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  1. Redzone interception not Dalton's fault???? Choke again not his fault right? Because whole team is trash.
  2. Few things 1. I do not trust this team at all with a top 2 pick. 2. I'd prefer to trade down as much as possible and exclusively draft lineman on both sides and linebackers. 3. Firm believer that the college kids are coming out way more prepared than they were just 10 years ago. Believe competent QBs can be picked up in the 5th round or later. Even undrafted free agents. But we got two on the roster now that showed glimpses during preseason sooooo, I doubt we really need to draft a qb.
  3. lmao stop! lol the whole team is garbage including Dalton. No one is saying anything is Daltons fault.
  4. I'll give ya that. He is decently average. Which sux ass when your in the pros. IDk i think zimmer picked him up?
  5. No one ever says its Andy's fault. No one ever says this..... He just sux as much as the o line, defense, front office. We are not saying anything at all is his fault. Its not his fault he sux ass. Nothing is Andy's fault its all just coincidence that everyone is trash. o line is garbage defense is garbage front office is trash people hurt Dalton sux donkey balls
  6. A little bit??? bro your a extremest. you stood behind that dude after a decade of shitting his pants
  7. I wish the five fans there would throw beer bottles at bengals bench.
  8. Have gotten worse every game since opening day. Get him the F out of here.
  9. I fully suspect we would do something bone headed like that. Hurts and Burrow are much much better so yeah we will definitely take Tua with the #1 and completely destroy any promise he ever had. By playing for this joke of a coach/organization.
  10. They have already worn out our Defense. Half way through the 2nd quarter. They need to fire Taylor tomorrow.
  11. 11 yards of offense through the 1st quarter. We will lose to the Dolphins.
  12. This could possibly be the worst Bengals offense I have ever seeen. I seriously thought the awful offense from last season would be our floor but this year they are crushing it making new all time lows. They are fucking terrible. Get rid of this Zac Taylor bum.
  13. Wow I hate to read this about my Bengals. If we weren't the lamest franchise Eric Bieniemy would be the coach or we would be getting setup to sign him after the season. Dude gave his heart and soul to this team. Little guy played like a focking lion out there. He deserved the coaching job more than anyone. At least a shot. What are Zac Taylor's connections to this Jim Turner guy prior to the Bengals? Was Turner hired (hand picked) by Taylor?
  14. I don't care if his style of play only nets a 4 or 5 year career the potential upside for those years was way more than we'll ever see out of the Red Rider BB gun.
  15. 20 points??? Lol what games have you been watching? 3 points seems to be about our ceiling. Seriously we probably couldn't beat LSU bama Penn State Wisconsin Oklahoma or Florida. ASU and Marvin Lewis probably give us a run for the money. They got a great QB.
  16. Didn't Bengals interview Eric bienemy? Did they pick Taylor over bienemy or did bienemy turn down the job?
  17. I feel like Dalton had his best years with Gruden. If we go 0-16 I wouldn't be opposed to firing Taylor and hiring Gruden.
  18. Where do you find these numbers? Thanks Exclude short term stadium use due to remodeling and also exclude scab games from strike year.
  19. New Prediction The Jets @ Bengals game will set the record for lowest attendance in modern era NFL. The unofficial record is currently held by the Oilers in a 1995 game against Tampa Bay with a attendance of 31k and some change.
  20. I took a hard helmet hit square in the chin back before chin pads and it fucked me up bad. After that at night I would be sitting up in bed thinking I was at football practice. Talking, going through motions, everything. Started having deja Vu a lot too. Haven't played in almost 20 years and luckily everything has went back too normal. But you never know how bad these things could be. Especially with the person's personality and how they'll react. If it freaks them out or not. Somehow I got through but was a odd time.
  21. Yeah pretty much what I was trying to figure out except their is the whole practice squad thing too. So that adds 5 or 6 more? I was just thinking one night what if a team paid every player exactly the same. No player on the team was worth more than the next on a monetary basis. Wouldn't attract players like ODBJ or Melvin Gordon but would possibly make it possible to have a very deep team with hella special teamers.
  22. 9 seasons of this little red rifle bitch. I will never forgive the Bengals for the decade of torture. I don't know if I can be a fan anymore. Why the f do this to us?? 9 years of exact same shit. And they gave the MF $100m. Should've let him walk 4 or 5 years ago. F u Bengals I can't do it anymore. I no longer support this team at all . Go cards!!
  23. What is Bengals all time points per game average with Dalton as starter? I feel like gotta be super low. Way less than 20.
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