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Week 8 Power Rankings

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[quote]Week Seven power rankings
Posted by Mike Florio on October 27, 2009 8:13 AM ET
1. New Orleans Saints (6-0) (Last week: 1). The road to the Super Bowl goes through the Superdome.

2. Indianapolis Colts (6-0) (Last week: 2). After two straight bye weeks, the Colts get three straight home games.

3. Denver Broncos (6-0) (Last week: 5). "If the Broncos win one more, then they're for real."

4. Pittsburgh Steelers (5-2) (Last week: 6). Jeff Reed's beer muscles will come in handy next year, when he's working at a bar.

5. New England Patriots (5-2) (Last week: 7). In their bye week, the Pats are still good for at least 30 points.

6. Minnesota Vikings (6-1) (Last week: 3). If Brett Favre wins at Lambeau, it might be the last time he ever sets foot in that stadium. (Unless he plays for the Vikings again next year.)
7. Cincinnati Bengals (5-2) (Last week: 9). "If the Bengals win one more, then they're for real." [/b]

8. New York Giants (5-2) (Last week: 4). "If the Giants lose one more, then they're not for real."

9. Philadelphia Eagles (3-2) (Last week: 11). During Monday night's pregame, receiver DeSean Jackson inadvertently paid homage to Ralph Wiggum by uttering the word "unpossible." (ESPN already has offered Jackson a post-football job as an analyst.)

10. Green Bay Packers (4-2) (Last week: 12). Nothing makes a bad offensive line look better than playing a bad defense.

11. Dallas Cowboys (4-2) (Last week: 15). Maybe after the season the Lions will offer the Cowboys a first-round pick, a third-round pick, and a sixth-round pick for Miles Austin.

12. Arizona Cardinals (4-2) (Last week: 16). The Cardinals have won three in a row, and only one of the defeated teams was from the NFC West.

13. Baltimore Ravens (3-3) (Last week: 13). "Thanks for nothin', NFC North."

14. Atlanta Falcons (4-2) (Last week: 8). Michael Turner won't have to worry about being overlooked for MVP consideration this year.

15. Houston Texans (4-3) (Last week: 17). If they make the playoffs, there will be no more dangerous team than the Texans.

16. New York Jets (4-3) (Last week: 19). The "Sanchize" is a hot dog that falls apart after three bites. (Yeah, we used it yesterday. Sue us.)

17. Chicago Bears (3-3) (Last week: 10). Maybe the original Coach Teflon (Mike Shanahan) will be replacing the new Coach Teflon (Lovie Smith).

18. San Francisco 49ers (3-3) (Last week: 14). The return of Alex Smith means that it's one big step closer to the arrival of the Nate Davis era.

19. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-3) (Last week: 20). Getting to 4-3 will be a lot easier if they'll be facing Vince Young instead of Kerry Collins on Sunday in Tennessee.

20. San Diego Chargers (3-3) (Last week: 21). That 30-point win over the Chiefs means the Chargers have no excuses for continuing to hover around .500.

21. Miami Dolphins (2-4) (Last week: 18). With trips to New York and New England on tap, it might be over before the middle of November.

22. Buffalo Bills (3-4) (Last week: 24). The appropriate saying before each 2009 Bills game is, "May the best team find a way to blow it."

23. Seattle Seahawks (2-4) (Last week: 23). The Seahawks are in great position . . . to watch the Cardinals and 49ers battle for the NFC West title.

24. Carolina Panthers (2-4) (Last week: 22). By next year, Bill Cowher's spittle will contain tobacco juice.

25. Oakland Raiders (2-5) (Last week: 25). Hey, Richard Seymour. Will you be guaranteeing a Super Bowl win next?

26. Kansas City Chiefs (1-6) (Last week: 26). Running back Larry Johnson's next line of defense? "I was commemorating the annual London game by using their term for cigarettes."

27. Detroit Lions (1-5) (Last week: 28). Only in this anti-parity year could the Lions rise by not playing.

28. Washington Redskins (2-4) (Last week: 27). Is it just us, or is Matt Millen the last person who should be talking about the Redskins' struggles?

29. Cleveland Browns (1-6) (Last week: 29). The players had the flu, and the fans have nausea.

30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-7) (Last week: 30). With seven points, at least the Bucs scored more on Sunday than Man U.

31. St. Louis Rams (0-7) (Last week: 31). Lose on Sunday at Detroit, and 0-16 could be a reality.

32. Tennessee Titans (0-6) (Last week: 32). Colts coach Jim Caldwell wore a Jeff Fisher mustache this week because, as Caldwell explained, "I wanted to feel like a porn star." [/quote]


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[quote]Fine Fifteen

Peter King's Mailbag

1. New Orleans (6-0). Thirty-six points in the second half on the road. Did you get that? Thirty-six. That's almost as many Viagra/Cialis commercials you see in an average Sunday. When FOX scanned the Miami bench with 40 seconds left, the players looked like 36 trucks had just run them over.

2. Indianapolis (6-0). The only remotely alarming thing I saw out of their 15th consecutive regular season victory was safety Bob Sanders leaving the field with 14 minutes to go, presumably to ice up for the 10-game schedule ahead. When that's the worst thing to happen, you're a very good team.

3. Denver (6-0). Take one young coach and one old safety. Add water, two eggs, three cups of flour, and you have yourself a championship cake.

4. Pittsburgh (5-2). Four wins in a row headed into the bye and then a showdown at Denver, with a defense that's finally showing up in the fourth quarter.

5. New England (5-2). Pats 94, TitanBucs 7 over the past two weeks, on two continents.

6. Minnesota (6-1). Chester Taylor's going to cringe when he watches the film from Sunday's game because he handed Keyaron Fox a touchdown. This game should have gone to OT after a Vikings field goal knotted it at 20, or the Vikings should have had a touchdown with less than a minute to go -- leading to a narrow victory. But that's football.

