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  1. When whitworth was left tackle and Kevin zeiter was left guard better than Andre smith
  2. Dalton is deer in the headlights can't win the big one need to GO l
  3. Let's get Jonah Williams and gody Glenn healthy he had good offensive line before still deer in the head lights Dalton when had a good offensive line he needs to go
  4. Like Zac Taylor approach but Dalton isn't the MAN for this system. they should have went after hanskins from Ohio State or Murray from Oklahoma start fresh with the coach start fresh with the quarter back fortunately still Ohio State University to root for go bucks
  5. Andy Dalton isn't the answer vintage Dalton today. He chokes happy hands turn overs and doesn't regret what he does. We can't blame Zac Taylor but Dalton chokes under pressure no play off wins or can't even win the big game us fans deserve better Taylor needs a chance but Dalton chokes time to move on. He has the same problem Danny white or tony Romo can't win the big one draft a quarter back doh!!!!!!
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