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  1. Judon, Ngakoue, Ingram, Dupree, Leonard Williams. Barrett and Clowney are out there. Barrett and Clowney may be the best followed by Williams. Could a possible solution be signing Moton or Thuney and then Barrett or Clowney, drafting Chase and taking a solid OL prosptect at 28? The OL will be significantly better, we will have the Edge we need and another prime WR to give Burrow an additional potentially great downfield target and the time for him operate along with blocking for Mixon/Gio. I don't think the question is whether we are going to improve. The question is how and how much. Will an
  2. I am a tOSU alum and huge fan and I wouldn't look at Wade before the 5th round. IMO we already have more talented guys on the roster now. Lets face it. Bama was just better all around on Monday night. Day was out coached and the entire team seemed to drift in and out of playing a bit flat. Nobody has covered Smith so I wouldn't judge Wade base solely on that but IMO there are at least 10 DBs on the draft board with a better chance of NFL success than Wade. We need Edge way more than DB. Hurry the passer and the DBs will have a better situation. Give a QB 5-8 seconds and receivers are going to
  3. Everything I have read at least to this point indicates a $176mil cap. The teams took a huge hit as did the media that cover them. Attendance = ticket sales revenue as well a concessions, merchandise and parking revenue. We are talking millions of dollars per week. Some of the wealthier teams may be okay with keeping the cap high but many will find it stretching their finances and especially ones well below the cap see opportunity to move toward catching up with rivals. Of course negotiations will continue but any media negotiations will need to be completed in time for cap changes
  4. I would take a good look at Marvin Jones on a two to three year deal. Then if Sewell is gone we can comfortable trade back to grab one of several mid round OL and the go for another like Leatherwood who may fall to #28. We would have the WR corps protected against injury and could go many different directions with the other 2nd round picks.
  5. Forgive me. I only scanned the first 3 pages of this thread but I didn't see what I believe is a big factor, two of them in fact. First is that I get around in the Bengals "suburbs" and know some people with connections as I have attended every Bengals event open to the public for years and made their acquaintance. The word I get is that MB was absolutely livid about Joe's injury. He isn't as active as he once was but this woke him up. I believe he will spend in FA to get OL help. He apparently loves Joe like almost all of us do. He is placing the protection of Joe as the high priority.
  6. If Ward and JuJu were drowning and I could only save one of them I would have a tough decision to make. Lets see, do I go for wings or pizza?
  7. I forgot to add that I attend just about every Bengals related event for years and that includes coaching clinics that they put on for H.S. and small college coaches. I attended the clinic (anyone who wants can attend if the pay the fee ($150 if I remember correctly, when Pollock was hired. I was very impressed with him. He seemed a tough no nonsense guy who understood that his job was instruction and not just the drill sergeant approach that Turner used. If he did come back I think he will be able to really instruct players like MJ and Adeniji in fixing the techniques that they needed to impr
  8. Every position coach is looking to take the next step. You have the best chance of that if you make a visible impact. This is the reason I think there are good coaches, particularly OL coaches, who would love to come here. If you join a team that already has a good OL the risk is that they won't play as well and even if they do it won't be viewed as impactful. But if you take a position as Bengals OL coach, with apparent high OL pick(s) and a sellable position for a good OL in FA, and you can take them from where they are to maybe 13th or so you can get real attention within the coaching ranks
  9. Nothing. Then we just take Sewell not to take him would be even dumber than the Bengals are capable of being. Best position player in the draft at our biggest position of need. No brainer. This is the most likely scenario per most tight now. If either the Jets or Jags take Sewell it will likely that either Fields or Lawrence will be there at #3, likely Fields whose destiny we will control.
  10. Per most 2021 draft prospect lists there are between 9-11 OL. If we stay at #3 we will either control where Fields goes or get Sewell. I would likely take Sewell as how often does the BPA available align with the most needed position on the team. If we control Fields and he performs well QB needy teams will sell the house to get him. If the team we deal with is in the top 10 we should get at least a 1st, 2nd and a 3rd pick. Lets sat we pick 8th in the 1st after the Fields trade. There are a bunch of OL we could get but they rank pretty low. One of them like Skater, Davis and Vera-
  11. No real downside and possible upside. Kick the tires. If they are flat move on. The guy has a big ego but he can't feed it if he is out of the game. If he comes here and lights a fire under himself and gets some pressures, fumbles and sacks while being a decent team mate he could get another contract for decent money here of somewhere else. If he isn't smart enough to figure that out for himself I would think someone else would let him know. There isn't a big market for a meh player who is a pain in the ass and he could end up sweeping fly crap off of bread shelves for a living. We should get
  12. As a tOSU alum I want Harbaugh right where he is. The only bad thing is that he has taken the greatest college football rivalry and made it irrelevant.
