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  1. Im hyped for Burrow. However you do have a valid point. It's not like he was completing those 30 to 40 yard bombs to the likes of a Alex Ericson or a CJ Uzomah. LSU has studs at every position. That said I hope your wrong. Burrow our Steve Young.
  2. First off. Dude with the giant mustache,, this thread is not retarded. It is quite fucking eloquent. So your welcome. 2nd. No one is trolling. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Maybe they're right maybe they're wrong. But let's not forget this is a GD bengals forum. We're not good enough yet to attract trolls. You seriously gotta be a hard core bengals fan to spend time in this MFer. What we talking bout two wins? Its been a draft forum since early October. Maybe Burrow will suck ass like a bitch. Maybe not. He did play at LSU so he had the best supporting cast possible. How much of his play can be attributed to being in a top 3 program? I agree skyline chili is garbage. I heard dude was talking smack about my president. Hope the university didn't turn him into some left wing ass hurt whinny bitch that hates economic freedom and Merika.
  3. Is Dalton's 17m or whatever he's getting this year too much to work with? Or can we keep Dalton, draft Burrow sign Green plus Eifert, extend Mixon and grab some FAs????
  4. What do you folks think of the stuff going around social media about the Panthers giving us like 2 1st rounders and a second this year, 1 first rounder next year and another first or second the year after that? In order to move up. Is this just jealous Panther fans trying to wish it into reality or possibly a serious option? That's a tough one IMO. It's a amazing trade but would we be handing them a dynasty? I think either way I'm down. History shows it's usually best to take the trade.
  5. I'm still reeling from the effects of that Wild Card debacle. The tiny bit left of my soul will shrivel up and die if they do not pick Burrow.
  6. If he can stop the losing streak to Pitt or win a game on prime time tv is all I'm asking for.
  7. The Burrow era begins now! Can't wait to see the kid in orange and black. Heart of a lion just like our boy Mixon!!!! Those two should have great years to come. Who Dey!!! Its our time!!
  8. Brady will show Taylor and Burrow how to win and pass the dynasty down to them.
  9. Browns 5 to 1 Bengals 25 to 1 CBS Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh Stealers One Location Tom Brady Could Land According To Betting Website. https://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2020/01/05/tom-brady-to-pittsburgh-Stealers/
  10. To groom Burrow and show him the way.
  11. He'll yeah. I hope this is the case. Now we need to focus on getting a stud right tackle and WR. 2nd round and free agent.
  12. For future reference. Unless Taylor turns this ship around next year. History shows us we need to avoid coaches with past connections to the dam Dolphins. So far our two worst HC hires in franchise history are connected to them fish.
  13. Yeah he is locked in for one more year for sure. I can't buy into the culture change with Turner being on the staff so I call bluff on that nonsense. The only way I see him not coming back is if they get completely embarrassed by the browns tomorrow. Who will be the #1 WR in 2021 draft? To pair with burrow after we tank again.
  14. What if he only wanted to sign a one or two year deal after being drafted. Is that possible? If he doesn't want to play here we should trade down.
  15. Trade down. Take a RT to pair with our LT from the last draft. Find AJs replacement.
  16. Wow Burrow is probably going through the same thing somewhat to a degree. I would love to ask the guy if he wants to return home to Ohio and play for the Bengals. Or is he wanting to get out from Ohio and start a home somewhere fresh.
  17. This is exactly what I was thinking after seeing that Dupree is a free agent. Let's just start picking up as many of their guys as we can. Same with Baltimore. That Peterson is a free agent too. Copy and paste. They drop anyone we at least bring um in and kick the tires. Ruthlessly pursue their free agents. Make them over pay for everyone they want to return.
  18. Depends on what you consider back in the day. After Manning left Indy we got lots of bengal games until here recently. This year we got every single Baltimore game.
  19. What can we do as fans? I feel like I've done all I can. Haven't bought a ticket since around 2012. In that same time I have only purchased two little pieces of merchandise. 2 cheap bengal camo hats at mejier in Louisville. The Bengals have been actively advertising in Louisville for years now. Too bad they let the potential of Lamar Jackson go right by um. No one around here is buying bengal tickets. It's a embarrassment that they spend money on advertising here. I get sticking behind your team until the bitter end. However people got to realize that by buying tix and merch they are feeding the drug addict.
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