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  1. i dont want anyone to get hurt, it would not hurt any player on this team to get 5-10 live snaps , if they are that fragile, they wont make it through the season anyway.
  2. we'll see. Mixon is now in more of stay productive or be replaced contract. it is highly motivating to be part of building something and then be willing to drop your salary to see it through, . this team has a shot at the SB, a shot to be special. we are close but as you have seen good players are taking fair contracts to be here and to keep others here, its a good culture to finally have.
  3. does he deserve at least consideration . hell yes,, if we stuck a RB in there that wasnt close to his stats, i can see him speaking out. BUT to be clear he is not in the top 6 players or people the team needed to honor before him. get in line , wait your turn , imo he isnt in the top 10. but honestly this is a team sport, if it was based solely on stats and not towards those that deserved recognition for what they did for the team he might have cause to bitch once we get 10-15 people in there .
  4. i am fine with him wanting out, now he wants back in? he may have been a great RB, but have we honored a person that was less deserving then him already? Dillon and his whining punk ass, can wait his turn. Paul Brown, quarterback Ken Anderson, cornerback Ken Riley, offensive tackle Anthony Muñoz, wide receiver Isaac Curtis and offensive tackle Willie Anderson. maybe he is one of the best rbs we had i dont see any rbs in there. so whats he whining about?
  5. i guessit depends on when the sacks were and who they were against. . but less then 1 sack per game .
  6. we seem to run out of OL when it comes to playoff time. screw it we dont have to cut anyone to get under the cap, keep them all. if they do a contract with burrow and/or Higgins and need to the room so be it. till then there is not anyone out in UFA we need the cap room for
  7. now he wasnt a superstud at LT but he also wasnt a scrub of the street. i think your alittle biased and your statement is more opinion then facts. again not probowl , but better then alot at LT.
  8. but is the burrito half eaten or is there still half to eat.... sadly this will probably be the most exciting conversation over Jonah this season.
  9. you all do realise , dexter is not reality , and joe burrow, is ...... comparing him to a fake scripted fictitious character isnt fair to dexter nor a compliment to joe. if his coolness under pressure is a learned trait, then it must be continually reinforced, which means it can also be unlearned or disrupted by mistakes or bad luck.
  10. ben baby? i thought he was a stoolers fan ... but no matter ... i find his insights on the bengals weak and rarely on target,
  11. i'm not sure of cam. he is 30, and if the reports are right and he's was the best oL on a bad broncos OL last year, isnt that exactly what we have in Jonah? the best of a bad OL? but before we say we can save 12 mil .... until someone takes him , and whether we keep jonah or not his contract says we're paying him.
  12. come on guys you act like its your money, and when you admit its not, that the bengals will spend it if they cut the 2 players.
  13. you notice the baltimore games are early in the year , so less chance Lamar will be hurt ... and they have us week 16 at stoolers on a saturday , with week 15 being a TBD date with the vikings.
  14. yes its a basic concept video that any professional team should already know, the thing that seems to make Lous defenses stand out is the adjustments he makes and the players ability to take them to the field.
  15. yes from what i heard( on a radio interview) was since they went digital they wouldnt accept a picture on your phone at the gate, now fair warning, i havent been to a reds game in 6 years, i was driving at the time they said it on the raido and i did not sleep at a holiday inn express last night, so your milage may vary....
  16. careful i think i heard somewhere the reds dont accept a picture on the phone. be sure to get the actual ticket.
  17. true, and remember this when we lose a sfaty to injury or Battle does good on Sts
  18. there is still free agency after the draft, take a breath. there were 92 passes on TE washington before pitt finally picked him.
  19. well defense defense defense, ... i am a bit surprised honestly , but it looks like they are grabbing solid players
  20. oh . i thought that was an april fools joke.... 😁 lol , just joking, good call and i hope your right, building the Lines never a bad way to go.
  21. porter, just say no. Edit: although it would be almost worth it , Just to see the look on his dad face that he now has to cheer for the Bengals
  22. no that was a long term success story. early failures with price at center but happy ending with BJ hill, , if you consider we basicly drafted BJ Hill ..
  23. its what happens if the player wants a deal done. and tells the agent to make it happen, not saying Bates didnt want to stay but if the bengals were willing to pay him franchise money they probably was offering something near that in a deal.
  24. honestly i understand keeping an eye to the future with picks, , right now we have the ability and attention of the free agent world, we will see a whole lot more of 1 year prove it deals with people making concessions to be here, more so then settling to be here.. so use it while we have it.
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