[b]7. Cincinnati (5-2). The most enigmatic team of not only this season, but of the past few. A 45-3 lead over the Bears (not the Bucs, the Bears) after 46 minutes. Cincinnati's first seven series: TD, TD, TD, TD, field goal, TD, TD.[/b]

8. Green Bay (4-2). Nice little warmup for this weekend's Favre Bowl. Packers corners Al Harris and Charles Woodson made life miserable for Browns receivers all day. (Which, come to think of it, is like Harris and Woodson shutting down Ashwaubenon High.) Derek Anderson threw to Cleveland rookies Muhammad Massaquoi and Brian Robiskie 13 times. One was complete.

9. Arizona (4-2). With the Cardinals first three-game road winning streak since 1987, we can now say goodbye to this old saw: Cards can't win in Eastern Time. They're 3-0 in my time zone this calendar season (Carolina, Jacksonville, Giants).

10. San Diego (3-3). Norv Turner to me postgame: "Vincent Jackson's an incredible football player. You've called him an NBA-type player, and you're right. He's so gifted.''

11. Dallas (4-2). Finally a pass rush, the kind of pass rush the Cowboys have been lacking the entire season. Matt Ryan had been sacked twice in the first five games. Dallas got him four times.

12. Atlanta (4-2). Can't kill 'em for losing at New England and at Dallas ... but they'll need better pressure on the quarterback to win at New Orleans next Monday night.

13. New York Giants (5-2). What quality win does New York have? Week 2 over the Cowboys? That's it. And the Jints have allowed 72 points in the past eight quarters. They're in trouble.

14. Philadelphia (3-2). You know, maybe Michael Vick is just a lousy option quarterback. Maybe. But I still think the Eagles have to find a way to make Vick more of a factor, perhaps starting tonight against Washington. It's on Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg.

15. Houston (4-3). Past three weeks: Matt Schaub's completed 68 percent of his throws, with eight touchdowns and two picks. Pretty soon we'll have to put him in the top-10-quarterbacks discussion.



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So we're still not real? That's totally gotta piss off the Ravens, Steelers, Packers, and Bears to all lose to a figment of their imaginations.

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I kind of think that PFT's comment was more sarcastic than anything. Check out the Denver remark and also look at the Giants remark. Say what you will, but Florio has touted the Bengals since preseason as a possible contender, and we all know how he enjoys being right.

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We have beat GOOD teams. We're not like the Giants that padded their record against bad teams.. And we're 1 play away from beating the Broncos.. How have the Bengals been enigmatic? We lost against the Texans, but they're a good team.

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Week 8 NFL Power Rankings
By Jake Thompson - Handicapper
Sunday, October 25, 2009

Monday night football is still pending but these are our week 8 NFL power rankings with a day left before the final list.

Philadelphia and Washington meet up in Monday night football but since both teams are unlikely to crack out top 10 week 8 NFL power rankings we wanted to get everything published before the game happens. Check back for the week 8 NFL power rankings with every team included after the game.

The odds for week 8 of the NFL season are up at BoDog Sportsbook and you can bet on any team in our power rankings there. They are currently offering a 10% signup bonus for new customers so make sure you get your account setup before the games start next Sunday.

1. Indianapolis Colts (6-0) – The Colts have looked incredible over their last few games and get the nod here in the week 8 NFL power rankings.

2. New Orleans Saints (6-0) – What have you done for me lately? They beat the Dolphins in the final minute but looked bad doing it.

3. New England Patriots (5-2) – Tom Brady and company are back and it’s time to move them up the week 8 NFL power rankings.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers (5-2) – They beat the undefeated Vikings and seem to be heading in the right direction with 4 straight wins.

5. Denver Broncos (6-0) – Are they for real? I don’t think so. Still, they deserve a high spot.

6. Minnesota Vikings (5-1) – Suffer their first loss but are still good enough with Favre to earn a spot on the week 8 NFL power rankings.

[b]7. Cincinnati Bengals (5-2) – They crushed the Bears and have a victory over the Steelers so they deserve to be up here.[/b]

8. Arizona Cardinals (4-2) – Went to New York and beat the Giants. They seem to be coming into form.

9. Dallas Cowboys (4-2) – Dallas still has issues on the road but they just blew out an Atlanta Falcon team that almost made the week 8 NFL power rankings.

10. New York Giants (5-2) – Lost an ugly game to the Arizona Cardinals but their hot start keeps them in the top 10. Barely. [/quote]


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[quote]2009 NFL Power Rankings: Week 8 - Top 10

1. New Orleans Saints (6-0) - Previously: #1 - What an incredible comeback by the Saints. But once again, the Dolphins +6.5 pick on Sunday was the worst beat I've ever had, and it's not even close. I don't feel like talking about it anymore, so here's an excerpt from the long Dolphins Meltdown Rant I had in my Week 7 NFL Game Recaps page (scroll down):

With a game like this, a lot of people deserve a ton of blame. Here's my top five:

5. Chad Henne - Thanks for the two pick-sixes. Henne is low on this list because he played well early, but he sure took his jolly good time in the final few minutes when Miami was trying to get a backdoor score.

4. Tony Sparano - If you're a coach on any level reading this, take note: DO NOT CALL A TIMEOUT WHEN THE CLOCK IS TICKING AT THE END OF A HALF ON THE 1-YARD LINE WHEN THE OTHER TEAM HAS ITS FIELD GOAL TEAM OUT THERE. As soon as Sparano called his timeout, I yelled, "F*** you" at the TV because I knew what was coming.

