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!!! Bengals 2019 FOURTH Round pick QB Ryan Finley!!! #104

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Ryan Finley QB North Carolina St

by Drew Boylhart • January 2, 2019

Ryan is an accomplished, smart quarterback. He has the size and arm talent to go along with just enough athleticism to play in any style of pro offense for the team that selects him. He reminds me a lot of the Falcons Matt Ryan. He throws an “easy to catch ball” with the velocity needed to make the difficult throws look easy. He is very smooth and throws the ball with excellent mechanics. Ryan’s football IQ is very high with excellent maturity. He looks like he might be a “quiet” type of leader getting the most out of his teammates who don’t seem to have the same enthusiasm and football IQ to play like Ryan has. Ryan is a pro ready type of quarterback, as pro ready as Andrew Luck was when he came out. If you’re looking for a talented pro ready type of quarterback to lead your team through the difficult years than you would be smart to select Ryan. Don’t be fooled by his effortless style of play, this kid is as competitive as they come with the potential to be a franchise quarterback for the team that selects him.

Ryan will need to bulk up to take the pounding at the next level. He has a bad habit of throwing off his back foot and this will be a problem at the next level for those deep balls and in the red zone. He has plenty of arm strength but for the next level he will need all of it to protect the ball.

Ryan is the type of quarterback who is sneaky good. He is so smooth and plays with such little effort and without flash. He is very accurate and does an excellent job taking care of the ball and will throw players open if those receivers are smart enough to adjust to the ball, and make the catch. Watching him on film he will lull you to sleep so much that you start watching other players on the field. But then, all of a sudden, he makes a throw that makes you say to yourself, “Who threw that ball”? You stop the film, go back to the beginning of the play and low and behold it was Ryan who threw that ball. So, you start to watch again, and once again you start looking at other players and sure enough Ryan throws another pass you can’t believe. Dam that was a hell of a throw and he didn’t have his feet set and was under duress and then you see another play where he stood tall in the pocket and that’s when it dawns on you that this kid can play. I suspect the “experts” will overlook Ryan in this draft because he’s not fancy or flashy but I just bet the scouts don’t. This kid is a hell of a quarterback and pro ready. I will see more of Ryan at the Senior Bowl practices so I suspect he will get noticed a bit more and maybe than he will move up the charts. I call him Ryan (No Wow) Finley, because there is “no wow” to his game but that doesn’t mean that he is not one hell of a quarterback.

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1 minute ago, BlackJesus said:
Image result for dance gif
BEST QB in the DRAFT !!! 

(my #1 choice, could the jinx be over) 

that depends....  Can Finley do backflips out of a pool?

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Odd that arm strength and accuracy when under pressure or throwing downfield seem to be his weaknesses. I thought we had one of those.

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