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A few pics to share

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I'd promised to share a few pics, so here they are. Since I don't have photoshop, I used paint of all things to resize them ^_^ so I could finally upload them.

A few taken from the Werrribee Zoo a while back:



These two male lions were lying down about 40 or so yards away, and we were disappointed that we couldn't get a good view until..



They would have been better pics, but those two were taken from behind a glass wall.. damn zookeepers trying to keep us from being eaten <_<

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And a couple from the balcony.

Crazy shot of a storm coming through. Was damn near pitch dark where I was.

And a recent sunset.

Those two shots are the only ones taken with the new 18-200 lens. Hopefully we'll get a sunny day down here before too long and I can play with it some more.
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[quote name='GoBengals' post='679846' date='Jul 18 2008, 01:38 PM']nice pics... thanks for sharing. wife wanted to go to the butterfly show this year but we totally missed it, so football will be my next hot at any decent shots.. and ill obviously share.

i enjoyed the city shots the most, storm and sunset..[/quote]

Those two are the only ones with any kind of decent lighting, unfortunately. The day at the zoo was terrific, but it was either overcast/dark, or cloudy with strange/white-out light. We missed half the zoo because the storm finally rolled in. Might have to head back one day when conditions are more promising.
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Took a few of the flowers at work today, using the macro mode, still learning.



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Taken tonight using the apature priority mode



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