3. God - Players thank God for a win. I'm blaming God for this loss and blown cover. It was that bad.

Actually, now that I think about it, I probably shouldn't blame God. So...

3. Gibril Wilson - This guy needs to attend a Pee Wee Football practice so he can learn how to tackle. Seriously, Wilson tackles like a little girl.

2. John Parry - Over-Under on how much the crooked Parry "won" with the Saints covering: $100,000. I got the Over.

1. Ted Ginn Jr. - If I were Bill Parcells, I'd cut Ted Ginn Jr. immediately. Ginn had three crucial drops in the fourth quarter: one when the Dolphins were up; one when they were down six; and one in the end zone when Miami was down 12. Oh, and a Ginn third-quarter drop bounced into the hands of Darren Sharper, who returned it for a pick-six (that should have been ruled a touchback).

Ginn, who finished with two receptions for 16 yards, has now cost the Dolphins two big upsets with his hands of fail. He's hurting the team more than he is helping it. He needs to be cut. Now.

2. Indianapolis Colts (6-0) - Previously: #2 - Did the Colts beat the St. Louis Rams or the St. Louis Billikens yesterday? Must be the Rams because the Billikens don't have a football team, but I still wouldn't be surprised if it was the Billikens.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers (5-2) - Previously: #4 - I'm kind of concerned that Ben Roethlisberger wasn't able to put away the Antoine Winfield-less Vikings early. Big Ben really struggled in this game and nearly tossed multiple picks.

By the way, I hope you heard the exchange between Cris Carter and Keyshawn Johnson when the Sunday NFL Countdown crew was picking the winner of this game. If not, here's how it went:

Keyshawn: "Picking the Steelers. You take a dome team... put them in that type of environment..."
Carter: "It's beautiful today!"
Keyshawn: "Uhh... uhh..."

Carter may be extremely annoying, but at least he does his homework. Keyshawn is just a moron who somehow still has a job on what he once called "NFL Sunday Countdown." How do you not know the name of your own show!?

4. New York Giants (5-2) - Previously: #3 - Some Giants notes from the Sunday night game:

1. The Giants didn't show up to play the Cardinals, so I'm thinking of not showing up for this bit of analysis. Maybe I should just leave this whole section blank. If I were the Giants, that's what I do. But I'm better than that (I hope).

2. Mario Manningham might be the most overrated player in the NFL. He absolutely sucks. Yes, he makes some nice moves after the catch, but he can't run a route to save his life and he already has seven drops on the year.

3. If Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth figured out that Arizona's pass-rushers knew that the Giants were going to snap the ball after Eli Manning yelled "Omaha," why didn't the New York coaches pick up on this? Seriously, Tom Coughlin, wake up and stop costing me four units.

5. Minnesota Vikings (6-1) - Previously: #5 - I know Viking fans everywhere are complaining about that leg whip/tripping call, but I thought it was legit. So did Tom Jackson. I know the Steelers had no business covering, but the fact remains that if Chester Taylor caught the pass that he couldn't haul in at the end of the game, Minnesota could be 7-0 right now. Stil, it's not like the Vikings needed to win; they're still in control of the NFC North.

6. Denver Broncos (6-0) - Previously: #6 - The Broncos were on a bye, so one last thing about the Saints-Dolphins game. E-mailer Pete R. sent this in:

I've never been a part of your forum or written you an email, but I saw something so shady in the New Orleans/Miami game that I thought I'd point it out (if you didn't notice yourself):

- With the spread at 6, John Carney misses the extra point which would have put NO up by 7.

- After NO goes up by 13 and in garbage time, Carney pushes the kick off out of bounds, giving Miami great starting field position to get the cover (it almost worked)

- If I was a 45 year old kicker about to be dropped (Hartley has been active for a couple weeks now), I'd probably take a pay out too.

Great observations, but it just goes to show that when the official has money on Team A and the kicker has money on Team B, Team A is always going to win. Poor Carney. I wonder if he looked at this site and placed a bet on the Fins?

7. New England Patriots (5-2) - Previously: #7 - I'm a spiteful person who holds grudges for a very long time, so I have to give some dap to the Brits for not attacking the New England Patriots. If I were British, I would have thought about kidnapping the entire team and making them walk the plank in the English Channel or something. That would show those bastards for dumping all of my tea into the Boston Harbor!

[i] [b] 8. Cincinnati Bengals (5-2) - Previously: #9 [/b]- This team is ridiculous. Here's what has happened over the past four weeks: On Oct. 4, the Bengals nearly lost to the Browns. In fact, they needed overtime to defeat then-winless Cleveland. A week later, they upset the Ravens as 9-point underdogs. One game after that, the Texans beat them at home, 28-17. And on Sunday, they trashed the Bears, 45-10.

How is this team so inconsistent? Don't the Bengals remind you of that girl from the Seinfeld episode (the one who was attractive in the dark, but ugly in the light?) I firmly believe Cincinnati could go 16-0 if Marvin Lewis convinced all the players each week that the opposing team somehow blackballed them.[/i]

9. Arizona Cardinals (4-2) - Previously: #11 - Some Cardinals notes from the Sunday night game:

1. When you're wrong, you're wrong. I was down on Kurt Warner all year because he was a 38-year-old man coming off hip surgery. He struggled early on, but he was great Sunday night, going 20-of-36 for 231 yards, one touchdown and a pick. Those are damn good numbers against the Giants.

In my NFL Week 7 Picks page, I noted that Warner had just one pass longer than 26 yards going into this contest. Well, he hooked up with Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald for 44- and 27-yard connections.

2. Once Chris Wells learns how to catch the ball and avoid fumbling, he's going to be a dynamic weapon for Arizona's offense. The stiff arm he gave a helpless Giants defender on his second-quarter touchdown was awesome. Wells had way more carries (14) than Tim Hightower (4) on Sunday night, and it needs to stay that way.