  13. I did not like the Sample pick when it happened and there were better players there that we could have really used. But frankly I have been impressed with Samples direction. He is catching the ball and going down tough. He has blown a few DBs out of their cleats in his downfield blocking as well. No, I don't see ProBowl or anything but I don't think we have seen the best out of him yet. I am all for upgrading any position where it can happen but I don't think TE is a top need. He is a pretty tough guy and he fights. We can always use fighters on this team.
  14. I will say this. If AJ gets back in his groove Defensive back fields won't know whether to scratch their watch or wind their butts. I would love to see a 135 yard 3 TD performance from AJ. Preferably against the Ravens or Stealers .... or Browns for that matter.
  15. Cool stuff! That was back when men were men and the women were glad of it. IMO the 50's and 60's were the golden age of both football (college and pro) and baseball. Nitcshke, Hourning, Gregg, Frank Robinson, McCovey, Gibson, Yaz, Mantle, and my personal favotites Johnny "Hightops" Unitas and Willie "Say Hay" Mays. I am glad I was alive to see them all play. Both games have changed IMO for the worst. Baseball is almost unrecognizable;. When a pitcher started he was expected to finish. In football pads were minimal and injuries were not as bad. Not as hard hitting you may say. Go watch vid o
  16. Ahhh.. you wippersnappers. I don't know what's happened to this younger generation. Turn down the music if that's what you call it. Its too damn loud. Get off my lawn. No respect. No respect at all.
  17. Woah Clapton! I am old but I ain't that old. Ferguson played in the early 60's. Pete Johnson and Ron Springs is more my time. I am in my 70's not my 80's.
  18. Regarding AJ I don't know. There are different possibilities I believe a thinking person needs to consider before jumping to a conclusion about a well regarded player like AJ. I think Burrow made an ill advised pass under pressure earlier than the play was designed for and off target. AJ didn't expect it and perhaps never even saw the ball. Essentially I don't think AJ has the same seemingly lackadaisical attitude that I feel that Ross had. Maybe he just didn't put the effort in and does have an attitude. From what we saw I think either conclusion is possible. I tend to give AJ the benefit of
  19. A real discussion? That is where you or I give our opinion. Then the other either agrees or disagrees. Then the both make a case for their opinions resulting in either you or I possible learning something we didn't know before and experience growth. That does however require a certain amount of maturity. Of course if that is not of interest to you then by all means use this forum however you want. As for me, I am looking to discuss the Bengals with other of like mind. If I find this isn't the place for it then I will continue my search for a place where I can grow and enjoy the conversation.
  20. I have never denigrated anyone. I love it when people disagree with me regarding football because that is where discussion happens. That is where people learn something or consider something you may not have known before. Discussion is where growth happens. I was looking for that when I decided to give this site a try. The only person who denigrated anyone on this thread is you. If that is who you are please, please ignore me as I will you. Over 4000 posts and you react like a child on a temper tantrum and I don't take the opinions of children all that seriously. BTW I am a pretty happy guy.
  21. I clicked this link in search of real discussion. Dry hole.
  22. Yea, I get it but I think the Ravens want to bury Burrow not just sack him. Burrow is becoming a media hot spot and IMO they want to shut everybody up. Joe has only had a small taste of AFCN football. I think this is the best division and toughest division as well as the most entertaining division in the game this year. Burrow hasn't seen the real violent intent he will see with Baltimore and Pittsburgh. The AFCN hits with bad intentions. He is going to have to play even better than he has to hold his own. If he doesn't put up 30+ he will fall way short IMO.
  23. I put $100 with the +13. I am glad I got in before the line dropped.
  24. I put $100 with the +13. I am glad I got in before the line dropped.
  25. I think they better be a bit careful with the blitz as Joe handles the blitz reasonably well. Joe doesn't need long developing routes and I don't think their LBs handle the pass that well. Sample should catch a few. The comment about our "middling" receiving corps was also a bit dim. I will take our WR corps over theirs any day even with "old man AJ". But to be fair they believe they will win and so do I but they expect us to give them a but of a challenge. Smart. If they have a bad day and we have a good one winning is not out of the question.
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