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  1. I guess political humor does not fly here. If the issue were truly "racist" posts, then I suspect such postings would be deleted, and a warning issued to my person. Instead, the entire thread is deleted? I could understand some kind of move if I were in a thread constantly attacking a poster(s), as some of the fine members here did, but that was not the case. Deleting it under the guise it was "racist" is a weak ruse that people can see through, but since it is not my board, guess what? It is not my call. I am surprised that the admins took action against the thread, but not me. Thus the issue was the thread, and not the posts or the poster. All I know with 100% certainty is that even if this site is funded by the Clinton's, it is not run by Hillary!
  2. This is a hamstring issue with a guy who who makes a living with his legs and hands.     From my days playing rugby, I know first hand that tweaking a hammy messes with you. I do not fault the guy for sitting out. Plus it is giving Little and Burkhead extra reps, which they are apparently making the most of.     I would be questioning Jones if this were the regular season and he was sitting out of games. But right now, it does not bother me in the slightest that he is erring on the side of caution.     I actually prefer it.     An ounce of prevention...
  3. Why does the title give me the impression that the Bengals are not smart enough to use talented players?
  4. In other news, rookies are determined to make the team, the Bengals are determined to have a winning record, and Black Jesus is still giggling...
  5. I've yet to buy into the Wlder hype.   Past his name and light noise from Bengal hype men, I do not know why everyone is on this guy.
  6. I believe a better analogy would be to say he is going to change the sheets, because thus far the Bengals have shat the bed in the post season...
  7. Love that no one is touching the concept of the rich US giving to the rest of the world...     Long live the 1%
  8. Medicaid is reasonable for hospitals, but exceptional for use in public health centers. If I recall correctly, hospitals get 50 to 70% reinbursement for medicaid patients. Thus, all things beng equal, they do not get as good of care there and thee hospitals are shortchanged.   Public health centers, they get enhanced reinbursement, so the centers generate more income and are more welcoming of such patients.   If I am recalling things correctly...
  9. How much loyalty does that show?   Mikey is loyal to a fault, and keeps Black Jesus around in spite of his multitude of failures.   That loyalty is repaid by Black Jesus stating he would walk away if he brought a Lombardi to the Queen City?   Seems like a one sided relationship...
  10.     The light hearted nature of drunken driving...     Huge Piper fan. They Live still holds up. He was a great villan  in the golden age of wrestling.
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