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  1. I have all positives from the players perspective. I do, however, think the head coach missed an opportunity he may have a great deal of difficulty recovering from. For example, the Red's head coach, David Bell, has been ejected from 8 games this year. Is the any doubt in the heart of EVERY player that he has their back? Do you suppose they will run run into a brick wall for him? I think we all agree that Andy got screwed big time in the Bengals final drive when his incomplete pass was ruled a fumble. What a great opportunity in the rookie coaches first game t o stand up for his QB and his team. Can you imagine the players reaction if the coach had come unhinged protecting his QB and gotten ejected from the game? That would have chipped in to pay his fine. They would've said " Man, this dude's got our back". Damn shame. Opportunity lost. Players have to be wondering why the head coach let the refs screw 'em and didn't say a word. Your thoughts? Sent from my VS987 using Tapatalk
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