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  1. Is this true? The Bears made a offer for Dalton? Boycott the team until they play someone else at QB. I agree this team sucking ass so bad isn't all Andy's fault. However many many fans and myself are just sick and tired of watching this dude. Its been a decade. We're over it. Some new blood or we don't watch. If it is true what a horrible management move by the Bengals to add to the list of horrible moves. Like helping the Ravens get Lamar Jackson....Idiots!!!!!!!
  2. I believed in Dalton too until that wildcard game in Indy. Can't even watch anymore because I'm so sick of seeing Dalton. No matter how good he does or doesn't, 9 years is just too dam long. It's no fun at all watching Dalton under center for this team. If we're only gonna get 3 - 9 points a game might as well put bozo the clown back there or someone who is slightly entertaining to watch. Fuck this shit. Dalton so lame so boring. I'd rather watch Nascar or golf!!!
  3. Do they fire Taylor after 0-16? Or do they wait until he is 0-32? This is obviously one of the most poorly led teams in all of football.
  4. I'm in the same boat. After 30+ years following the Bengals I think I'm finally broken. I actually find myself hating the team now. I hope the Rams beat us by 65. I hope someone knocks the dog piss out of mixon and into early retirement. I hope we lose every game by 50 or more and if Zac Taylor is back next year I hope they go 0-16 again. I find myself hoping that a player running out of bounds clobbers Taylor and he has to leave the game. I cheer when Dalton throws picks because it confirms what we've been saying since that wildcard game in Indy, that dude is a fucking joke. I find myself now just wishing that they would move the team far away and change the name so I could never care about the NFL ever again.
  5. https://sportsmockery.com/2019/10/bears-fan-starts-gofundme-to-buy-out-mitch-trubisky-contract/?fbclid=IwAR2_bdA9cIAbaL9gmLqWKWB7tTh373AyW_pVFTrdZPhbSsOgd2hti3sJoJg#
  6. What will it take for them to move on from Taylor? Back to back years of 0-16?
  7. Zac Talor - Out All his assistants - out In Bieniemy or Gruden Hell what's Hue up to? Marv want come back?
  8. Throw Mixon & Boyd in there too. We need to get them on good teams to salvage the fantasy season. Send mixon to Houston and Boyd to new England please.
  9. Before the season started I believed it was possible they could've received a 2nd rounder from the right team and looked like geniuses. Draft the guy in the 2nd. Get 8 years of service out of him then trade for another 2nd round pick. After the last few weeks I don't know if he would bring better than a 4th or 5th. Still not shabby tho considering the 8 years of service (or 8 years of torturing ur fan base).
  10. We actually gain a lot by playing him so we can see what we have before the 2020 draft. Same with the olgeski kid or whatever his name. We need to see what we got there too. Both looked good preseason. Get um in now. Don't wait till week 15.
  11. We got decent qbs on the bench right now. Will they ever get a shot? It appears not. No matter how bad Dalton plays. No need to draft Tua or whoever. But I would take Hurts. We need big slobber knockers. I'd actually roll with Dalton if forced to and draft almost all lineman
  12. NFL does not allow live ota 3rd party. same with nba,mlb,
  13. The kid killing it for Carolina undrafted rookie. The one winning games with Pitt and doing what Daltons original job was (just not lose the game) is also undrafted. The dude in Chicago was undrafted too. He did alright. Especially compared to him being undrafted and the guy he is replacing was a top pick. Have you been watching?
  14. So I guess now it is clear that no matter how bad Dalton plays no one else gets a shot. Is this ZTs call or coming straight from Mike? To not sit Dalton
  15. 5 passes 3 interceptions............... NOt his fault He is at least average. Did you see that game _____ years ago against the Dolphins. Man he did great that game.
  16. Redzone interception not Dalton's fault???? Choke again not his fault right? Because whole team is trash.
  17. Few things 1. I do not trust this team at all with a top 2 pick. 2. I'd prefer to trade down as much as possible and exclusively draft lineman on both sides and linebackers. 3. Firm believer that the college kids are coming out way more prepared than they were just 10 years ago. Believe competent QBs can be picked up in the 5th round or later. Even undrafted free agents. But we got two on the roster now that showed glimpses during preseason sooooo, I doubt we really need to draft a qb.
  18. lmao stop! lol the whole team is garbage including Dalton. No one is saying anything is Daltons fault.
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