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Need help from a local Cincinnatian!

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I am a die hard Bengals fan from the DMV (DC/MD/VA). I often find myself having a really hard time getting my hands on Bengals apparel or any Bengals merchandise for that matter. Most times i simply order online and that has made due...until now...


I am in need of 2 things.

1- My girlfriend (an adopted Bengals fan) is in love with Alex Erickson and she wants an Alex Erickson t-shirt for hour road trip to Nashville to watch them play Tennessee however I cant for the life of me find anything. I found two scam websites when searching google that are super sketchy. I looked on nfl.com and fanatics.com and they are both north of $40 for a customized shirt. Anyone have a local shop/street vendor that may sell shirts like this? By all means we are not picky whatsoever and she wears a size small. I will gladly pay for all costs to have this sent to me.


2- BENGALS BUD LIGHT. I am forced to see Redskins Bud light cans down every aisle even here in Virginia. Where can i get my hands on a pack of Bengals Bud light cans?


Hope someone sees this and helps a fellow Bengals fan in need.


Who Dey!

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