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  1. Please lawd let Ross get one more 1 3 1.
  2. Catfish Bob

    Bengals 2018 MVP

    When folks look back at Ross's 2018 season stats their Gon be like "wtf!!"
  3. Catfish Bob

    Cleveland Skid Mark Game Thread

    The total stat line looks great. However it looks like should be stats for one half and not entire game. Mayfield is the truth man. Maybe we should let hue draft us a QB.
  4. Catfish Bob

    Cleveland Skid Mark Game Thread

    Dang man. No defending that stat line. Pretty much crushes all my hopes and predictions for Driskel. Need to watch the game. I'm still dumbfounded on how only six passes.
  5. Catfish Bob

    New team

    Golf is a lot of fun if you have a good amount of extra money to burn. This time of year on a Sunday you might have most of the course all to yourself. Also excellent time of year for croppie fishin. An of course always deer season during foolsball.
  6. Catfish Bob

    New team

    Right. On the Syracuse roster this season to start. I'm go watch when they come to Louisville for a three game stint with the Bats in May. Still though. Mets or XFL I'm going xfl if I'm Tebow. He can play baseball when he's 40.
  7. Catfish Bob

    New team

    With the NFL I don't give the slightest F about any team other than the Bengals. Hopefully the xfl picks up Tebow and I can be a xfl fan.
  8. Catfish Bob

    Cleveland Skid Mark Game Thread

    Lmao!!! Those who bet the browns -10 were probably having strokes.
  9. Catfish Bob

    Cleveland Skid Mark Game Thread

    I missed the game. Was he 2/3 at the half? Was doing Christmas with the family and they all colts fans. Could've sworn at around what should've been halftime that the scrolling line at bottom of screen said Driskel 2/3. I'm sitting their thinking how the F have they only thrown 3 passes? Must've been a real chit show.
  10. Catfish Bob

    Cleveland Week! Send In The Clowns

    10 point dogs to the turds. Focking gezzz Perhaps it is time we start calling ourselves the turds?
  11. Looks like Mixon also needs to be shut down for the last two. After the report of multiple injuries. NFL needs to expand rosters by 2 players at least or something.
  12. I get two more games to make up my mind. Wish we could go back in time and bring back Pickens, Scott, Dunn and McGee for these last two.
  13. Teams like the Bengals stuck on the nuts of mediocre QBs and never giving anyone else a shot.
  14. What else is their to talk about? Absolutely fucking nothing.
  15. Have I ever said Driskel is great? No
  16. Lol 2 games left. Let's see if the kid can win with CJ Uzomah as the best receiver in the lineup before we declare a verdict.
  17. Yeah Dalton much better than Driskel!! It's very obvious!!
  18. Yeah Dalton is great!!!!
  19. Because if we can win as many games with Driskel as we can with Dalton then Dalton can be traded. If they can swindle a 1st out of Dalton. Take a QB who can sit behind Driskel untill ready. Or use those two first round picks on positions that will get this team over the hump. 2 offensive tackles again. Drafted in the 2nd round. Got 8 years out of him. Then trade for a first round pick. That's a hell of a win in my book.
  20. Less than ok and still got that W which is all that matters. 2 more games to see what he's got. At the Turds will be a great test. It quite possibly appears that his work ethic, professionalism and leadership ability could be rubbing off on the whole team.
  21. Meh. What's two years as a scout team QB? vs a full preseason of prep as the #1 vs only 3 weeks of prep as #1.
  22. Can we get the 3rd down stat comparison for those first three starts?
  23. Yeah as of this moment I'm thinking Driskels best could be about the same as Dalton's best back in his prime. But with a much better speed and hopefully some that winning magic.
  24. Boyd just said he's fine. Thank goodness. Said Driskel is a pro and has proven he's worth a shot.
  25. Too early to tell. Need see more. Boyd going out is gonna make it that much more difficult for the kid.

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