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  1. I am a big fan of Chris Simms as an evaluator of talent in the NFL. After the draft he actually pulls up the previous years evaluations and discusses his hits and misses. He takes accountability. I am not computer savey enough to post vids but I highly suggest you watch "In the Trenches with Dave Lapham" with Simms as his guest. A day or so before the draft he wanted the Bengals to draft Chase and gave his reasoning. Then he had high praise for Carman in the 2nd. I think you will really enjoy the video, especially Sewell fans. If someone else can post it I think it would be a good thing.
  2. About 30% of Joe's sacks were coverage. The number of excellent targets increased by 50% with the addition of Chase. Open targets can also protect Joe.
  3. Regarding Hill. I think he could be very solid if not stellar with some coaching and conditioning.
  4. We will have to agree to disagree, I believe he is a total fraud who has devoted his life to self promotion. I do however give him credit for filling an empty suit and lobbying it into a career. I don't think he has ever even put on a jock. There are a couple of YouTube videos about him. Watch them as they detail his career and make up your mind if they have credibility. If you don't know how he got where he is it may be enlightening. But if you disagree I respect that.
  5. Kiper liked him??!! Oh crap. He is likely a bust. I would feel better if Kiper hated him.
  6. I don't think our grades are meaningful. But they can promote debate and fun. We are just fans in the end and this stuff is just what fans do. Nothing bad about it as long as we don't take it seriously IMO.
  7. I would like to ask you to indulge me. Go to YouTube and search Mel Kiper. IMO this guy is the biggest fraud in sports media. He has been so wrong about so many players I really don't see why he gets any credibility.
  8. I have a good friend who is in his late 40s who has played lacross in college and continued to play in leagues and coaches high schoolers. He still plays today. He had herniated disc surgery about 3 years ago. I see him frequently and after a couple of months and some light physical therapy he has had zero issue with it. It isn't like 20 years ago when the procedure was more invasive. I really don't think his back issue is anything to be concerned about, I am loath to "grade" picks but if forced with a gun to my head I would give it an A-.
  9. Pour that down the drain or save it for visitors you really don't care for and go get a bottle of Balvieni Portwood. Just kidding. Rock Hill is pretty okay.
  10. A really good receiver such as Chase or Pitts can't do much to gibe Burrow more time but if they get open Joe can get rid of the ball sooner so that protects him as well. The OL is his primary protection but open targets do help Joe avoid hits as well. Ross as a shiny toy with speed being his only real asset. Flash without substance. Chase and Pitts seem to me to be more substance than flash. Speed alone does not get you open. Great suddenness and route running does but if you can't bring in the ball and hold onto it being open means little. My point? Chase and Pitts seem way more than shiny
  11. Clapton, I think it is hard to judge LBs as rookies, especially with a just okay at best DL and a guy in Lou could be one of the worst DCs in the league. Kuchleys are not common. I will judge them this year when they should be able to play more instinctively and not think so much. It is more difficult as as rookie on Defense than on Offense.
  12. I follow the Bengals pretty closely and I have seen nothing from Wilson that exudes chest thumping. He seems to me to be confident and more humble than a chest thumper.
  13. There has been a huge - monumental - advancement in orthopedics in the last 15 years. Surgery then was like stone knives and sharp sticks compared to the techniques they use today. Advanced imagery alone minimizes the amount of surgical trauma greatly. Medical technology is advancing not on a linear scale but rather in an exponential one.
  14. Football games can turn on the smallest of things. Even if it is a small thing it is worth considering.
  15. You know I didn't pull the importance of contrast in peripheral out of my butt. My neighbor two doors down is an Ocular surgeon and he is the one who told me. IMO if Burrow can see more thru his peripheral vision it seems to me that would enable him to process targets faster. You say it doesn't. Excuse me if I take the word of a vision specialist over your opinion. I don't care about how fashionable or unfashionable the uniforms are. If they win whatever they wear will be fashionable. But I do care it they have even the slightest effect on performance.
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