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2019 Free Agency

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36 minutes ago, I_C_Deadpeople said:

Already multiple players available that are better than slugs we had last year, lets see if the team actually moves

they will..


When does week 3 of free agency start?

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39 minutes ago, I_C_Deadpeople said:

I am sure that ruined many teams plans to 'grab him' lol

don't let Marv Lewis politics fool ya, Hopkins is a good player.....some team out there would have happily snapped him up. 

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19 minutes ago, HOF dan said:

Am I the only one who thinks Weddle is a little overrated?

I've always thought the same. He'll intercept some balls now and again, but mostly all I ever see him do is chase players from behind. 

For comparison sake...Reggie Nelson has been a much better player, IMO. 


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* Even if they retain Redmond, Hopkins & Hart, I'd still like to see them draft  an OT in the first or second round.  A RT would be OK, but I'd prefer to grab a 10-year LT (if there is one) and move Glenn to RT backed by Hart for when he's eventually injured.  Even at that, I'd still like to find a later round OT that can develop and back both spots.  I'd also like to see them add an interior FA who can push for the spot opposite Boling or at least provide solid inside depth.


* They need a huge run-stopping tub o goo at DT/NG next to Geno (sometime in the first three or four rounds).


* I'd re-sign at least two of Eifert, Kroft & Uzomah and the add a journeyman FA or mid-round TE.


* I'd probably cut bait with Tez, so you're likely needing two new starters @ LB (if they're in a 4-3 base and count Lawson as a starting backer). Would love to see the Bengals sign two from the top 10 list above, but it's the Bengals so they won't.  At least one would be nice though.  If not, they'll probably need two in the top half of the draft (and you're running out of picks).  Any returning backers would be pushing for reserve spots at best. [Q: Were Brown's issues injury -related for the most part of was he slowing down pre-injury?  Worth another shot?]


* I'd find somebody to better back Dalton, but wouldn't spend an early pick on one with all of the other bigger needs.  WR & RB would be targets of opportunity, although putting DK Metcalf in a formation with Green & Boyd is intriguing (and you can otherwise address the OL).


* I'd look for someone to push Williams at safety and if Dennard leaves you have to consider a CB from somewhere).


* PK - someone young to seriously challenge Fat Randy


If they even want to pretend to contend, they're gonna need to utilize more than just the draft picks they currently possess.  At a minimum, I'd say they need two starters and a starter/top reserve from FA.  That's a pretty tall order from this club though.


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I think a line like this would be interesting and doable. 


1. Sullivan was a cap casualty and played for the Rams last year. He would be a very short term position. 1 year contract and likely couldn't even get through the year but Hopkins and Price would have the chance to take over. 

2. Nsekhe has been playing for the Redskins as a backup and is old. But not cost that much. 

3. Dielman is a free agent now and I think we weren't happy when we couldn't get him to our practice squad. 

4. McDonald played for the Dolphins when Turner was the head coach. He's in the AAF now. 

5. Draft a Tackle very early with the hope he can take over for Nsekhe in 2 years. 

6. Draft another midround lineman.


No contracts are long term or over the top. If we felt thin at tackle I would bet one of Andre Smith/Bobby Hart is still out there after the draft. 


LT Glenn 21 DP 4+ Perkins 21
LG Boling 20 Westerman 20 Taylor 22
C Sullivan-Rams Hopkins 20 Dielman-FA
RG Price 23 Redmond 20 Lundblade
RT Nsekhe-Redskins DP 2+ McDonald-San Antonio

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32 minutes ago, T-Dub said:

Haven't seen us mentioned with any of these guys



Based on our history there is no reason to until we do something like that.

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