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  1. Too early to tell. Need see more. Boyd going out is gonna make it that much more difficult for the kid.
  2. Dalton's 3rd career start. 17/32 157 0td 2 int. 8-13 loss to the gold miners.
  3. Bengals miraculously make playoffs. Lose first round at Houston.
  4. What is Jon grudens all time record against Marv? What is Marvs record when gruden was announcing the games? Lol Someone say we will beat the turds? When I read that I chuckled a little. Not sure if I laughed from thinking we will beat them or you calling them the turds. Raiders will not be a walk in the park by any means. For the love of everything good. Please call some shotgun roll outs for Driskel.
  5. Catfish Bob

    Poll is NFL Rigged

    What ya think?
  6. Catfish Bob

    Free agents to sign

    meh Kap at best is about as good as Dalton. That why he aint got no job Johnny offers the unknown. The ultimate roll of the dice. I mean we picked up Pacman after he paid to have a couple dudes knocked off. Gave him a home for many years. Put up with his shit for many years. Even brought him back for a year after he chit down our throats in that home wildcard game. Where he and Burfict lost their cool and basically handed the game to pitt. Burfict known as the biggest douche in the league. Still on our roster. Still fucking chit up losing his cool at the wrong times. Not a better home for Hunt. Bring him on in. Might as well kick the tires on Kap. Get a little media interest going because its a ghost town in bunghole land.
  7. Is their any prayer that we can win? Has this team already quit? Who shows up and gives 100% effort in this one? A few or many? Is Marv, Hue and Lazor working feverishly into the night watching film? Drawing up those few plays that could win the game? Are the receviers and Driskel spending many extra hours working on their timing? Is Driskel sleeping at lazors so that he can eat, sleep and drink this offense? I know my boy Driskel is going to give it all he's got. Question is will he be a lone effort. We know Boyd will always show out. In a stunning upset Bengals 41 Chargers 16 Mixon 32 carries (lazor finally gets it, the kid is a monster) 200+ total Rivers 3int Driskel 300+ total Post game Tate compared to the likes of Michael Irvin and Terrell Owens.
  8. Catfish Bob

    Hey, Drama Queens.

    I was there in the 90s. And at one point during today's game I felt I was back there. Think it was because of the cold weather out. Late 4 clock game. Was already dark outside by about halftime. Was in my garage messing with some old wood that might of been milled back in the 90s. Bengals hanging in one that no one gave them a prayer on. Only to bungal that chit in the upmost bungal fashion. Yuppp.
  9. I leave a path of destruction everywhere I go.
  10. Talk about complete destruction of the franchise. Could they even fire Marv if they wanted too now with hue here? How would that work? Fire Marv hand the keys to guy that went 3 and 30 with the turds who they just fired? Or fire Marv and hue? What a dumb situation. This Sunday should be good and cold. PBS empty for raiders game
  11. Should've fucking kicked it off. 2 terrible coaching decisions cost this one. See if a miracle can save Marv.
  12. Well one first down wins it now. 100% on Marv's bad coaching decision again.
  13. We're the worst team all time for 2s. If we lose by 2 it's solely on Marv.
  14. This game feels like watching a 90s Bengals game. We're just annoying enough to put a little pressure on a great team. An we got the dumbass score of 15 at the moment.
  15. 3 quarters Driskel 12/18 1td no picks
  16. Kick the xp for the love of jebus Gawb bless we need every easy point.

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