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Dennis Allen for DC?

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Hard pass on Capers.  Just not a good fit with his extensive history running 3-4 defenses.


FWIW, Ian Rappaport tweeted Del Rio is still the favorite to be Bengals DC.  I believe he is expected to interview this week and I hope he gets the job.



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1 hour ago, T-Dub said:

Think I prefer Del Rio

Yeah he's got that square-jawed tough guy look. I can still recall Musberger saying his name when he played: Jack.. Del..Rio. 


And it was hilarious with his name on the back of his jersey. Since his brother Jim played on the same Rams team, neither could have simply "J. Del Rio"...their entire name had to be spelled out. A little shorter than Houshmandzadeh, but it did look a tad strange.

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1 hour ago, Mikey6866 said:

Andy furman reporting del rio is gonna be the dc.  Thank god its del rio and not capers.


I'm not so much down on Capers (out of ignorance probably) as liking that JDR seems like a bit of a hardass, I don't think it's just a look, he had a long career as an NFL linebacker but didn't strike me as a "go along, get along" player's coach at Carolina.  Nothing goofy about him but I will admit the axe incident is just the sort of Aggie capers & hijinks someone is going to need to reel in from time to time. 


You guys think I'm joking about the new shower 'gator?




If you can stop a gator you can stop a DE

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