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  1. Why the hell does the NFL keep doing this new year new dumb penalty crap?
  2. Your drunk brain is pretty goddamn accurate.
  3. AJ Green's fantasy owners right now are yanking it harder than a monkey in a mango tree.
  4. Better than getting your soul crushed in September by Jay fucking Gruden of all people.
  5. I keep telling people not to sleep on the Bengals. Meanwhile, my team blows this year so I adopt you motherfuckers? :) all the talk has been about the Browns, Stealers and Ravens in the offseason, I had a feeling you guys would make some noise. Especially with ML being on the hottest of seats.
  6. ArizonaRising

    Ted Cruz

    Fuck the Republicans and "their party members". They're almost or just as bad as Democrats. Too bad the party elite won't have a say in the votes of we, the people. Republicans mistakenly changed the primary voting rules and now they will reap the ultimate price for their own failed promises of immigration reform, constitutional liberties and fiscal responsibility. Meanwhile, the Democrats have a decent, well-meaning, non-corrupt candidate in Bernie Sanders who won't win the nomination because the Democratic election process is RIGGED. Oh, Hillary, the annointed one!
  7. ArizonaRising

    Ted Cruz

    God, I can't wait until Ted or Trump gets elected and we end the open borders, end the NSA phone tapping, repeal Obamacare, stop the ruthless attack against the 2nd amendment, audit the Federal Reserve and reform the tax code. :)
  8. ArizonaRising

    Jeb! Drops out

    http://youtu.be/MXnMGB9slYI skip to 6:45 to see the assault
  9. ArizonaRising

    Jeb! Drops out

    THERE WAS NO "FIGHT". He got hit on the side of the head from behind, completely blind. Knocked out and robbed by 6 black teenagers who came up to his table at a mcdonalds and started harassing him asking him "Do black lives matter?" When he ignored them, they started calling him a racist. As he was leaving the store they jumped his ass. Pure hate crime as the precedent has been set. But hey, maybe I'm a racist white who is just justifying all this cop brutality that is "sweeping" the nation. Right? How about you take the word of two black who see this whole movement for what it is. A George Soros-funded SHAM http://www.allenbwest.com/2015/11/crime-expert-releases-shocking-new-statistics-about-black-men-killed-by-cops/
  10. ArizonaRising

    Jeb! Drops out

    Allegedly. But, it's on videotape. The McDonalds security cameras have it. Just the double standard when reporting hate crimes in this country.
  11. ArizonaRising

    Jeb! Drops out

  12. ArizonaRising

    Jeb! Drops out

    I've never read a Ayn Rand writing other than a couple of excerpts from Racism. Social security is bs and always has been. Goddamnit FDR. Modern libertarianism is the answer to the terribly counterproductive keynesian economic policies of the past 3 administrations.
  13. ArizonaRising

    Jeb! Drops out

    ? I've never read Atlas Shrugged but my friend recommended it (he's a democrat) About to read Decision Points (to see how or if Dubya was naive, stupid, evil or all three) and Liberty, Market and State: Political Economy and the 1980s.
  14. ArizonaRising

    Jeb! Drops out

    Still haven't explained all that ridiculous equation of my libertarian-leaning beliefs with supposed racism from the 60s, with no sources of information related to racist libertarians. Aryn Rand (libertarian pioneer) railed against racism and bigotry in her 1963 book "Racism". As far as the flag, I don't get to decide what it "means" except as my own personal interpretation of freedom from governmental tyranny and resistance to this whole political correctness thug gang. But, I should have the freedom to wear or fly it just as a black person should be free to wear a black panther uniform. People can be offended, but you can't possibly start legislation to prevent everyone from being offended. Offense is an objective term. Inforcing your morality on the populace is what I don't understand about Democrats and Republicans these days. I have no problem with gays marrying under state tax regulations or as a private contract. I also don't get why "liberal" Democrats are running around with a giant stick up their collective "moral high ground" wanting to ban words, flags and "cultural appropriation". My "feels" about the flag are just as valid as a black person's "feels" about the flag. That's called equality. Sure you can wax eloquent about history but A) I was born in 1991, long after MLK and slavery. B) You can't ban historical symbols based on subjective reasoning. Ban any pictures of Andrew Jackson? He was a sociopathic racist who murdered Indians. Louis Farrakhan can denounce the "white devil". It's his freedom of speech, even "hate speech". Funny how he goes to the white house and is friends with the Obama's. But, we must illegalize the rebel flag...? Hypocrisy. The rebel flag never flew over a slave ship. The American flag did. Should we ban that too? Can we just ban everything from our history that offends anyone? What about the USSR flag? Stalin murdered millions of people in Soviet Russia. Any eastern European immigrant is going to be offended. Oh wait, no. They're white, doesn't matter ? Monuments to American revolutionaries, ban them! They were slave owners. Hell, James Madison referred to Blacks as "an unfortunate race". You don't think the movie Revenant wasn't offensive to Indian Americans? Oh, but those groups aren't as big a population of minorities as blacks. Ok, so you guys haven't read Animal Farm. "All animals are equal." "Some animals are more equal than others." The rules of your never-ending neo-liberal supposed "fight against racism, sexism, xenophobia, rape culture, white supremacy, etc." keep changing. Now, it's trigger warnings and micro-aggressions. Cultural Marxism. Keep banning and socially stigmatizing everything. Free speech and the exchange of ideas be damned. It's the communist playbook being unraveled right in front of you. Just join your comrades in lockstep and don't question what they tell you about the civil war, don't harbor any ideas of seccession and just shut up and be docile.
  15. ArizonaRising

    Jeb! Drops out

    So, because Libertarians opposed ending segregation in the past, that means I would be in lockstep with their ideas from the 60s and makes me a racist bigot? Even an idiot can see the government wrote the racist Jim Crow segregation laws. False equivalency argument to compare me to the 60s racists. Don't make me compare you or your fellow Denocrats to the Dixiecrats or LBJ. "I'll have those niggers voting democrat for the next 200 years." Lyndon B Johnson Your angry argument is palatable and completely illogical As for why I vote, I think that reform is needed in the federal government (personel-wise and policy-wise) and that the increased spending on federal programs and wars have been wasteful and counter-productive. Not to mention the deficit and currency devaluation.

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