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  1. Jesus...my condolences to his family, to Jaime and all his friends. I mainly lurk at this point but I remember Onyx being an active and fun member. Tragic to have a life gone so young. Take care of yourselves and may he rest in peace. RIP.
  2. [b]***for the record....I know BJ on a first name basis and saw about 13 games with him last year at my house. Needless to say he does have a tamer side***[/b] I drove up to the game with the little lady so I didn't have much time to hang out with you guys (Go, Creech, Jason, Diva, Dan.....of course BJ). However, the short time I spent you guys seemed like cool people. I had a short conversation with Dan and his girlfriend and a couple interesting conversations with BJ in between his random musings about the state of minorities in the world and how much he drank. I got a call from BJ at noon telling me that he had landed and that he was going to start drinking and head out to Hooters. Once I arrive at the courtyard where the Hooters is located I see literally dozens of Bengals fans hanging out around a fountain. I don't really recognize anybody so I continue to try find some grub. That's when my wife asks me, "Is that him (BJ) over there in the prison uniform?". I find BJ throwing a chair into the fountain while being cheered on by about 20 people. I walk up to him and I can almost see the moment (about 20 seconds) through his "Jim Morrison-esque" when he recognizes who I am (BTW...it appears that Jim Morrison was a Bengals fan and at the Jacksonville game. He also hasn't missed a beat since the 60's). He immediately hugs me and brings over 2 empty bottles of Jager that were sitting in plain sight on a table near the fountain. Apparently Jacksonville doesn't have any public drunkenness laws. We talk shit for a little bit and take pictures, when he then goes off to find the PA announcer who keeps making fun of him. At this point I decide he forgot what he was doing and go eat. When I come back he remembers he had been talking to me and my wife and we strike up a conversation again about his new tattoos that I hadn't seen. He goes to get a drink at the bar, starts hitting on the waitress at which point I talk to Dan about what he's done this weekend and how things are going. BJ then returns and we finish up our conversation where he begins to explain to me his views on minorities place in the world. Great and refreshing conversation. I then ask Dan and BJ how they are getting to the game and they tell me that the water taxi tickets are being sold at Hooters. When I get there the lady tells me the only one they have is for 7:30 and it may miss kickoff. I had to go back to my car anyway and get the signs I had made, ended up taking a cab for $4 to the game. Before the game I see BJ, Go, Creech, Jason, and Diva arrive at their seats and go talk to them for a little. I was actually surprised that BJ made it to the stadium and was still coherent. Upon seeing me he remembers we were talking and then tells me he will go by my section later on (yeah OK...good chance he'll remember that) and threatens to kick anyone's ass who messes with "Jza and his woman". During the game Jags fans are acting like pricks and being obnoxious. The last I saw of BJ was him walking up and down the aisle where I was sitting flipping off random Jags fans. I didn't see him during the 2nd half so figured best-case scenario he got thrown out....worst-case he was sitting in the drunk tank trying to post bail. I had a long conversation on the phone with BJ on Monday night during which I helped him piece together some events from Sunday afternoon. When it was all said and done, no one got hurt (too badly) and I had a good time. This is my quick synopsis of the events in Jacksonville. Sorry I didn't spend more time with guys from the board, hopefully I'll make it up there for a playoff game or two. [img]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/8/89/Jimmorrison.jpg/180px-Jimmorrison.jpg[/img] [img]http://img370.imageshack.us/img370/9504/bj71kq.jpg[/img]
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