkative in response to most of Gelb’s questions. But the answers became short and quick when certain topics came up, like why did the Bengals fail in the postseason on his watch?

    “The other team ended up with more points,” Lewis said.



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  4. I didn't realize Marv actually beat those fuckheads 8 times. I thought it was more like 3. 😂 I remember winning there in 2005 when TJ wiped his ass with the towel or whatever, also beating them in the cow pasture at the end of 2012 taking them out of the playoffs, and then beating them in 2015. Other than those I don't remember shit. 

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