3. The Cardinals picked off Eli Manning three times Sunday night. This weekend, they get Jake Delhomme, who has tossed 13 interceptions this year. If Delhomme starts again, Arizona might just get into double digits in terms of interceptions. Can the Cardinals defense score 100 fantasy points for you this Sunday? I think it's possible.

10. Baltimore Ravens (3-3) - Previously: #10 - A bye week for the Ravens, so it's time for Notes from NFL.com GameCenter - a list of a few stupid comments I read on NFL.com's new crappy GameCenter and my thoughts on them:

1. "peyton manning won't complete many passes today....the rams pass defense will read most of the colts offense and you can look for 3 to 5 picks today by the rams. steven jackson will gain arpound 150yds on the ground mainly through screen plays. at the end manning will choke on every red zone opportunity and the rams will outscore them 36-13."

This guy would have watched the Colts-Rams game, but he was too busy ordering his loyal subjects around as the King of Canada. Later, he and Tom Cruise went to another planet to organize a peace treaty between the cyclopses and the vampires.

2. "darn you Childress..or should we say Childish."

Oh no he didn't!

3. "Cable is a 3rd string coach at best. We also need Al to move on... RIP"

The Raiders definitely need a starting coach. And how many more 30-point losses will it take for Raider fans to storm Al Davis' crypt office, and attack him with wooden stakes, crosses and garlic? I say four. [/quote]


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[quote]NFL Power Rankings Week 8: How The Idle Fall
kevin roberts

Senior Writer, Featured Columnist

MIAMI - OCTOBER 25: Quarterback Drew Brees #9 of the New Orleans Saints directs his offense pre-snap against the Miami Dolphins at Land Shark Stadium on October 25, 2009 in Miami, Florida. The Saints defeated the Dolphins 46-34. (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images) (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)
Vote Now! - Author Poll

The unofficial "best team in the league," the Denver Broncos, sat out week seven's exciting action, and despite their solid play through a 6-0 record, they won't be able to hold onto their top spot .

If they weren't already the team to beat in the NFL, the New Orleans Saints proved with a 21-point comeback that they can win every type of game.

The Indianapolis Colts also remained unbeaten with a very convincing win over the lowly St. Louis Rams, while the Minnesota Vikings lost their first game of the season to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Read on to see who makes the top five, and then check to see where everyone else fits in:

1. New Orleans Saints (6-0)

Just when you thought the Saints weren't what they were cracked up to be, they storm back and make the Dolphins look like, well, the Dolphins. This can't help but put even more fear into the rest of their future opponents.

2. Indianapolis Colts (6-0)

Peyton Manning didn't get his sixth straight 300-yard game, but a dominating effort over the Rams will have to suffice. Their schedule hasn't been very difficult, but the manner in which they've been winning has been quite impressive.

3. Denver Broncos (6-0)

A bye week doesn't kill what they've got going, but no one in their right mind can keep them above the Saints and Colts right now.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers (5-2)

The better defense prevailed in a very hard-fought match with the previously undefeated Vikings. Still, something tells me there's a good possibility we just saw a preview of this year's Super Bowl.

5. Minnesota Vikings (6-1)

Bad calls, some no-calls, and an unfortunate tipped pass did them in against an elite defense. Still, to think they were only 18 yards away from taking this game and going 7-0 has to be inspiring.

6. New England Patriots (5-2)

They need to beat a quality opponent to get into the top five again, but two demolition wins gets the the recognition they deserve. The offense is back, but can they do this against elite opponents? Only time will tell.

[b]7. Cincinnati Bengals (5-2)

Carson Palmer threw five touchdowns in three quarters, proving all his doubters wrong. If he and Cedric Benson can put up this kind of production on a consistent basis, could we be looking at a serious Super Bowl contender?[/b]

8. Arizona Cardinals (4-2)

Their defense made Eli Manning look like an amateur for much of Sunday Night. If the offense can stay this hot, is there any question that the NFC West is theirs to lose?

9. Green Bay Packers (4-2)

It's hard to say how good they are after big wins over teams like Detroit and Cleveland. A win over Minnesota would prove they are a contender, and would likely catapult them into the top five.

10. New York Giants (5-2)

Eli Manning has been off for two games now, and the biggest issue with the Giants is now simply stopping this slide. After the Cowboys big win over Atlanta, they now have some serious competition for the division.

11. Dallas Cowboys (4-2)

Now that Miles Austin proved that his performance against Kansas City was no fluke, is it safe to say that Tony Romo and this passing attack is here to stay?

12. Philadelphia Eagles (3-2)

Andy Reid did not call a good game, as he passed 40-plus times when the Eagles were having some success on the ground. The big story here is Donovan McNabb's poor awareness yet again hurting his team.

13. Atlanta Falcons (4-2)

They had many believing they were one of the teams to beat in the NFC for a while there. Their effort against Dallas may have shown that they aren't.

14. New York Jets (4-3)

The running game carried Sanchez, and he responded with no interceptions and some smart football. How big is the loss of Leon Washington, and will the injury pile ever stop?

15. Houston Texans (4-3)

Either the San Francico 49ers defense has regressed mightily, or this offense is hitting its stride. Regardless of your opinion, it's got to be hard to bet against Matt Schaub right now.

16. San Diego Chargers (3-3)

Many (including me) expected them to lay down for the Chiefs after an emotional loss to the Broncos. Instead, Phillip Rivers showed why he's among the league's elite passers.

17. Chicago Bears (3-3)

It's all about the running game in Chicago. If Matt Forte can't get it going soon, he's either out of a job, or this team is out of the playoff picture.

