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  1. Disagree. There's not any top talent on that side of the ball. It's really average across the board. Big time lack of blue chip or impact players.
  2. Mike Zimmer's defenses totally sucked in the playoffs. They got lit up by guys like Mark Sanchez and some third string rookie QB from Houston and got completely run all over.
  3. Good move picking up Perine. Like I said, they desperately needed a backup Mixon and didn't draft anyone.
  4. It just amuses me when people complain that our O-Line players suck (which is fine), but then get upset we didn't take someone in the 4th or 5th round who isn't any better than the guys they were complaining about.
  5. Like I said, nobody. Gio brings nothing to the table any more- an undersized RB who lacks speed and can't make people miss. Anderson is a walking MASH unit. I like Trayveon but not sure he's a guy who can carry the load.
  6. You would've just turned in a pick that says "random offensive lineman?"
  7. I expect a RB in round 6 like Eno Benjamin if he's still there. Need someone to carry the ball if Mixon gets hurt.
  8. How is that a luxury pick? We were starting guys like Damion Willis, Stanley Morgan, and Alex Erickson last year. And again, who did you want to take at 33 instead?
  9. Umm... because we had like 2 LBs on the entire roster. At least we have guys we can line up and play with on the line. Again, who did you want us to draft and when?
  10. They're not going to come out and say their guys suck. Of course they would've upgraded the offensive line if things fell right.
  11. You realize LB was a bigger need, right? Exactly when would you have drafted one and who? It cracks me up when people get mad we didn't take some guy in round 5 who isn't better than what we already have
  12. And Brown isn't really an edge guy. Much better inside. Anyone who watched our run D last year know we sucked on the edges.
  13. It's not a question of feasibility. It's feasible to pay $20 million to a third string long snapper. But nobody's going to do it.
  14. Have you even watched this team? DT has been an issue for years, and we had guys like BW Webb starting for us at CB
  15. Based on what? They built a great team around Carson. Outstanding offensive line, offensive weapons and receivers all over the place. They build a good enough team around Andy Dalton that they went to the playoffs five straight years with a mediocre at best QB. But they can't build a team to win with Burrow? Come on man that just stupid.
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