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  1. 1. no, it never works well having this 1-2 punch , and just when we have players putting the team over their stats lets draft mixons replacement . 2. no .. a QB? 3.no .....a punter? 4, no a QB? 5, No we did this with OT Ohgodhecantblocki for some reason you just cant take already injured kid, hand him a bunch of money. and a guaranteed job for 4 years and get results. 6 WR, not in the 1st . right now you have all the skill players you need, on offense , they work hard for each others success, dont fuck with their chemistry by bringing in a replacement for one of them , and that is exacly what it would be. . 7.non skill BPA , if thats him then thats the pick. IMO it should be interior OL or DL, or trade down
  2. No. it was a cheap stupid move when the browns did it, and lets look at just how that worked out for them? they're a shit show, so yea, lets take a great start to a new direction where we just came short of winning the super bowl , change direction and follow their model. . no thank you. Please.... no.... besides I believe Hobson has already written how we are close to the cap and all we have left is room for the draft picks and injuries.
  3. why didnt we get a comp pick for him? you seen how bad our OL was last year with out him (sarcasm)
  4. because you have to build and develop from your own roster, you can not rely only on FA . and alot of rookies train for the combine for tee shirt and gym short track times, which is just a number that rarely translates into football conditions. give them an off season to focus on true football conditioning and training and see how they respond.
  5. hell no we did this before, with Cedric and lost whitworth because of it. you pick the best player with the 1st round pick , not some hopeful dream beacause we can afford to waste a pick and hope they work out in a couple of years.
  6. hey when the QB gets stupid money someone has to go.
  7. From the article: Becton was forced to miss nearly the entire 2021 season after suffering a significant knee injury in Week 1. The Jets hoped that he would return after only a month or two, but Becton's rehab period took much longer than expected. Rumors that the team was frustrated with his work ethic and motivation were seemingly confirmed when head coach Robert Saleh publicly proclaimed that Becton would have to compete with George Fant for the starting left tackle job this summer. The implication was that Fant was the early favorite." no, do not trade the 1st for a OT with a bad knee , bad work ethics and has to be motivated. this team went far with low talent hard work and selflessness. thats a no no and a no . and before you say "but he'll have to pass a physical 1st" remember our crack medical staff and the Antonio Bryant debacle.
  8. well he likes his job working at the company store.. the only thing they will have in their favor this year is players will want to come play with Burrow. if our offer is close to another teams we might win a couple this time instead of offering more and still losing out. i believe we will get a couple of vet OL to sign here, Bates (should) get done unless he wants stupid money. and we'll get 1 of the 2 DTs back . if the cut Waynes that should be enough cap to pay for the other DT.
  9. true but we can do better then what we had, i hope you are not suggesting we lay our season hopes on staying with what we had and somehow getting better? we dont need the top OL payers at each position we do however need at least average.
  10. I would take these both of these 2 over just Brown Jr, and we get to keep our 1st rounder,
  11. i wouldnt offer them a 1st and then have to pay that contract. they dont have the cap space to franchise him atm . they only have 11 mil counting the top 51. they will have to cut another 7 mil. iand they can sign noone till we take him off their books if he is franchised. if the bengals are going to have to pay 5 year 115 mil deal to sign brown , then no 1st, a 2nd i would consider , but no to the 1st. simply put ... for 23 mil a year cap i think we can sign 2 top OL . and keep our 1st.
  12. i wouldnt chase or get into a bidding war for any of them . 1) no other team but the rams made it to the super bowl. 2) the rams are not going to be in any bidding wars with their cap hell 3) the entire league seen how far we can get with a horrible OL. 4) we have Joe Burrow. any OL of any kind worth would love to play on this team. just make them a fair offer. you will have many 29-31 yr old quality OL ready to take any reasonable offer to play in front of Burrow.
  13. come on Go bengals.. lets not start "they just need time to get stronger and more experience " and you all can flush the pff ratings and stats down the toilet , we all seen how bad the OL sucked dont sugar coat it, the fact is we almost lost Burrow to another knee injury with their inept play. is there a chance they could get better , sure, but if you give soP even a hint this may happen , its what we'll go to war with again next year. the OL sucked in the preseason , it sucked at the start of the season and it sucked in the middle and it sucked at the end of the year , yet we still have a franchise QB. Now put some quality OL in front of him and lets put some fear into the league. you will have average and above average FA OL begging to play here for a reasonable price and with burrow and all our weapons., they dont have to be 1st day block buster signings , just solid players. all we need is proven solid OL play and this team will be scary, if you drop the many 3 and outs add a run game not only will burrow be better . this defense will be scary.
  14. i not sure that would cost as much as you think , he has 1 year left with GB and and they can not use the franchise tag on him in 23'
  15. trading up to get a player that slid down you want but didnt expect to get. , yes good spot trading down to get out of the 1st round, maybe. you get the extra year option for 1st round picks.
  16. and halftime adjustments. i dont know who on this team is making them but as bad as ML and crew was at making them,,, This staff is extremely good at it and then communicating it to the players.
  17. didnt he just last night come out and say he hasnt made any decision to retire yet? and next day he makes it official.?
  18. yep, i guess the discussions about the future with Wink was along the lines of " well either me or you have to take the fall for this year. so i guess we agree its going to be you. "
  19. too early we still have 3 games to play , 3 months and 31 picks before we need to worry about it ....
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