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  1. I grew up with a kid that looks similar to him. Hair, covered in freckles head to toe, pasty white easily sun burnt skin. His mom would cut his hair herself refusing to pay for a barber. Always had my buddy looking a mess.
  2. Well he didn't even show up. After all this. Why would a team sign you if you gonna act like this? They giving you a shot but you got demands?? How many demands he gonna have if he actually gets on a roster? What a waste of everyone's time.
  3. I mean damn yo I ain't that old. I lost two of my friends because all sudden they want start calling me white privileged. Me the only child and product of a broken hearted single mother. My whole life my mother never got over my father's death. Shit was rough as a kid. The only reason my buddies claimed that white privilege shit on me is because they heard Kap talking that bullshit. If it weren't for Kap that shit would've never came out their mouths. I don't hate Kap but I don't want to watch him play QB for the dam Bengals either. We done seen him play. Give me some fresh meat, someone exciting, someone we can watch get better every week.
  4. Linebackers? This team doesn't need no stinkin linebackers. ZT working on this new formation called the pooty cat.
  5. Fine with me. So sick of this team taking duds from that school.
  6. Looks like Finley will be the bridge quarterback to Jake Dolegala. You heard it here first folks. No need to draft Dan Wilkinson 2.0 from the weak ass buckeyes who do not play anyone in the extremely overrated Little 10.
  7. Yeah because he was not playing very well. After Harbaugh left dude didn't do chit but shit on everything.
  8. I mean what is your question? You expect him to attract 4H members to the games or something?
  9. I think this is why http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap2000000310118/article/mike-brown-wanted-colin-kaepernick-over-andy-dalton
  10. Kap will put more people in the seats? 1. Are we talking like his girlfriend the terrorist and a few guys from the local Ohio valley Black Panther club? So like 10 people? 2. Who's buying tix from the box office when scalpers on the street got um for $10 all day? 3. He probably will be a Bengal. It's only fitting for the clown show. 4. People Gon show up to hear about how they are privileged and evil because of their skin color? By a privileged snob nose football player who doesn't know them. Who can throw a fit and receive a tryout in front of every team in return??? But I'm supposed believe he the one with such a rough life?
  11. oh f me. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap2000000310118/article/mike-brown-wanted-colin-kaepernick-over-andy-dalton
  12. He would've been my starter from the beginning. But who the F am I?
  13. Yes. I'll take Dalton over Kap. Watching Kap finish out the season sounds about as entertaining as watching the golden girls. I'd rather see the two rookies or continue with Dalton.
  14. Kap would put us up to 4 qbs No way am I dropping the 6'7 monster from Central Connecticut U for Kap's bs.
  15. Most God awful idea I have ever heard. We would have to drop one of our rookie qbs. No way. I'll take both of them over Kap any day.
  16. Trade down and take all big uglies. We basically need 8 linemen and 3 backers. I'll settle for another year of Dalton if they focus on the core.
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