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Which missing players hurt most Sunday?


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  1. 1. Which offensive player's absence hurt most?

    • Brian Leonard
    • Daniel Coats & JP Foschi - they may as well not been out there
    • Bernard Scott
  2. 2. Which defensive player's absence hurt the most?

    • Domata Peko
    • Antwan Odom
    • Roy Williams

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I was wondering about which of these players would have turned this game in our favor. A solid pass catching tight end that can hold onto the ball would definitely have had a huge impact. But I can't help but wonder if our struggles on third down wouldn't have been a bit less if Leonard is in there.
He has a knack for finding the marker and he was sorely missed Sunday.
Bernard is just in there to give three options, but why not give him a shot to provide some of those first downs?
On defense, I thought the loss of Peko and Odom early was huge but the thing I noticed more and more over the course of the game was Ndukwe making tackles in the running game 9 yards downfield where Williams has been making them 3 yards downfield. I really think that had as much of an impact or more than losing Odom and Peko as to why the D could not get off the field.

Also been wondering if Odom's injury puts us in the market for a guy like Kampman. I wouldn't mind throwing a couple draft picks out there for him. Offer the Packers a third and a fifth or less. He has almost no value to them but huge value to us so we should be able to get him cheap unless some other teams get in on the bidding.
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Offense - Brian Leonard: Such a big weapon on 3rd down. Him coming out of the backfield on 3rd down would have kept some drives going.

Defense: Antwan Odom: Not only does he have the 8 sacks, but he blocked a kick, and in recent weeks had been just pushing LT's backwards into the QB. Schaub had all day to throw after Odom left.
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I said Peko but the way Odom was flowing early I probably should have gone w/ him. Awful news for him and this team. He really seemed to be settled in and was starting to really perform out there.

MJ93 has been a real terror in his time. I'm not sure he can play 3 downs yet but Fanene and Rucker should be able to slide in and out. I just hope Rucker can stay healthy. Good things happen when he's out there. I'm too lazy to do it but I'm sure you could calculate the amount of turnovers that occur when Rucker is on the field vs when turnovers happen when he isn't - kinda like they do in basketball for others stats. I beat Rucker is on the + side.

My head hurts.
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I think Peko was by far the biggest loss in that game.. Since sometime last season Peko has been steadily drawing double teams and still collapsing the pocket and tackling runners. I have been waiting for one of our DE's to step up and take advantage of the attention Peko had been drawing. He's also the only true nose tackle we have on the roster.

Offensively Leonard was the bigger loss. His production on 3rd down, not only in moving the chains but protecting Carson has been huge. He fills the role of Kenny Watson, and better. I think the offense has come to rely on him quite a bit on 3rd downs.
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