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Swedes test 6 hour workday, paid as 8


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What do we do with a Drunken Sailor?




Classic version and more in line with what the song was originally intended to be.  A working song.


I like the Great Big Sea version better...it's more upbeat.




Definitely more upbeat.  Not sure I could work as fast as that song has for its rhythm.


The version I listened to while I was in is not a sea shanty but a version done by Tommy and Rumble from an old Ramone's song (I want to be sedated turns into I want to be a civilian).



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That was funny. And good, Numbers! It got me wondering, are short-timer's calendars still a thing?

Short timer calendars were still popular but used for everything from time left at sea to time left in service. Used to piss my boss off with a reminder every week how much time I had left. I put it in their Outlook calendar. My friend used one in the Army also as recently as one year ago.
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