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Not exactly about History per se


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I am a huge fan of the History Channel. Between HC and Discovery (don't forget ESPN, but that's another forum), I'm a junkie to be honest. The History Channel clearly has a pro-military bias, which is fine with me; most people who sign up have the best of intentions...puppy launchers notwithstanding.

Anyway, for several years I've noticed the History Channel focusing more on Armageddon, natural disasters, and the link between the two. Lately, the shows on the possibility of 2012 being the year where all shit goes to hell (literally) have been...overcovered in my book.

I realize they have a purpose in mind (it's called profit), but I find myself feeling like they are preying on fears to sell their product, and although [i]I[/i] see through them, I wonder if others do or if others even want to see through them. Maybe people just like being afraid provided they think someone/thing is there protecting them (perhaps even inadvertently ala Godzilla) who is tougher than their fears? Is this what sheeple are after?
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Clearly the History Channel (and other "Educational" networks) have become less scholarly and increasingly alarmist-because it's what people want to see. They also focus a lot on Ghosts, UFOs, and Hitler's connection with the two.
When is the last time you "learned" something from TLC(The :earning Channel)?

I stopped watching the History Channel around 6 years ago, when the conservative slant on all of their new programming (they quit showing old shows) became too much for me to stomach.
When I go home and have cable, I watch the Documentary Channel (which has some brilliant independent work and I feel like I'm learning something), "How It's Made" on the Discovery Channel, ESPN and ESPN Classic, Boomerang (so I can keep up on my cartoon catchphrases), "Good Eats" on Food Network, and sometimes Survivorman or Man Vs. Wild on Discovery Channel, but those are more stupid fluff than anything.
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