18. Baltimore Ravens (3-3)

They needed a week off to reflect on their poor defensive efforts. Also, to prepare for the undefeated Broncos. Does dropping to 3-4 kill their season?

19. San Francisco 49ers (3-3)

They may have lost their second straight game, but it may be a blessing in disguise. Alex Smith will be the starter under center after getting this offense's mojo back.

20. Buffalo Bills (3-4)

Their offense is still virtually non-existent, but their defense has stepped its game up to an elite level. Eight interceptions in their last two games says Dick Jauron isn't getting a pink slip quite yet.

21. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-3)

They may not be an elite team, but they have the tools on offense to compete. Now, if they can only do something about that porous pass defense.

22. Miami Dolphins (2-4)

Their offense is looking very sharp, and for an entire half their defense was making Drew Brees look like what Chad Henne should be looking like. Giving the game away like that has to hurt.

23. Seattle Seahawks (2-4)

Matt Hasselbeck says it's "ridiculous" that some experts think Seattle is already out of the playoff race. Is it?

24. Carolina Panthers (2-4)

Chalk up another three-interception game for Jake Delhomme. Can it get any clearer that his days as a Carolina starter are done after this season (and possible sooner)?

25. Oakland Raiders (2-5)

Week seven and eight were night and day. It was nice to get an upset over the Eagles last week, but this team is clearly years away from competing on both sides of the ball.

26. Kansas City Chiefs (1-6)

Matt Cassel was bad in an absolute trouncing. They aren't much better than they were last year. You have to ask yourself if you're Todd Haley, "Where do we go from here?"

28. Detroit Lions (1-5)

The nice thing about a bye week is Detroit couldn't lose, and they got more rest for Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson. The bad thing is, they got shut out two weeks straight.

28. Washington Redskins (2-5)

The front office says Jim Zorn will finish the season as head coach, and could even be back next season. Really? I mean, really?

29. Cleveland Browns (1-6)

Eric Mangini needs to swallow his pride and make another quarterback change. Otherwise Cleveland needs to go in a different direction with their coaching.

30. Tennessee Titans (0-6)

Jeff Fisher is 0-6 and making jokes about his team being inferior to the Colts. Talk about a guy not worried about losing his job. Hey, at least he knows his role.

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-7)

The defense played with some heart and intercepted Tom Brady twice, but they were overmatched and clearly never stood a chance. Will Josh Freeman be starting in week nine?

32. St. Louis Rams (0-7)

Another abysmal performance, another loss for the Rams. They have a very good chance at going 0-16 if they can't get past Detroit next week.[/quote]


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Week 7 is gone in the 2009 NFL season and the real winners are showing up. There wasn't much movement at the summit this week. There was some shuffling in the middle of the pack as mediocre teams move down and respectable teams creep towards the top. We will start
with the bottom and move towards #1:

32. St Louis Rams: They are licking their chops at the prospect of playing Detroit this week. If they don't win this week they may not get another chance until Week 14.

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: There is not much to cheer for so far this year. At least it hasn't been a bad hurricane season!

30. Cleveland Browns: They continue to stay at the bottom of the pack in nearly all statistical categories.

29. Tennessee Titans: The rest felt oh so good.

28. Kansas City Chiefs: No offense, no defense, no hope.

27. Oakland Raiders: The Napa DA decided not to press charges against the head coach Tom Cable. Maybe they should have! Maybe they should have charged the whole team with impersonating an NFL franchise.

26. Washington Redskins: Just not good, not good at all.

25. Detroit Lions: With an upcoming game against St. Louis the team has to have some high expectations. Two wins!

24. Seattle Seahawks: After a week of rest and analyzing what happened in Week 6 maybe they will get their act together.

23. Carolina Panthers: Can they really be that bad? If they keep this up they will keep slipping farther and farther down the ladder.

22. Jacksonville Jaguars: A game against the Titans after a bye week? That's like two bye weeks in a row.

21. Buffalo Bills: A winning streak of two and an unknown opponent coming to town. This should be interesting.

20. Miami Dolphins: Yes they lost but they looked good doing it.

19. San Diego Chargers: This spot seems to be a comfortable position for the Chargers. Not too good and not too bad.

18. San Francisco 49ers: A change in quarterback is not the answer, especially when that change is to Alex Smith. This offense needs help.

17. Houston Texans: A nice win but they still show great vulnerabilities (like giving up 21 points to the 49ers and Alex Smith).

16. Arizona Cardinals: A decent win against a decent team. Could the Cardinals be back to last season's form?

15. NY Jets: Any team suffering from a little lossitis should visit Oakland for a dose of the Raiders.

14. Chicago Bears: Another bad loss and another slip in the power rankings. Even 14 might
be too high for Da Bears.

13. Philadelphia Eagles: Respectable rebound but still a lot of question marks. Now injuries to boot.

12. Dallas Cowboys: It seems the 'boys' are for real. A couple of more weeks and they might move right passed the Giants.

11. NY Giants: The bigger they are the harder they fall. The Giants can't keep this up if they want to hold off the Cowboys and Eagles.

10. Green Bay Packers: Another nice win, but against another bad team. Let's see what they do with real competition.

9. Baltimore Ravens: Three losses in a row can wreak havoc with the power rankings.

8. Pittsburgh Steelers: After a poor start to the season the Steelers are slowly moving up the standings.

7. Atlanta Falcons: Week 7 was not kind to the Falcons. Week 8 won't be any easier.

[b]6. Cincinnati Bengals: Can it be? Are the Bengals a real team?[/b]

5. New England Patriots: They can score points. They know how to win. Tom Brady looks healthy.

4. Minnesota Vikings: They played a good team and lost. They still deserve a spot at the top of the pack.

3. Indianapolis Colts: You can't move a team up in the rankings when they simply beat the Rams. They gave up 134 yards rushing to Steven Jackson. That could be a problem later.

