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Stabbing at a Pittsburgh HS

Go Skins

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At least nine people were hospitalized following a stabbing at a Pittsburgh-area high school Wednesday morning, authorities say.


Emergency crews were sent to Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville after someone began attacking people at the school, according to NBC affiliate WPXI in Pittsburgh.


One person was taken into custody, Westmoreland County emergency management spokesman Dan Stevens told WPXI.

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Clearly what was needed was a good guy with a knife.






LOL.  Obammer's gunna take muh nayfs! BenghAZZIIIIIIII!


*run to WalMart, buy all the knives*


*buy all the toenail clippers just to be sure*


*cover dualie truck in pro-knife bumper stickers*


*rail against liberal agenda to deny me right to keep & bear knives*


*join National Knife Association, receive coupons for knives*


*no actual knife laws are even close to passed*


*have room full of knives bought at premium, knife prices return to normal levels*


*need money for tactical bratwursts & RealTree Camo beer koozies*


*serious operator*


*begin selling knives at flea market to shady meth-heads and emotionally disturbed teenagers, no questions asked*



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