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Taylor picked Bengals over Broncos and Cardinals, OFFICIALLY our new Head Coach

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I wonder if they are going to invite J.B. back to lead them out of the tunnel?

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22 hours ago, SF2 said:

Probably more a function of more time to implement his vision, way less media oversight, pretty decent roster for a team switching coaches and already has a starting QB who doesn't absolutely suck or will be an unknown rookie or 2nd year "hopefully he improves". 

I’ve listened to the interviews since his hire. He’s a midwestern, smaller town guy with a wife and a gaggle of kids. He claims he genuinely likes the town of Cincinnati. 


I was just harkening back to why Cincinnati was ranked as the seventh or eighth destination for this year’s prospective landing spots for a head coach. 


I agree about the talent already being in the building. And I continue to disagree that he faces a sizeable rebuild to get this franchise competitive. It doesn’t pass the eye test. This team was highly competitive until injuries this past season. If he’s a good coach and an even better teacher, like many claim, this team will compete in 2019.

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