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  1. Well Marv Dalton and Hue ain't going no where for now. One more year of Marv. Then one year of hue and Dalton stinking up the joint. 2021 we get new coach and draft Trev Lawrence
  2. Is this the worst Bengals team in history for penalties?
  3. Great first half. Now let's get out there and get Ross a 4 yard touchdown to start off this 2nd half.
  4. No chit Ericson is playing great too.
  5. Probably one of the more unenthusiastic Pitt weeks in years. Still how great it would be to beat them and get Tomlin fired. We should then hire Tomlin. 18 players out. Ross and Uzomah the top receivers. Driskel comes through in the clutch showing rothburgerisk type skills Bengals 25 Stealers 24
  6. Catfish Bob

    2019 Opponents

    I think your right on. The gambling is going to cause a chit show. Like Churchill on derby day. People will get rekt ruin their finances and blame the NFL. Conspiracies will be running wild. Who trusts a NFL game in Vegas? They don't do live bets in Vegas? I pretty sure the automated bookies there do.
  7. Catfish Bob

    Stealers Week

    Pretty much.
  8. Catfish Bob

    2019 Opponents

    Move them to Louisville for one season. We have a super nice stadium that is crushing others like PBS. I can see the raiders as a team always on the move without a long term home.
  9. Catfish Bob

    2019 Opponents

    Meh. Started 4-1 this year and still went 3rd last in attendance. Cardinals, 49ers, Jets and Jags games that place will be a ghost town. Plus the Cards 49ers and Jags will probably improve over the offseason and beat the brakes off us.
  10. Catfish Bob

    2019 Opponents

    Looks like a recipe for the worst attendance numbers in PBS history.
  11. Catfish Bob

    Marvin News Conference on 12/31/18

    It doesn't matter who the coach is or who the fucking team owner is. This team just fucking sucks dick, takes it up the ass every game, and plays football like a bunch of pussies.
  12. Catfish Bob

    How do you fix this team?

    Lazor fired Hue to OC Vance Joseph DC NFL rigs next season in favor of the Bengals. For that storyline of the guy that never quit ML and the first ever team with a trio of black coaches at the top three spots.
  13. Catfish Bob

    Cleveland Skid Mark Game Thread

    lollol lol lol hahahaha
  14. Catfish Bob

    Cleveland Skid Mark Game Thread

    Lol who is this guy? 90% odds he is a member here.
  15. Please lawd let Ross get one more 1 3 1.
  16. Catfish Bob

    Bengals 2018 MVP

    When folks look back at Ross's 2018 season stats their Gon be like "wtf!!"
  17. Catfish Bob

    Cleveland Skid Mark Game Thread

    The total stat line looks great. However it looks like should be stats for one half and not entire game. Mayfield is the truth man. Maybe we should let hue draft us a QB.
  18. Catfish Bob

    Cleveland Skid Mark Game Thread

    Dang man. No defending that stat line. Pretty much crushes all my hopes and predictions for Driskel. Need to watch the game. I'm still dumbfounded on how only six passes.
  19. Catfish Bob

    New team

    Golf is a lot of fun if you have a good amount of extra money to burn. This time of year on a Sunday you might have most of the course all to yourself. Also excellent time of year for croppie fishin. An of course always deer season during foolsball.
  20. Catfish Bob

    New team

    Right. On the Syracuse roster this season to start. I'm go watch when they come to Louisville for a three game stint with the Bats in May. Still though. Mets or XFL I'm going xfl if I'm Tebow. He can play baseball when he's 40.

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