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Maybe this is the year?!


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Despite more recent losses, the Bengals look good this year.  Good luck for the post season. I'll be paying attention.
 How do they look in terms of mental toughness?  I don't like Marvin's post season preparations with the team.  Do they have more discipline this year?

I haven't watched many games this year as our family had too much going on (mine and Shayne's dad passed away Nov 24 from complications from foot surgery), and we spent most of the previous month in hospital with him.

Shayne was blessed to get called to Atlanta the weekend of dad's funeral (they let him fly back to attend), and is at least getting some kicks this year.  I think fate stepped in and let him be unemployed for the weeks leading up to dad's passing to allow him to be there with me and by dad's side until the end and help plan and be a part of the service. 

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We've got loads more discipline this year. Losing Gresham has helped tremendously. Sad, but true. We also seem to be better prepared, and far more adaptable. The old "half time adjustments" joke doesn't quite hold water this time around.

There are still a few areas of concern. Mainly the right tackle and centre spots, but Vontaze has shored up the centre of the field and if we can stay healthy there is no reason why we can't make a run.

Sorry to hear about Shayne's loss. Glad he managed to have enough time to make preparations. In the shadow of such a loss getting a spot to kick is small potatoes. Good to see you around, Sis.

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