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  1. Yes I agree. Dave is past his prime it seems. However for that little piece there it was like old Dave but I agree overall the whole show wasn't very good at all. Still that little piece is funnier than anything I've ever got from Burr.
  2. I mean Bill Burr is alright I guess. Like the Andy Dalton of standup comedians. Just good enough to maybe get a chuckle out of me. Now funny is this shit right here.
  3. No way. Teams with top 10 picks don't have time or room for project guys. The problem with Tua staying is that he could suffer the same fate as Hurts and get benched. He is probably going to the Pats IMO. They are perfectly equipped to burn a 1st rounder on a guy that needs to sit out a year. If he falls past the 1st round then he becomes practical for more teams.
  4. I foxing know right. And if we win the Brown Clowns are gonna foxin circle jerk all night. MB probably have ZT sit on his face while We are the Champions plays in the background. Tate should be out. Gon be hella tough on Finley without him. We should get rolled as usual.
  5. Zac Taylor needs to be sent packing. If tomorrow is a shit show circus get him and his bum ass assistants the F out of here.
  6. October 28 against the Bucs last season was the last time this team put up 4 offensive TDs in one game. So about 13 months. Had to look it up.
  7. Yeah. I mean at this point just showing me something would be great. Like scoring over 20 points. Win or Lose if we score 1 offensive touchdown per quarter that would be massive in my opinion. Something we have not done in years. Or at least it feels like it has been years.
  8. Well right. In 30+ years I've never rooted against them either and have no plans to. I just saying we need to lose because if we win Mikey and the clowns will be circle jerking to it until next preseason and absolutely nothing will change
  9. We need to lose this week. If we somehow screech by Pitt by one point with a final score of just 3 -2. The whole organization will be patting each other's backs and ZT will be back next year. We need ZT gone before the draft. He proved last year he cannot draft worth a lick.
  10. Gio dropped one that hit him right in the bread basket which would've been a 3rd down conversion. ZT calling timeout on that 3rd down conversion to Tate which screwed that up. Ericson just got punked the F out on that last play. ZT reminds me of that offensive coordinator that everyone here hated with a passion. I can't remember exactly how to spell his name but it was something like Bratkowski. Him and ZT's offensive play calling seems about the same. You got a stud RB breaking his neck getting you 6 a pop, a o-line that was actually somewhat blocking for him for the first time all season. Annnnd on 3rd and 5 feet in enemy territory he calls some random ass pass that had no chance instead of feeding that stud and building a tiny micro bit of confidence in that line.
  11. Huber is a beast. One thing MB managed teams have. Good punters. Lol
  12. Hey no shame in my game. I was wrong. Guy had a rough go. Got battle his own coach who killed that 3rd down conversion by calling timeout.
  13. I grew up with a kid that looks similar to him. Hair, covered in freckles head to toe, pasty white easily sun burnt skin. His mom would cut his hair herself refusing to pay for a barber. Always had my buddy looking a mess.
  14. Well he didn't even show up. After all this. Why would a team sign you if you gonna act like this? They giving you a shot but you got demands?? How many demands he gonna have if he actually gets on a roster? What a waste of everyone's time.
  15. I mean damn yo I ain't that old. I lost two of my friends because all sudden they want start calling me white privileged. Me the only child and product of a broken hearted single mother. My whole life my mother never got over my father's death. Shit was rough as a kid. The only reason my buddies claimed that white privilege shit on me is because they heard Kap talking that bullshit. If it weren't for Kap that shit would've never came out their mouths. I don't hate Kap but I don't want to watch him play QB for the dam Bengals either. We done seen him play. Give me some fresh meat, someone exciting, someone we can watch get better every week.
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