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Montana Bengal

Marvin Lewis thinks Bengals must improve offensive line this offseason

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11 minutes ago, Bunghole said:

Yeah, but that got (mostly) erased a couple years ago. Or perhaps his stench lingered?


Could the Ketchup Whisperer REALLY have more influence on drafting OL than...anyone else?



IDK, maybe.  He was here before Marvin and was officially the Assistant Head Coach.   I'm pretty sure there were guys on the Bengals staff that were protected.  Interesting how both Brat & Ketchup only got fired during Marvin's contract negotiations. 

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Just now figuring this out?

Ghheeee whizzz


I really hope Marv gets another shot to HC another team. 

Just to see if his misfortunes while coaching this team was from the curse of the bengal tiger or his own doing. 

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8 hours ago, Passepartout said:

Yeah as Brat and Ketchup in a sense were the scapegoats there.


Eh, considering the damage they did & their career trajectories after leaving, I think it's fair to say they should've been fired much sooner. 

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