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  1. Kap would put us up to 4 qbs No way am I dropping the 6'7 monster from Central Connecticut U for Kap's bs.
  2. Most God awful idea I have ever heard. We would have to drop one of our rookie qbs. No way. I'll take both of them over Kap any day.
  3. Trade down and take all big uglies. We basically need 8 linemen and 3 backers. I'll settle for another year of Dalton if they focus on the core.
  4. Hate me if you want but I like what I see with Finley. Going against a top defense he was able to make some things happen. He definitely has the skills to extend plays. Best pocket presence I've seen on this team since our Heisman champ. This week at Oakland I think he will improve much more and lead them to 3 TD drives against the much softer defense of the Raiders. Something this offense has not been able to do all year. Put together 3 TD drives in one game. Anyone know how long it's been since we've scored over 20 points? Bengals 24 Raiders 23 Mixon 130 all purpose Boyd 8 catches Tate 100 yards Eifert 2 TDs
  5. How does this work if he's still going to get paid from the 3 year contract? Thanks
  6. Would like to see all four options play out. Just for entertainment purposes at least. If we look long term it can get much lower. Few things As long as Lamar Jackson is healthy we might not beat the Rat birds again until he retires. My earliest memory of Bengals football is 1990. Correct me if I'm wrong but in the time since I think I can count on two hands how many times we've beat the Stealers. So no reason to assume that trend will change. Hate the Browns but have to give them credit. At least they are willing to roll the dice and make moves to try and improve the team. All this said rock bottom will be after another half decade of 4 to 7 wins a season being a over achievement. From my understanding this will be around the same time the contract is up with the city of Cincinnati? So I'm almost certain that the Bengals will be the London, San Antonio or Mexico City team.
  7. Yeah Burrow won me over a bit last night. Is it a far reach to say that Alabama's defense is better or about par with the Bengals or Dolphins defense? So Burrow looks he will br ready to play right out the gate. Still hoping we trade down with our first pick. I mean this place is a top 10 pick graveyard. Just don't even do it. Find Russell Wilson somewhere in the 3rd round.
  8. I mean how do you bring him back if he goes 0-16? Which is looking very possible. Even if he goes 1-15 or 2-14 how do you bring that back? I don't buy into the whole "he's a new coach and has to evaluate his players." He had all summer to watch film. He knew exactly what he had on this team coming in. Now maybe he tried to make player personnel changes and was denied from above. If that's the case then ok. But don't tell me he didn't know what he had. That over the off-season he didn't watch film of the current players and study what was already here.
  9. I wonder if that is why they didn't go for it there? Lol. Yeah man Louisville is right down the road. Ravens jerseys everywhere around here now. I think every Ravens game has been aired here this year. We usually only get colts Titans or Bengals. But with Lamar there it's been all ravens this season here on the tube. Bengals missed out on a massive scale. Probably the doom of the franchise.
  10. I was almost there but I'm actually doing good in fantasy this year so yeah I'm in it deep as ever. A part of my football soul died that January night.
  11. The Bengals personally handed this dude to Baltimore. 1st Bengals game to air here in Louisville all season other than the Monday nighter. Bengals missed a gigantic ship with this kid. Would've brought in way more fans etc etc. I don't know if I'll ever be able to forgive them for the biggest miss in franchise history. They just straight handed the dude to a in division team. We'll never get another divisional championship.
  12. These are in no particular order. 1. Bridgewater Again like Ive said many times. Drafting Lamar Jackson would've expanded the fan base more into Louisville. Something this franchise is probably in desperate need of. People of Louisville loved Lamar. Bridgewater also offers similar opportunity as he is still adored by the community and regularly makes appearances around town. 2. Bortles. I don't think it's a far reach to say Bortles could be successful in ZTs offense. 3. Winston. Crab legs in tiger stripes? Could be very interesting. 4. Mariota. 5. Prescott. A great fit in my opinion. Probably way too expensive at the moment considering all the needs elsewhere. 6. Rivers. Would Rivers play for another team or retire? I can't see him living in Cincy for half of the year away from his family and having a successful season. Tannehill. Dalton sq2 Brady. If Brady doesn't retire I see him landing in Tennessee. Foles. Yeah no thanks. Who else am I missing?
  13. Lol were 0-8. Gotta have some fun somehow. I'll admit that Dalton was the better athlete but McScooter had a certain ability. An ability to drive the field in a playoff game. So he definitely gets the nod on that one. Cheers to Finley doing something. He only needs 2 fgs in the first 50 minutes of game play to accomplish a 100% improvement over the last outing against Baltimore. If Finley stinks up the joint hopefully we'll get to see the 6'7 kid. That would've been my starter from the get go.
  14. Don't forget I was right on McScooter. So I'm 1 for 2. But yes Finley will be a upgrade from Andy. I'm pretty certain. Better feet, better accuracy, better athlete much smarter.
  15. Higer chance that at that time you'll have completely forgotten about Dalton for a few minutes.
  16. I believe Finley will do fairly decent this Sunday against Baltimore. Fairly decent considering it's his first NFL start and against a top defense. I think he will blow out Dalton's prior performance against the same team. Where Dalton was only able to muster up 3 points worth of offense plus a garbage time TD at the end where the defense just gave it to him to avoid have to tackle anyone. I believe the rest of the team will also look and play better. From the O-line to the defense. Think this is our first exciting moment since the opening kicking off week2? Since then it's been all clown show on offense.
  17. Why so much exaggeration? No one said dude is the greatest 4th round pick ever. We just want see someone else whoever that is. Someone that could possibly be a spark. It's not the end of the world yo.
  18. Naw man I'm just a die hard Bengals fan who is sick and tired of watching Andy fuckin Dalton for the last 9 years. Gawd dam why is that so hard to grasp your mind around? You want to keep seeing the same exact shit for another 9 years?????
  19. This makes no sense. Less batted balls and bad throws but won't do much better? Without those mistakes we see week in and week out the play should be much better. Dalton's biggest weakness throwing balls right to defensive linemen. Only QB with multiple pick 6s to linemen.
  20. Man y'all drive me crazy. Dude took us down the field and put us in the lead late in the game which should've sealed the victory. Something Dalton has failed to do or even come close to doing in 4 tries and 8 years!!! Hello! What more did you people want from McScoot? Gawd bless no pleasing some folks. If Dalton was in that game on that drive he would've crapped his pants like he has historically 100% of the time in any big game big situation. No doubting that outcome with ol Red Rider in there. Same outcome for a decade .
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