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  1. Can we please beat the dog piss out of Cleveland twice this season. Looks like they got a big circus going on up there. The two twitter divas make me look like a well spoken scholar. Gosh I hope we smash their faces in two blow out victories that the divas can cry about on Twitter where they throw big cry baby pounts with misspelled words and literature that barely makes any sense.
  2. Please completely self destruct before the season even starts. Please be distracted as possible and get blown out in all four preseason games. Limp into the regular season to go 0-16 one more time. Please trade Duke Johnson. That would be great!! Send him to Seattle or SanFran. Anywhere but the AFC North. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/2-live-crews-uncle-luke-calls-out-baker-mayfield-on-twitter-over-duke-johnson-comments/amp/
  3. Some of the comments on here are priceless. I love my Bengals but seriously F the NFL. https://sports.yahoo.com/did-roger-goodell-subtly-threaten-bills-fans-over-stadium-issue-at-jim-kellys-charity-event-180004559.html
  4. Thank goodness Ocho was before Twitter's time.
  5. Catfish Bob

    Guess Who Has An Ouchie (already)...

    Erickson has been extremely solid and proven worthy of that #3 spot.
  6. In my opinion,, yes. Our first two picks went to last seasons weakest link the line. Our next two picks to our 2nd weakest link LB. I see them drafting another 2 or 3 linemen for a total of 5, TEs included. 3 LBs total.
  7. I stand behind the decision on this one. Been a long time since we've had a TE that could block anything let alone lay some wood. I do not like trading the other pick away however I'll support the new coach's decision. Lineman and linebackers is all we need, in my opinion. We are loaded at outside skill positions. Wouldn't be surprised to see almost all of the remaining picks go towards more linemen, linebackers and another TE. We get some guys that can actually block for Mixon,,,oh boy, watch out.
  8. Catfish Bob

    This Team is Garbage

    Gaww bless this team sucks a big fat one. Can't even score one. What a bust Puig is so far. Not one hit yet and 7 games deep. Time to trade Votto for some AA players. I can't believe anyone would pay let alone donate their time to go watch this sorry ass team. Every seat should be empty for home games. Let these bums smash the Expos poor attendance records.
  9. Catfish Bob

    This Team is Garbage

    Lol sorry for the obscure rant. It just depressing. This season pretty much ended as soon as it started. Yeah 162 games. At current rate they will maybe win 20.
  10. Catfish Bob

    This Team is Garbage

    How much is this team spending on Puig and Kemp? I swear not one home game ticket should sell from now going forward. Let this (currently) horrible franchise get to the brink of bankruptcy so something positive might change. For now they are a complete joke. An embarrassment. Way overpaid a$$ F**ks. Sorry but imo anyone who buys a ticket and supports this team is a sorry ass MF. If your that desperate for over 3 hours of entertainment your willing to pay to go watch this team, I feel sorry for ya.
  11. Catfish Bob

    Drafting a quarterback

    We are taking Jackson from Buffalo University in the 3rd.
  12. Catfish Bob

    Walton Arrested

    Should've stayed the F out of Miami, is what it sounds like. Should've gotten a place around Cincy and focused 100% on football. Wasted opportunities but opens the door for someone else. I thought the 4th round pick was well worth the gamble on the kid. Showed a few flashes of potential while here. Bye Felicia. Good luck finding a job. Amazon is always hiring. Hopefully ya learned something in college other than to hate successful people and economic freedom. However I doubt you actually picked up a marketable skill while you were there.
  13. Catfish Bob

    Burfict released

    Lol is he the same guy that was tootin blow and watching live hookers in his office?
  14. Catfish Bob

    Burfict released

    Aw. I'm behind on the times. I'll have to look at see what your talking about.
  15. Catfish Bob

    Burfict released

    Right. Well supposedly we are headed in a new direction. Call the release of Burfict part of Taylor's culture change.
  16. Catfish Bob

    Burfict released

    I disagree. Go back and watch the home game against the Browns to see my point. I don't care if he is the goat. Glad he's gone. The stigma he had here overshadowed everything no matter how well he played. This separation was best for both sides. The stigma is gone and he gets a fresh start on a team where it's acceptable to be a pos.
  17. This will be very telling. If dude goes to Jacksonville and is solid that tells us the Bengals staff/organization really focking sucks a$$. I mean we already know that tho, right?
  18. Catfish Bob

    Top 10 picks

    Unfortunately we don't have a choice with that first pick. It's got to be a lineman. By far the weakest link last season. Boring I know. However it frees us up to take the best available from the 2nd round on.
  19. Exactly. All that money gone. Dude at the casino drunk blowing 20k trying cheat his way back. And I just watched only the first minute and half of the video. All I could bare. So glad he's no longer a Bengal.
  20. If he's broke like I suspect then he is probably stuck. Hard to move when ya broke and can't stop giving casinos what money you do get.
  21. People like Pacman see gambling in the casino as a 2nd job. Like a lifestyle they live by. They think they can somehow beat the odds. No matter how much they lose they just keep at it until homeless. I had a girlfriend for a few years who was just like this. Finally wised up and got rid of her. They always think they have a chance until they're walking out the door with nothing.
  22. They said security was called to the table because of suspected cheating by Jones. Once security arrived at the table he immediately started acting irate. A clear sign he was probably trying to cheat. So dude is clearly broke. Clearly a fucking idiot. You have to be one desperate fool to try and cheat a casino.
  23. Catfish Bob

    2019 Free Agency

    As bad as oboogie was, if we can get him back super cheap we should. Just to see if the new staff can work some magic with the kid and salvage that former 1st round pick.

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