2. Denver Broncos: It'll be interesting to see what they can do after a week of R&R.

1. New Orleans Saints: The Saints are holding on to #1 and won't give it up.[/quote]


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[quote]NFL Football Picks - NFL week 8 Power Rankings
Posted: Oct 27th, 2009 | Comments: 0 | Views: 1 | Bookmark and Share
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The New Orleans Saints officially have the bragging rights associated with being atop betrepublic NFL power rankings for three straight weeks, more than any other team. After an unbelievable comeback performance from the Saints, they remain at the pinnacle of the rankings.

Another team that entered Sunday with its undefeated credentials intact got handed its first loss this week. The Vikings lost to the Steelers, but fell just two spots to No. 5. Meanwhile, the Steelers continue to climb and claw their way back towards the top spot, checking in this week at No. 4.

Sorry, Patriots fans, heading into the bye Tom Brady and crew stay at No. 6 following their obliteration of the lowly Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Old Country.

The Arizona Cardinals continue to ascend the rankings, this time leaping seven spots into the top 10 at No. 8. The largest collapse in the rankings takes us to the "Windy City." The Bears plummet nine spots and now sit at No.20 after a dismal performance against the Bengals.

For a league that prides itself on parity, there are a lot of good teams and a lot of awful teams. For that reason, there wasn't much movement at the bottom as many teams are getting comfortable in their lowly spots, where they cannot escape the wafting stench of their first-half performances.

New Orleans Saints1. (Last week, 1) 6-0-0 Thirty-six points in one half is pretty impressive. Great teams in the NFL are never out of games and the Saints proved they can come back from any deficit. This win will definitely be a confidence builder for the Saints. Quick stats to throw out: Saints are scoring 39.7 points per game. They have scored 238 points so far this season; that is the second most in NFL history through six games.

2. (2) 6-0-0 Peyton Manning is playing better than he ever has in his career. Since Manning has been playing so well, the Colts defense has fallen below the radar. Indy's D is giving up just 12.8 points a game. That's the second best in the league.

Denver Broncos3. (4) 6-0-0 Six straight wins deserves five days off according to Josh McDaniels. The rookie head coach gave his team the time off and they will be fresh, well rested and prepared to take on the Ravens in Baltimore on Sunday.

Pittsburgh Steelers 4. (8) 5-2-0 Heading into the bye, the Steelers are finally looking like the defending Super Bowl champs. Let's see how the defensive line responds to the loss of Aaron Smith. The loss of Smith could be just as damaging as if the Steelers had lost Troy Polamalu for the season.

Minnesota Vikings5. (3) 6-1-0 The Vikings ran into a very hot Steelers team at Heinz Field and the result was a loss. The Vikings turned the ball over in the red zone and that killed them. Minnesota should be able to fix its mistakes and move on. Exciting matchup next Sunday, when Brett Favre travels back to Green Bay.

New England Patriots 6. (6) 5-2-0 The Patriots head into their bye week at a perfect time as they are a little beat up. Ty Warren and Randy Moss were the latest Patriots players to suffer injuries. This is a good time for the Pats to heal up and prepare for a tough schedule ahead. Miami, @ Indy, Jets, and @ New Orleans will be no easy task.
Cincinnati Bengals7. (9) 5-2-0 After a poor performance last week against the Texans, the Bengals came out firing. Cincinnati demolished the Bears and made a statement to the NFL. If Carson Palmer continues to trend towards being the quarterback that he was a couple seasons ago, the Bengals will be a tough opponent week after week.[/b]

Arizona Cardinals8. (15) 4-2-0 Huge win for the Cardinals in New York on Sunday night. Beanie Wells introduced himself as a playmaking running back and he complimented that offense nicely. The Cardinals can build off a great win in New York - their first win at the Meadowlands since 1999.

9. (5) 5-2-0 The Giants beat themselves on Sunday and uncharacteristically turned the ball over four times. The Giants are still one of the best teams in the NFC and will surely fix those mistakes and bounce back with better performances down the road.

Green Bay Packers10. (10) 4-2-0 Aaron Rodgers finally had the luxury of a strong run game on Sunday against the Browns. The Packers QB turned in another great performance but it was against one of the most putrid teams in the National Football League. Rodgers and the Packers face a real test this Sunday against the Vikings. The last time these two teams played, Rodgers was sacked eight times.

Dallas Cowboys11. (20) 4-2-0 The Dallas defense was finally able to rush the quarterback and that resulted in a win against a pretty solid team. Dallas was able to get to Matt Ryan four times and force two interceptions. The NFC East division title is suddenly a reality again for the Cowboys with the Giants suffering their second straight loss.

12. (7) 4-2-0 The Falcons are allowing over 350 yards per game on defense. One of the main reasons is because of the defensive line's inability to put pressure on the quarterback. The Falcons need to improve in that area before they take on Drew Brees and the Saints on Monday night or else they are in for a long evening.

13. (13) 3-3-0 The Ravens are well rested and should be well prepared to give the Broncos their first loss of the season. Let's see if Baltimore will be able to eliminate stupid penalties. If the Ravens can play smart football, they'll need their struggling cornerbacks to find a way to contain Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal; if they can do that, Joe Flacco will do the rest.

New York Jets14. (14) 4-3-0 The Raiders were just what the doctor ordered for Mark Sanchez and the New York Jets. Despite the loss of Leon Washington, the Jets run game stepped up and rushed the ball for over 300 yards. Shonn Green filled in nicely for Washington. The Jets need to rely on their run game and have Mark Sanchez manage games instead of being the main playmaker.

