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Windows Laptop speed question/comparison?!?

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Getting the kids a new computer for minecraft and other random nonsense.

They currently have/had a Toshiba Satelite L305-S5891: http://www.cnet.com/products/toshiba-satellite-l305-s5891-15-4-pentium-t3200-2-gb-ram-160-gb-hdd-us/specs/

Pentium T3200

2GB 800mhz Ram

160GB 5400 rpm HDD Running vista or maybe windows 7.


was going to get them a Dell E6410

Core i5(first gen) 2.53ghz

8GB Ram



how much of an improvement is this? its only $330, a 2 year service plan is like $80.


thoughts? advice?



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4 hours ago, GoBengals said:

this computer is 4,000 times faster than the old one. refurb, but works great, kids are stoked. got the 2 year protection on it so they can drop it down the stairs if they want and itll be fine.

You'd be a fool not to, really... :lol:


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