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  1. Is there anyone else who is attending the event down at The Paul this coming Tuesday? See you there!!!
  2. But there's absolutely nothing negative about this approach!!! lol...
  3. I hope you're right, but I'm afraid that the Commish and Burfict himself will be what keeps him from enjoying the success he deserves.
  4. Nice piece, here. The truth no one wants to hear. (Hope its not another Bengal too).
  5. I'm all about the Bengals football, believe it or not - its the only reason I'm here. A few years back I was part of another Bengals forum that turned sour in the ways you describe - its why I don't go back. Was just trying to get the pulse of fans amid the vast changes the team is now undergoing. Mostly, I'll just choose to navigate right around the comments of the negative nancys - I've seen it all before. Always in search of what will make the team better. Stay positive. You know what they say, opinions are like assholes - everybody's got one.
  6. You know, it might just be because she is ESPN... just saying.
  7. So, your welcome is conditional? I'm not so sure that qualifies for proper message board etiquette, but thank you! And had you said 10 raccoon-sized Palmers I might have bitten, but there's no way you can beat that with just 5...
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