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  1. 10 offensive plays half way through the 2nd quarter. Think I'm be sick..
  2. I did not think it would be possible for the offense to get any worse.
  3. I've been a huge Dalton critic over the years. We passed up Lamar Jackson. Now Baltimore looks like they could possibly be building a dynasty. Could've been us. Dalton is decent. I'd like to see him on a team like the cheifs or Pat's. That would tell us if he's just decent or really good but stuck on the horrible Bengals. Looks like we lose the next two on the road then come home and lose again to Arizona. If Bengals go 1-15 and have one of the worst season attendance ratings in modern NFL era,,, they will probably announce team is moving.
  4. F the browns. They should have lost that game. They did not look good at all. New York just looked as bad as Miami. L.Bell is garbage.
  5. On positive notes. We still play the browns twice. We might give the Jets a run for their money.
  6. Bengals might as well start closing up shop and move the franchise to London or Mexico. Then we can move on with our lives and never give up a single minute of our Sundays to garbage like this.
  7. If only we had drafted Lamar Jackson. At this rate looks like we won't beat Baltimore again for quite some time.
  8. Couldn't ask for a better effort. Great see Ross get some.
  9. I think we play strong at Seattle and sneak away with a win in a ugly game similar to @Colts last season opener. Seattle usually seems to take a few weeks to get hot and up to their prime. Dalton usually does decent in the early stages of seasons. Bengals 30 HawkeyeTurds 27 I think Willis will have a good game but also struggle. He did play at Troy so he probably played at Alabama at least once and a few other big ones.
  10. I'm filming my bets on YouTube this season. Still got long way go as far as having the ability to make good sounding quality picture videos. Litterally just started making/editing videos 2 weeks ago for first time ever.
  11. Has Eifert played? No where on the stat sheets. Yeah Ross is on Pace to have one of the greatest td reception percentages of all time. However seems alot more still to be desired. I thought the kid would be taking little screen passes to the house for 50+ yards leaving guys in his dust. At this point I'd say Ericson is much more valuable to the team.
  12. Now that preseason is over I give you the moment everyone has been waiting for. Catfish Bob's 2019 Prediction Bengals finish 11-5. 2 loses to Pitt and Baltimore and one to New England. Dalton throws for 3,400 yards over 20 tds. Mixon 1200 total yards and over 10 tds. The undrafted free agent Willis has a monster year and makes everyone reconsider everything they have ever known about the NFL draft. Fantasy leagues get wrecked by what will be known as the greatest sleeper pick of all time. At 11-5 the Bengals get a wild card spot behind division champ Pitt and go on to lose in the 1st round at Houston. Their ya have it folks. If you're in Vegas bet that chit. The catfish sees all in his crystal ball. Browns finish 0-16
  13. Is Andre Smith really penciled in as the starter? I mean nothing against big Dre at all but does anyone really believe he can complete a 16 game schedule? Guess this coaching staff does. He looked like pure dog poo last year. All I seen from him was penalties, missed blocks and just plain out getting beat.
  14. Well with that being said I wouldn't be surprised if poor ol Dalton pulled a Luck and retired. Last few years Dalton has taken relentless beatings every week. It's like no matter what D this oline lines up against they get man handled every game. Making the worst D-lines look like all star units. With everyone bashing the new oline coach saying he is a real POS. As a player it's hard to get up for a douchebag coach. Had a couple of um back in my day. They just suck all the energy and life out of ya with their douchebagery.
  15. Right. I'm just fooling around,,,kinda. yeah Dalton look great when O-line does decent. Which isn't often these days. Watching Pitt just blitz the F out of Kansas City and having their way,,, it could be a long ugly season.
  16. Finley is adding fuel to the fire of my love hate relationship with Dalton. I'm just a mixed bag of emotions with that kid out there gun slinging. I think I'm almost ready to see how Dalton would play on a different team with a above average O-line. See how the Bengals would play with a youngster that can make some plays. Could possibly be one of those mutually good moves for both parties.
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