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Baseball America on the Reds

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[quote][size=3][b]Baseball America on the Reds[/b][/size]


1. Homer Bailey, rhp
2. Jay Bruce, of
3. Joey Votto, 1b
4. Johnny Cueto, rhp
5. Drew Stubbs, of
6. Travis Woods, lhp
7. Sean Watson, rhp
8. Milton Loo, ss
9. Paul Janish, ss
10. Chris Valaika, ss


Best Hitter for Average Jay Bruce
Best Power Hitter Joey Votto
Best Strike-Zone Discipline Joey Votto
Fastest Baserunner Chris Dickerson
Best Athlete Chris Dickerson
Best Fastball Homer Bailey
Best Curveball Homer Bailey
Best Slider Johnny Cueto
Best Changeup Travis Wood
Best Control Johnny Cueto
Best Defensive Catcher Miguel Perez
Best Defensive Infielder Paul Janish
Best Infield Arm Juan Francisco
Best Defensive Outfielder Chris Dickerson
Best Outfield Arm Jerry Gil


Catcher Miguel Perez
First Base Joey Votto
Second Base Brandon Phillips
Third Base Edwin Encarnacion
Shortstop Milton Loo
Left Field Adam Dunn
Center Field Drew Stubbs
Right Field Jay Bruce
No. 1 Starter Homer Bailey
No. 2 Starter Aaron Harang
No. 3 Starter Bronson Arroyo
No. 4 Starter Johnny Cueto
No. 5 Starter Travis Wood
Closer Sean Watson[/quote]

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