15. (16) 4-2-0 You can't take much from a win against the Redskins. Washington beat themselves more than the Eagles dominated. Philadelphia now will square off against the Giants and Cowboys in back-to-back weeks. These two divisional games will say a lot about what kind of team the Eagles are.

16. (17) 3-3-0 The San Diego Super Chargers dismantled a bad Chiefs team. They still haven't demonstrated that they can make plays on the defensive side of the ball. The Chargers will have a tough time winning a wild card spot with teams like the Ravens, Jets, and Bengals all looking like stronger teams to this point of the season.

Houston Texans17. (19) 3-3-0 After back-to-back wins, the Texans are starting to look like a team that can have a winning record. Matt Schaub and the Texans offense continues to play well. Schuab now leads the league in passing yards and touchdown passes.

Miami Dolphins18. (18) 2-4-0 The Dolphins have a 2-0 record in the AFC East division with the easy part of their schedule ahead of them. However, don't count on this Chad to be able to lead the Dolphins to the a playoff spot. Chad Henne is no Pennington and showed his lack of experience in the second half against the Saints when the Dolphins needed him most.

San Francisco 49ers19. (12) 3-3-0 Despite his good performance, it's tough to believe Alex Smith is the solution at the quarterback position for the 49ers. Smith has the potential but has been unable to prove he can win games. It doesn't get easier for the 49ers next week, when they'll be at Indianapolis.

Chicago Bears20. (11) 3-3-0 Jay Cutler threw three more interceptions on Sunday and now has 10 interceptions on the year.

Buffalo Bills21. (23) 3-4-0 The Bills were able to win their third game of the season but struggled again offensively.[/quote]


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Barring catastophe this team should be peaked and primed to destroy all opposition come playoff time.

[size=7] J U G G E R N A U T[/size]

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[quote name='CoMmEnT' date='27 October 2009 - 10:51 AM' timestamp='1256662263' post='820995']
I don't know why I read power rankings every week. All they do is make me mad.

We should check out that guy who put the Steelers 32 again.

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Fan vote: #6

Experts: #9

Individual Expert rankings:

Gil Brandt: #11
Bucky Brooks: #5
Vic Carucci: #11
Pat Kirwan: #6
Jason La Canfora: #8
Steve Wyche: #10
Joe Theisman: #16 (seriously, wtf?)

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[quote name='cincity' date='27 October 2009 - 11:39 AM' timestamp='1256654384' post='820959']
We have beat GOOD teams. We're not like the Giants that padded their record against bad teams.. And we're 1 play away from beating the Broncos.. How have the Bengals been enigmatic? We lost against the Texans, but they're a good team.

We are 3 plays away from being 2-5 with a loss to the Browns.

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[quote name='fredtoast' date='27 October 2009 - 03:11 PM' timestamp='1256667078' post='821020']
We are 3 plays away from being 2-5 with a loss to the Browns.

No offense but kinda a dumb comment.

The broncos game we lost on a fluke tip hence the whole 1 play away from being 6-1.

The baltimore, pittsburgh and Cleveland games did come down to some clutch plays but clutch plays we made, not by getting lucky, just by making good plays when we needed too.

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[quote]2009 Power Rankings: Week 8


1 (1) Colts 6-0-0 Can the 49ers and Frank Gore provide more of a challenge than recent opponents? (Kuharsky)

2 (2) Saints 6-0-0 The Saints have shown they can win games several ways. That makes them tough to beat. (Sando)

3 (4) Broncos 6-0-0 Coming off a bye, the Broncos have had plenty of time to prepare for trip to Baltimore. (Kuharsky)

4 (3) Vikings 6-1-0 Brett Favre threw 51 passes against Pittsburgh. That's way too many attempts for a team with Adrian Peterson. (Chadiha)

5 (6) Patriots 5-2-0 The Titans and Bucs gave the Patriots two nice exhibition games before the bye week. (Clayton)

[b]6 (9) Bengals 5-2-0 Why aren't people saying more about Cedric Benson's season? (Chadiha)[/b]

7 (8) Steelers 5-2-0 Four straight victories prove they are back on track. (Chadiha)

8 (5) Giants 5-2-0 The loss of safety Kenny Phillips had a much bigger effect on the Giants' secondary than many want to admit. (Clayton)

9 (19) Cowboys 4-2-0 DeMarcus Ware is the Cowboys' $78 million man, and Miles Austin is playing like a $78 million man. (Clayton)

10 (16) Cardinals 4-2-0 The victory over the Giants on Sunday gave Arizona a good chance to finish with a winning record on the road. (Sando)

11 (7) Falcons 4-2-0 Will the Falcons ever get Michael Turner on track this season? They need more from him. (Sando)

12 (12) Eagles 4-2-0 In Oakland, the Eagles giveth. In Washington, they taketh away. (Clayton)

13 (13) Packers 4-2-0 The best news of the season: The Packers went an entire game without allowing a sack. (Chadiha)

14 (11) Ravens 3-3-0 The Week 7 bye came at a perfect time for a team that needs to regain its momentum. (Chadiha)

15 (18) Jets 4-3-0 Mark Sanchez showed great hot-dog security in not fumbling the dog he ate in the second half of the win over the Raiders on Sunday. (Clayton)

16 (14) Chargers 3-3-0 Perhaps a beatdown of one of the league's weaklings will spark a bit of a revival. (Kuharsky)

17 (17) Texans 4-3-0 If the Texans beat host Buffalo, they'll have a 5-3 record for the first time ever. (Kuharsky)

18 (10) Bears 3-3-0 The Bears are 1-3 on the road this season. That doesn't bode well for their future. (Chadiha)

19 (20) Dolphins 2-4-0 Poor secondary play has the Dolphins' season in the Miami vise. (Clayton)

