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  1. Lmao I'm glad you know everyone still Jamie. Steelerfan81 here. I run the show over there mostly now.
  2. BJ glad to see you're alive. Us over at Steeler Nation got caught fucking a sheep again.
  3. i agree. I don't think Primantis is that great. I need to try some skyline chili.
  4. It is not Diamond Dave. He focuses his time on other things. Godell ruined the NFL for him. And T-Dub I suspect this game will be just as vicious. I don't condone trying to hurt anyone. Only clean hard hits..
  5. Whatever floats your boat. Ben was never charged and I really don't give a damn about Vick. Besides, it wouldn't be anything I haven't heard for years. I didn't pick the name cause I am glad he's hurt. Rather the fact it was a big media deal a few days ago but now that we see he isn't going to play it isn't.
  6. Yeah, I was being serious. Seattle is a WR Oasis. Dont think i needed a warning. But ya I'm not a Bengal fan. Regardless is that BlackJesus guy still around here?
  7. Open invitation. Come on over to my site. www.steelernation.com But if you come talk shit after the game you will get the boot. Good luck, Saturday. I'll be there.
  8. I couldn't stand TJ. He went to Seattle where receivers die. He deserved it. Should've stayed here.
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