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  1. After trolling around many NFL fan sites this past Sunday evening one thing was evident. Many fans out there feel like that have been burned/cheated into paying high prices for tickets that are now seemingly worthless. Catfish Solution Any NFL or pro sports team for that matter that gets as much as one penny of tax payer money should be held accountable and forced through regulations to offer refunds on all tickets at anytime. Yes that is right. This would be a massive F you from the fans to the league but a necessary one at that. It could possibly cause financial instability and volatility among some or many franchises. To that tune I say ohhh freaking well. Its not the fans problem!! Fans unite!!!! For the better of all.
  2. I don't think so. Zac Taylor seems to have zero motivational skills. I still believe the team could've been much better.
  3. Much wow getting straight beat down by the Dolphins. Biggest pussy team in bengals history. We'd be tougher with some them trans athletes.
  4. This was great! Thanks for the entertainment. People saying no positives from this year. Mixon and Huber. Lol The ugly about mixons greatness this season is that we might've just seen his all time prime year (health,age) wasted to a 1 win season. Honestly they need to treat these last two games like preseason games as far as mixon goes.
  5. Right. I'm just fooling around with the over dramatic no. No. No. Mariota is certainly worth taking a peek at. The cat fish Bob analogy of Mariota is that he is like a wrecked 5th gen Camaro on the internet. Worth taking a look at see what's there. Might be a good choice if we look at it like we are building the offense around Mixon and his rare elite abilities. Then again I can't tell ya the last time I saw a Titans game. Dude was a beast at Oregon. What's happened since then, idk, maybe the PAC 12 was super overrated.
  6. TJ- If Palmer played anywhere else we would be talking about him like we talk about Drew Bress or Tom Brady. Interesting short interview
  7. This year we had the NFC West and AFC East. Which divisions will we face next year?
  8. Yes Could be the next Tom Brady or Russell Wilson rotting away on the bench. Won't know until we try! If he's crap we will at least tank properly and lock in that #1 pick. What if Dolegala appears to certainly have the potential to be a serviceable QB next season and beyond?
  9. I really do not follow politics much at all. Anyone care to explain in layman terms what happens if Trump is impeached? Should I be considering making moves within my 401k? Such as moving funds out of stock funds and to a money market fund while waiting out the storm? I don't know chit really but I feel like if impeachment happens the stock market could react very negatively.
  10. Same to ya man. Thanks. Yeah I know I be sounding like the "crackhead" Bengals fan but it's all in fun. On Lamar, it just so hard not to like the kid. Everyone says well Manzeil was great like him too in college but Lamar is night and day to Manzeil because Lamar was a class act off the field. Dude never got in trouble or anything close. He always kept his nose down and focused on football. When was the last time you heard a Bengal QB answer all of his media questions with " I'm just focused on winning a super bowl that's it." Dude was saying that from day 1 in Baltimore even though he wasn't even the starter then. Being a die hard UK fan I still had love for the guy because he's just so different and pure compared to your typical stud athlete. Merry Christmas
  11. I love my Bengals too. Anyone still hanging around here obviously loves the Bengals. That said my entire life I've never had a really good team to follow. Being from the Louisville area I'm on the Lamar bandwagon now. If u don't like it ohh well. It feels really good to somewhat like a good NFL team. 28 to 29 years of being a Bengals fan I can count on one hand how many seasons they were not garbage. Even in the best years (all 4 or 5 of them) they cannot win on Sunday or Monday night and are complete trash in the playoffs. So for now fuck the Bengals, most sorry ass football team that ever existed. Don't blame us! Blame ya boy Mike Brown. This is all his fault.
  12. That's what happens when you have a good team that is entertaining to watch. You get fans from all over the country. They were saying todays LA game was 95% Viking fans. I've been to a few home games like that against the Packers, Cowboys and Pitt.
  13. No. Someone who came from nothing and wasn't given a dam thing. Plus I didn't know dude was from right there in Ohio. Seems like he will be a solid leader of men.
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