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  1. 13 hours ago, T-Dub said:

    Didn't he play here unnoticed for years then suddenly get the yips?  Tends to make a fella wonder..

    Yes. 2006 there was a whole slew of special teams fuckery that ended our playoff hopes. Brad SL was right in the middle of that shit storm, especially the Denver game. 


    You should never know the name of a long snapper or a referee. If you do there are problems. 

  2. 19 hours ago, Bengal_Buckeye said:

    Funny thing is my Buckeyes can do better than this sorry ass team. The only thing I find funny is that you idiots think Burrow is the answer to this teams problems. Let it be God has sent us the savior, the golden boy. Ha what a joke and all you stupid fans will line up to buy tickets and give the Browns what they want, money.

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    Are you the guy that dresses up in the white cape & cowboy hat/red mustache,  or the big fat guy that paints his head like a helmet and wears all the necklaces? 


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