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  1. I guess political humor does not fly here. If the issue were truly "racist" posts, then I suspect such postings would be deleted, and a warning issued to my person. Instead, the entire thread is deleted? I could understand some kind of move if I were in a thread constantly attacking a poster(s), as some of the fine members here did, but that was not the case. Deleting it under the guise it was "racist" is a weak ruse that people can see through, but since it is not my board, guess what? It is not my call. I am surprised that the admins took action against the thread, but not me. Thus the issue was the thread, and not the posts or the poster. All I know with 100% certainty is that even if this site is funded by the Clinton's, it is not run by Hillary!
  2. Love that no one is touching the concept of the rich US giving to the rest of the world...     Long live the 1%
  3.   Conventional wisdom is that top U.S. students fare well compared to their peers across the globe. According to this line of reasoning, the US doesn’t make it on the list of the top 25 countries in math (or top 15 in reading) because America has higher poverty and racial diversity than other countries do, which drags down the national average. Wrong. The latest 2012 PISA test results, released Dec. 3, 2013, show that the U.S. lags among 65 countries (or sub country entities) even after adjusting for poverty. Top U.S. students are falling behind even average students in Asia. I emphasize Asia because Asian countries (or sub entities) now dominate the top 10 in all subjects: math, reading and science. In descending order from the top spot in math, they are (1) Shanghai, (2) Singapore, (3) Hong Kong, (4) Taipei, (5) Korea, (6) Macao, (7) Japan, (8) Lichtenstein, (9) Switzerland and (10) the Netherlands     $$$$:  The OECD data show almost no link between spending on education and PISA test results. Wealthier nations tend to score better. But the amount of money that a nation spends on education doesn’t seem to matter much. The United States is one of the biggest spenders in education, spending $115,000 per student on average between the ages of 6 and 15. The Slovak Republic spends less than half that amount at achieves similar test scores. Only four countries spend more than the United States: Austria, Norway, Luxembourg and Switzerland.         http://educationbythenumbers.org/content/top-us-students-fare-poorly-international-pisa-test-scores-shanghai-tops-world-finland-slips_693/
  4. There will always be a group of people with much, much more than the rest. They likely share some, giving to charities and whatnot, but keep the vast majority of it for themselves.   We are no different, when you consider all the poor, undeveloped countries in the world. We use/consume many times more resources, and waste much more than citizens in Haiti and other impoverished countries.   I support doing ore for others, but after a point, it has to be done by choice. I believe that the government alreadt takes too much of our money as it is. But if taxes and whatnot are to be increased on the rich I believe that such and increase should be based on your income beyond average, as we are trying to Harrison Bergeron people, it has to hit all people bringing them to the same level.   But I do not support that, so I will digress. Maybe I'll right up my rant about the justice system needing to adjust fines upwards based on income to efficiently "punish" all people equally...
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