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Note on Bengals 2012 Draft Class

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You'll hear people say that if you draft well, it's tough to keep everyone when they hit FA. Some will dispute that, but the Bengals 2012 draft class is a pretty good example of why drafting well makes it tough to keep all your guys guys when they hit FA. 

Here's our notable picks from the 2012 draft and how much money they're making per year:

1st- Dre Kirkpatrick ($10M?)

1st- Kevin Zeitler ($12M)

3rd- Mohamed Sanu ($6.5M)

5th- Marvin Jones ($8M)

5th- George Iloka ($6M)

Undrafted- Vontaze Burfict ($6M, soon to be $10M+)


As of today, those guys are making over $50M combined. It will likely go up to closer to $55M later this summer when Burfict gets his big money extension.

Also worth noting the 2011 draft class right before this one are making over $36M combined and Bengals were able to keep them all.

1st-AJ Green ($15M)

2nd- Andy Dalton ($16M)

4th- Clint Boling ($5M)

When you string together good drafts like the Bengals did back in the 2009-2013 range, you can't afford to shell out $30-50M every offseason for 2nd and 3rd contracts when those guys hit FA.


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