20 (15) 49ers 3-3-0 Alex Smith and Michael Crabtree renew interest in the 49ers as they try to revive the offense. (Sando)

21 (21) Jaguars 3-3-0 The newest challenge for a young, learning team: handling a rematch against a squad (Tennessee) it's already beaten. (Kuharsky)

22 (24) Bills 3-4-0 Between the Jets and Panthers giving away games, Dick Jauron must feel as though Christmas came early for the Bills. (Clayton)

23 (23) Seahawks 2-4-0 How much fight do the Seahawks have in them? They'll need more to overcome injuries. (Sando)

24 (22) Panthers 2-4-0 Even if the Panthers bench Jake Delhomme, they're paying starter money for him. (Sando)

25 (27) Redskins 2-5-0 Apparently, Sherman Lewis added a new call to the Redskins' playbook: fumble. (Clayton)

26 (26) Lions 1-5-0 The Lions can thank the schedule-makers. They come off a bye to face the winless Rams. (Chadiha)

27 (25) Raiders 2-5-0 Could Oakland have followed up a surprise win over Philly with a worse showing against the Jets? (Kuharsky)

28 (28) Chiefs 1-6-0 A time to rest and possibly regroup for the one-win Chiefs. (Kuharsky)

29 (30) Titans 0-6-0 Tennessee's coach has promised lineup/ playing-time changes, but he also declined to say whether they're major ones. (Kuharsky)

30 (29) Browns 1-6-0 They gained 139 total yards in the loss to Green Bay on Sunday and gave up 460. Enough said. (Chadiha)

31 (31) Buccaneers 0-7-0 With nine games left, is it too soon to hand over the offense to rookie Josh Freeman? (Sando)

32 (32) Rams 0-7-0 Nothing the Rams do seems to produce the desired results, as Will Witherspoon proved. (Sando) [/quote]


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[quote name='CJandRudiJ' date='27 October 2009 - 03:22 PM' timestamp='1256667734' post='821022']
No offense but kinda a dumb comment.


actually ochocinco twitted that Marvin lewis himself said to chad that same exact quote.

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[quote name='bgwilly31' date='27 October 2009 - 02:35 PM' timestamp='1256668512' post='821024']
actually ochocinco twitted that Marvin lewis himself said to chad that same exact quote.

coming from the hypocrite who had "fire marvin liews" in his sig a week ago still, weird.

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[quote name='fredtoast' date='27 October 2009 - 12:11 PM' timestamp='1256667078' post='821020']
We are 3 plays away from being 2-5 with a loss to the Browns.

If they'd forgotten how to get to the stadium each week, we'd be 0-7 with 7 forfeits.

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[quote name='GoBengals' date='27 October 2009 - 03:40 PM' timestamp='1256668835' post='821025']
coming from the hypocrite who had "fire marvin liews" in his sig a week ago still, weird.

What does that have to do with the fact! .

Oh thats right nothing. Go- reaching to bash someone again. Surprise surprise.

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[quote name='bgwilly31' date='27 October 2009 - 02:48 PM' timestamp='1256669283' post='821030']
What does that have to do with the fact! .

Oh thats right nothing. Go- reaching to bash someone again. Surprise surprise.

uh huh... i think that puts me at the "limit of your horseshit i feel like bothering myself with" from you..... just because i have gone off on random people because i cant stand them, doesnt mean its happening to you, you bring nothing to the table here. if you were banned or suspended, in 9 months, no one would be saying "wtf ever happening to bgwilly31?" unless they wanted to rub some of your own crybaby bullshit in your face.

i could care less who said anything, i had zero part in the discussion about the point at hand, i was merely pointing out the irony in the fact that a fool who has touted "FIRE MARVIN LEWIS NOW!!111" in his sig, just days ago, is using a quote from marvin to help himself in an argument.

i didnt make any attempt to bash anyone, just pointed out you being a hypocrite...

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[quote name='bgwilly31' date='27 October 2009 - 02:48 PM' timestamp='1256669283' post='821030']
What does that have to do with the fact! .

Oh thats right nothing. Go- reaching to bash someone again. Surprise surprise.

furthermore, i never ever have had to reach to bash anyone. if iam calling someone stupid or retarded its likely because common sense, stats, facts, reality are stacked against them... i have certainly had far more "i see it like this because we ahve this guy and this guy who we kept around and seems to try this with the gameplan" discussions than bashing ones.

dont get all bitter and defensive and call me out because your typically on the foolish end of a bashing...

you bring up where you live and your house more than anyone ever has

you are a walking, bitching, hypocritical argument. " drama just cause you got called a hypocrite based one two things you have said yourself.

get over yourself...

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[quote name='GoBengals' date='27 October 2009 - 04:12 PM' timestamp='1256670735' post='821042']
uh huh... i think that puts me at the "limit of your horseshit i feel like bothering myself with" from you..... just because i have gone off on random people because i cant stand them, doesnt mean its happening to you, you bring nothing to the table here. if you were banned or suspended, in 9 months, no one would be saying "wtf ever happening to bgwilly31?" unless they wanted to rub some of your own crybaby bullshit in your face.

i could care less who said anything, i had zero part in the discussion about the point at hand, i was merely pointing out the irony in the fact that a fool who has touted "FIRE MARVIN LEWIS NOW!!111" in his sig, just days ago, is using a quote from marvin to help himself in an argument.

i didnt make any attempt to bash anyone, just pointed out you being a hypocrite...

How did my post not add to the discussion. Cjrudij called the guys post dumb.

I just let the people know who didnt know That marvin actually told chad that.

And yes my opinion on marvin has definitely changed drastically since this season, and in hard knocks. My opinion changed in pre-season. I just changed my sig recently becuz i got around to it.

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